Upper intermediate listening level 2


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Practice listening comprehension at the mext level. Level 2.

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Upper intermediate listening level 2

  1. 1. Live Free / Speak Free
  2. 2. Upper Intermediate Listening Level 2V DLTV = VocabularyD = DialoguesT = TalksL = Long talks
  3. 3. VocabularyHere you will listen to ten words followed by asentence. Choose the best answer that bestdescribes the meaning of the word. After clickon “Check Answer” to see if you are right.When you are ready to begin press “Continue”.
  4. 4. Vocabularyv. include; consist ofn. slander; vilifyn. collection; heapadj. grave; seriousComprise: Teaching load will normally comprise of six coursesannually with the possibility of summer teaching, if desired.1.2.Substantive: Left with few substantive disagreements, thecandidates stressed absurd ones in the primary.v. muddle; drive crazyadj. expressing praisev. languish, decline; long for, yearnadj. essential; pertaining to the substanceTextTextShow Answer
  5. 5. 3.4.TextTextShow Answeradj. efficientn. appearance; costumen. ornament worn on the shoulder (of a uniform, etc.)adj. expedient; prudentv. overstock; fill to excessn. accuse; serve as evidence againstn. local or provincial dialectv. move troops so that the battle line is extended atthe expense of depthEpaulet: The special epaulet on the uniform will consistof white stars on a navy blue background.Patois: Such patois often develops among students, soldiersand other groups to foster a sense of belonging.
  6. 6. 5.6.TextTextShow Answeradj. capable of being stretchedn. hatred of marriageadj. mutually agreed on; done togetheradj. verbose; drawn outadj. noticeable; targeted for vengeancev. drive our evil spiritsv. fail completely; sinkadj. lowerTensile: Concrete has high compressive strength but low tensilestrength.Founder: After all, without customers businesses founderand ultimately fail.
  7. 7. 7.8.TextTextShow Answerv. sharpen; stimulateadj. brief; tersen. ability to identify with anothers feelings,ideas, etcn. revenging agentn. druggistadj. limitedn. quality of a musical tone produced by amusical instrumentadj. obligatoryWhet: They are conversation pieces that whet the imagination.Finite: In a world of finite resources, being top dog does in fact matter.
  8. 8. 9.10.TextTextShow Answerv. pester; annoyn. object to be thrown or projectedv. drink (alcoholic beverages) frequentlyn. malleability; flexibilityn. informal discussionn. circular building or hall covered with a domev. discouragen. traitorBadger: If you wish to read the article, visit your local library oruniversity, do not badger me about it.Turncoat: Each, too, was accused of being a turncoat andevoked bitter political enmity.
  9. 9. Short DialoguesHere you will hear fifteen short dialoguesfollowed by one question. Once you have madeyour choice, then you can press “ Check Answer”.When you are ready to start press “Continue”.
  10. 10. 1.A: Daisuke, don’t forget to set your watch ahead by one hour tonight.B: Sorry, Jenny, but why do I need to do that?A: In America, we move our clocks ahead by one hour in March. We callthis “daylight savings time”. We do it to have more daylight in theevenings.B: We don’t do that in Japan. Thanks for letting me know. I might havebeen late for my exam tomorrow morning.TextChange the time on his watch.Study for an hour a day.Take his exam over again.Visit America in March.Show AnswerQuestion: What does the girl tell the boy to do?
  11. 11. 2.TextShow AnswerA: Oh, you didn’t drive to work today, Greg?B: No, I didn’t. I’ve been taking the bus lately.A: Why? What’s wrong with your car?B: Oh, my car is fine. It’s just that gas prices are so high that it’scheaper for me to take the bus.Question: Why has the man been taking the bus?A new bus station was built near his home.Something is wrong with his car.The buses are always on time.It costs less than driving.
  12. 12. 3.TextShow AnswerWhether it is safe for small children.Whether his son can get a discount.How long he will have to wait in line.How many tickets are still left for it.Question: What does the man want to know about the Super-Spinride?A: Hello, my son wants to try the Super-Spin ride, but I have aquestion. Is it safe for little kids? He’s only ten years old.B: Yes, Sir, it is. Our rides are suitable for children aged six and up.A: Well, that’s good to know. I’d like to buy a ticket for myson, then.B: Of course. That will be three dollars, sir.
  13. 13. 4.TextShow AnswerShow him how to get to Larry’s café.Make him a tuna sandwich.Get him some food.Help him finish his work.A: Dave, are you free for lunch today? Some of us are goingto Larry’s Café.B: Oh, the new place by City Hall? I’d like to go, Brenda, but Ihave lots of work to do.A: Well, would you like me to bring you back something?B: A tuna sandwich on wheat bread would be great. Thanksfor asking.Question: What does the woman offer to do for the man?
  14. 14. 5.TextShow AnswerPay a delivery charge.Carry some boxes home.Buy some orange soda.Go to a store on James Street.Question: What will the woman probably do next?A: Hello, I’d like to buy three cases of orange soda, but they aretoo heavy for me to carry home. Is there a delivery service?B: Well, we offer free delivery if you live nearby. If you don’t, wecharge a small fee.A: My house is on James Street, about four blocks away.B: There’s no delivery charge, then. You can pay for the sodanow, and we’ll have it delivered to your house for free.
  15. 15. 6.TextShow AnswerIt was baked in a pizza oven.It was cooked in tomato sauce.It was roasted for along time.It was covered in spices and dried.Question: How was the ham in the salad prepared?A: Excuse me, waitress. The ham in this salad is delicious. How‘s itcooked?B: Actually, it isn’t cooked at all. We put lots of spices on it andthen dry the ham for several days.A: That’s interesting. I thought it was roasted.B: The only time the ham gets cooked is when we use it on pizza.
  16. 16. 7.TextShow AnswerQuestion: What is the mother discussing with her son?A: Next weekend is Grandma’s birthday party, right? What shouldwe get her?B: I think you should paint a picture for her, Barry. You’re so goodat painting.A: Yeah. I could paint a scene from our family’s summer picnic atthe beach. Could you buy me a nice picture frame?B: Sure. I’ll stop at the art store this weekend.Having a picnic with his grandmother.Buying a camera for his grandmother.Going to the beach with his grandmother.Making a gift for hid grandmother.
  17. 17. 8.TextShow AnswerA: Hello.B: Hello. This is Erin from Smithfield Orchestra. I’m returning DavidBrown’s call.A: That’s me. I called about the advertisement in the paper. It saidyou‘re looking for a violinist.B: Yes, we are. We need a full-time professional violinist who canstart right away.A: Oh, I’m sorry. I thought the advertisement was for an amateurviolinist. I’m not good enough to play professionally.Question: Why won’t the man join the orchestra?Ho does not play well enough.Ho does not play the right instrument.They have already found a violinist.They only have part time positions.
  18. 18. 9.TextShow AnswerA: The rent for our new apartment might b expensive, but atleast it includes water, gas, and electricity.B: Honey, I think you’re wrong. We have to pay for the electricityseparately. Do you know where the contract is?A: I packed it in one of these boxes.B: Well, I’ll call the apartment manager and check, but I’m prettysure that I’m right.Question: What does the man think?Electricity is not included in the rent.The apartment contract has been lost.He should look for a new apartment.He did not bring enough boxes.
  19. 19. 10.TextShow AnswerA: One World Books. Frank speaking.B: Frank? It’s Bridget. I’m with the author of the newcookbook, and I have bad news.A: More bad news? Don’t tell me we spelled his name wring again.B: No, that’s not it. He doesn’t like our changes to page 114. Infact, he said he doesn’t want us to change anything. We can’t startprinting the cookbook until he approves.Question: Why can’t the cookbook be printed?The printing press is broken.The author doesn’t like the changes in it.It is missing page 114.It contains some spelling mistakes.
  20. 20. 11.TextShow AnswerA: Barbara, my secretary is sick today, and I have a meeting withsome clients, soo. Would you please help me with something?B: Sure. What do you need me to do?A: Could you make six copies of each document in this folder andthen bring them to my office?B: Of course, Mr. Allen. I’ll do that right away.Question: What will the woman do next?Meet Mr. Allen’s client in his office.Make some copies for Mr. Allen.Get a new folder for Mr. Allen.Call Mr. Allen’s secretary at home.
  21. 21. 12.TextShow AnswerA: It’s raining again today, honey. When was the last time we saw thesun?B: It’s been over a month. It just keeps raining and raining’A: The weather report said it will last one or maybe two more weeks.B: Two more weeks? This has got to be one of the longest, wettestrainy seasons we’ve ever had.Question: What does the man say about the weather this year?There have been many sunny days.There was a mistake in the weather report.The rainy season seems worse than usual.The rainy season started a week ago.
  22. 22. 13.TextShow AnswerA: Charlie, I’m having trouble finding a good place to have mywedding.B: Really? Have you thought about having it at the art gallery, Beth?I’ve been two weddings at art galleries, and they were reallyenjoyable.A: That’s a good idea. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before.B: It’s becoming quite popular. Many galleries offer wedding packagesnow.Question: What does the man suggest the woman do?Sell her wedding photos to an art gallery.Get a job in an art gallery.Buy a painting in his art gallery.Have her wedding in an art gallery.
  23. 23. 14.TextShow AnswerA: Excuse me. I’m collecting money for children in poor countries.Would you like to give something?B: Well, I only have a few coins. Is that OK?A: Sure. Every little bit helps. It’s going to be used to buyschoolbooks.B: That’s wonderful. Here you are.Question: What does the woman ask the man to do?Help repair a local school.Give her directions to a school.Donate money for poor children.Buy the children’s book she wrote.
  24. 24. 15.TextShow AnswerA: Cathy, could you show me how to use the new accountingsoftware after lunch?B: Sure, Bob. A lot of people are having trouble understanding it.Have you read the manual for the software yet?A: Yes, but this program seems really confusing.B: Well, it looks different from the old program, but it mostly worksthe same. It’s actually pretty easy to use. I’ll show you later.Question: What is the man having trouble doing?Getting to work on time.Using some new software.Ordering a computer manual.Finding an E-mail address.
  25. 25. Short TalksIn this section you will hear fifteen short talks eachfollowed by one question. Listen to the talk first andthen answer the question. If you need to, you canpress “ Text” to read the talk also. When youanswer the question, press “Check Answer” to seeit you are correct.When you are ready press “Continue”.
  26. 26. 16.TextShow AnswerThe concert will be canceled.Players will wear new uniforms.A singing group will give out prizes.The team will play in a new stadium.Question: What is the one thing that will happen tonight?Soccer fans, we have something very special planned for yourtonight. All five members of the Rainbow Five singing group are atthe stadium. At halftime, they will sing a song and give out prizes.The seat numbers of five lucky fans will be called out, and thosefans can come down on the field. They will each receive a teamuniform from one of the Rainbow Five members.
  27. 27. 17.TextShow AnswerHe found a cheaper tour.He read a book about Vietnam.He wanted to plan the trip himself.He had a friend in Taiwan.Question: Why did Phillip change his vacation plans?Philip wants to visit Asia, and at first he planned to go toTaiwan. Since he was too busy to plan the trip himself, hewent to a travel agency to ask about a tour. The travelagent showed him a tour of Vietnam that was much lessexpensive, so he decided to go there instead of Taiwan.
  28. 28. 18.TextShow AnswerShe grows a lot of fruit.She gives fruit to people.She cooks new dishes with fruit.She sells fruit in the neighborhood.Question: Why is Anna Chan called the “Lemon Lady”?One day, a woman named Anna Chan was driving aroundher neighborhood in California. She noticed that manypeople had lemon and other fruit trees in their yards, butmuch was falling to the ground and being wasted. Sheasked people if she could pick up the fruit to give tohungry people. Since then, she has donated so much fruitthat she is now called the “Lemon Lady.”
  29. 29. 19.TextShow AnswerA performance was canceled.He could not attend a concert.The CD he wanted was sold out.Molly Rogers did not win an award.Question: Why was Victor disappointed?Victor’s favorite singer, Molly Rogers, came to do a concert in histown last month. However, Victor could not get a ticket. Helooked on the Internet, went to stores, and even waited outsidethe concert hall, but he could not get in. He wasdisappointed, but next week Molly Rogers will perform on amusic-awards show. Victor is looking forward to watching theshow on TV.
  30. 30. 20.TextShow AnswerThe plane will arrive on time.The plane will depart from gate 30.The crew is expecting heavy rain.The crew should prepare for strong winds.Question: What is one thing the pilot announces?Attention passengers. This is your pilot speaking. I havesome good news. Although the departure fromMapleton Airport was delayed by 30 minutes, a strongwind helped us to fly faster than we expected, as aresult, we are on time and will land at 2:45, as originallyscheduled. Crew, please prepare for landing.
  31. 31. 21.TextShow AnswerHis mother lost one of his shirts.His mother will not wash his shirts.He does not know how to iron.He does not have an iron to use.Question: What’s Rick’s problem?Recently, Rick moved out of his parent’s house. His mothergave him an old iron to use, and he thought it would be easy tokeep shirts looking nice. But he found that doing the ironingwas very difficult. He even burned one of his shirts. He is goingto ask his mother how to use an iron properly.
  32. 32. 22.TextShow AnswerPeople want theaters to stop selling it.People often eat it because of their habits.It is healthier than researchers think.It tastes better as people get older.Question: What is one thing the speaker says about junk foods?Most people think that junk food is popular because it tastesgood. However, research shows that people often eat unhealthyfood just because they are in a certain situation. For example,people eat more popcorn in a movie theater than in a roomsuch as an office. The research suggests that we often eat foodsbecause of our habits rather than because of the taste.
  33. 33. 23.TextShow AnswerCheck each other’s book lists.Choose a partner to work with.Read some famous essays.Find articles in the library.Question: What is one thing the teacher asks the students to do?Class, here are your essay topics. I want each of you tochoose one topic and then go to the library to look forinformation about it. When you’ve found five articles relatedto your topic, make a list of them and give them to me. I willcheck your list and give you advice about whether the articleswill be helpful.
  34. 34. 24.TextShow AnswerIt was invented recently.The rules are different in Scotland.Most of the players live in Canada.It was originally played on grass.Question: What is the one thing the speaker says about curling?There is a sport called curling that is played on ice. Incurling, players try to slide rocks into the target area. It wasinvented in Scotland in the 1600’s. Later, many Scottish peoplemoved to Canada and continued to play it there. Curling hasbecome less popular in Scotland, while the number of playershas grown in Canada. Today, about 90 percent of the peoplewho go curling are from Canada.
  35. 35. 25.TextShow AnswerGive a talk about recycling.Find a recycling company.Move the office’s recycling bins.Collect recyclable items for charity.Question: What did Olivia’s boss say that Olivia could do?Every time Olivia saw the trash cans in her office, she wassurprised by the number of recyclable items in them. Thecompany had recycling bins, but they were far away from thetrash cans, so few people used them. Olivia asked her boss ifshe could put the recycling bins beside the trash cans. He saidit was OK to move them, and now more things are beingrecycled.
  36. 36. 26.TextShow AnswerShe has a big performance tomorrow.She had a fight with another actress.Her theater is going to close.Her director is going to leave.Question: Why is Vicky worried?Vicky is an actress. She performs at a small theater in hercity, and she has worked with the same director for manyyears. Yesterday, however, the director announced that hegot a job at a theater in another city. Vicky is very worried.She does know if the theater will be able to pit on goodperformances without him.
  37. 37. 27.TextShow AnswerThey were originally made in Ecuador.People used to carry food in them.It is too hot to wear them in Panama.Women wear them on ships.Question: What is the one thing that the speaker says about Panama hats?The Panama hat is a fashion item that is often worn in hotweather. Although the hat has Panama in its name, itoriginally came from the country of Ecuador. Panama hatsgot their name because they were first made inEcuador, they were sent to Panama, and shipped fromthere to the rest of the world.
  38. 38. 28.TextShow AnswerHe wanted to swim in a lake.He wanted to see a better view.He wanted to meet some other hikers.He wanted to get home fast.Question: Why did martin change his hiking route?Last Sunday, Martin went hiking. At first, he planned totake the fastest rout up the mountain. But then someother hikers told him that he could see a much nicer viewby taking the longer route. Martin followed their adviceand saw a beautiful lake. It took a long time to climb tothe top, but he was glad he changed his hiking route.
  39. 39. 29.TextShow AnswerShe invented a new medicine.She is an excellent nurse.She designs homes for free.She raises money for poor countries.Question: Why do many people respect Marty?Many years ago, Mary was a successful businesswoman. Shestarted her own company and became rich, but then shedecided to something different. She sold his company andstarted a group that raises money to help people in poorcountries. For the past 20 years, her group has been buildinghospitals for these people. Many people really respect Marybecause of her efforts.
  40. 40. 30.TextShow AnswerHer customers are very kind.Her boss complains too much.It is harder than she expected.It is better than her old job.Question: How does Sally feel about her job as a waitress?Before Sally became a waitress last week, she had expectedthe job to be easy. However, when she started working, shesoon learned that being a waitress is very hard. She has toremember things, and customers sometimes complain to hereven when she has not done anything wrong. Sally hopes shewill enjoy the job more after she gets used to it.
  41. 41. Long TalksIn this section you will hear a few long talks eachfollowed by ten questions. Listen to the talk firstand then answer the questions. If you need to,press the back arrow to go back to read the talkagain you can press “ Text” to read the talk. You canalso listen to the talk as you are answering thequestions. When you answer the question, press“Check Answer” to see it you are correct.When you are ready press “Continue”.
  42. 42. TextPredictionsThe year 2013 will without doubt be a great year for many of us wondering whats instore for us. Expert forecasters are predicting it will be one of the best years ever. It willbe one of those years when record numbers of people will stick to and keep their NewYears resolutions. That means millions of smokers will quit smoking and theoverweight will make a more conscious effort to trim their waistlines. It should also bean easier year on the pocket as the world economy recovers slightly from its recentshocks and downturns. In technology, all eyes will be on Apple to see if it will launchanother revolutionary product. Industry insiders say rumours are spreading of an Appletelevision.There is also good news for those hoping to make gains with their English. Anabundance of great new tools will hit the shelves of both online and traditional storesthroughout the year. These will provide students with an unprecedented variety ofproducts to help them in areas they want to improve on. The Internet will also see a lotmore sites aimed at providing students with ways to interact with others around theworld in English. More and more learners will study English in cyberspace from agrowing army of online teachers. 2013 will also see record numbers of people studyingabroad, but not just English - millions will start learning Chinese, as China growsincreasingly important in business.
  43. 43. Check Answer1. What phrase / word was used to say it will certainly bea great year?a) beyond doubtb) doubtlessc) undoubtedlyd) without a doubt2. Who predicted it would be a good year?a) prophetsb) expert forecastersc) fortune tellersd) journalists3. What will millions of people do?a) start buying records againb) stick to a dietc) keep their New Years resolutionsd) start smoking1.d2.b3.c
  44. 44. Check Answer4. What will 2013 be easier on?a) our pocketsb) our sleevesc) our cuffsd) our buttons5. What rumours are spreading around the tech world?a) Apple to become the richest company in the worldb) the end of Applec) a possible new Apple productd) a revolution at Apple6. Who is there good news for?a) software writersb) studentsc) teachersd) journalists4.a5.c6.b
  45. 45. Check Answer7. Where will new learning tools end up?a) in cyberspaceb) in basketsc) in trash cansd) on shelves8. New sites will help students…a) interact with othersb) understand softwarec) play in cyberspaced) join an army9. Where will more and more students study English?a) at universityb) at homec) abroadd) in language schools10. How many people will start learning Chinese?a) a million or sob) millionsc) 24 milliond) several million7.d8.a9.c10.b
  46. 46. U.S. gun association silent on Newtown massacreAmericas National Rifle Association (NRA) is still staying silent on the massshooting at an elementary school in Connecticut, USA in which 27 people died,including 20 children aged six and seven. Two days after the massacre, the USAspowerful pro-gun organisation has yet to make any kind of statement on thetragedy that has shaken America. The mass murder of 20 innocent children by agunman seems to have stunned the NRA into silence. The "Huffington Post" writesabout the NRAs disappearance from social media sites since the tragedy, saying:"The NRA has disappeared from both Twitter and Facebook since the events thatoccurred on Friday."The NRA announced on Facebook the day before the killings that it hadaccumulated 1.7 million fans. The organizations Facebook page has nowcompletely vanished. Clicking on the link in a Google search sends you to your owntimeline. Many Americans are now questioning more than ever whether owning agun should be a right. Stories of multiple shootings are a regular part of Americannews, to the extent that many no longer get a headline. In other countries, suchtragedies prompt national soul searching. President Obama has promised to take"meaningful action" on gun control, although he has yet to expand on what thatmeans. Americans now expect a battle on the future of gun ownership and theright to bear arms.Text
  47. 47. Check Answer1. What does NRA mean?a) No Rifles Anonymousb) Non-Rifling Actionc) National Rifle Associationd) New Rifle Act2. What is the NRA staying silent on?a) the mass shootingb) gun controlc) its membersd) churches3. What has the NRA not made on the tragedy?a) a press releaseb) a statementc) an apologyd) a speech1.c2.a3.b
  48. 48. Check Answer4. What has the tragedy stunned the NRA into?a) actionb) discussions on the need for gun controlc) talks about disbandingd) silence5. What news organisation wrote about the NRAdisappearing from Facebook?a) CNNb) The Washington Postc) The Huffington Postd) The Connecticut Times6. How many Facebook fans did the NRA have the day beforethe shooting?a) less than its targetb) 1.7 millionc) a record numberd) not enough4.d5.C6.b
  49. 49. Check Answer7. Where does clicking a Google link for the NRAs Facebook page take you?a) to the NRA Facebook pageb) back to the Google search pagec) to a "page not found" paged) to your own timeline8. What are multiple shootings a regular part of?a) cartoonsb) American newsc) life in Americas mid-west statesd) Barack Obamas speeches9. What do mass shootings prompt in other countries?a) higher gun ownershipb) national soul searchingc) tougher gun control lawsd) attacks on gun clubs10. What has President Obama promised to take?a) meaningful actionb) guns away from societyc) the NRA to courtd) time to think7.d8.b9.b10.a
  50. 50. WomenTextIt is hardly surprising news, but a new report shows that girls and women are those hithardest by the global recession. The study is from the organizations Plan International,which is working to reduce child poverty, and the Overseas Development Institute - theUKs leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarianissues. They state that: "The world is failing girls and women." The reports author NigelChapman said: "Girls are the largest marginalised group in the world." Mr Chapmanadded: "Much of the problem lies with entrenched gender inequality." Chapmanfound that a worsening economy results in females of all ages having to work harderand suffering more domestic abuse.Mr Chapmans report highlights a tragic increase in mortality rates for female infants.He told the BBC: "The proportion of baby girls who died when the economy shrankrose five times faster than the proportion of baby boys who died….Hence, a 1% fall ineconomic output increases infant mortality by 7.4 deaths per 1,000 girls against 1.5 forboys." He paints an equally bleak picture for girls not being able to complete theireducation. He reports that the global recession saw a fall in primary school completionfor girls of 29% compared to 22% for boys. "Girls get sucked into domestic chores," hesaid. "Once they stop going to school its very hard to get back into the rhythm ofthings."
  51. 51. Check Answer1. What does Plan International do?a) give girls a plan for their lifeb) reduce global recessionc) reduce child povertyd) help women travel2. What is the Overseas Development Institutea) a think tankb) a thinking tankc) a tank thinkd) a tank thing3. What issues does the Overseas Development Institute deal with?a) humanitarianb) gender inequalityc) girls educationd) global recession1.c2.a3.a
  52. 52. Check Answer4. What kind of gender inequality is described?a) tranchesb) entrenchedc) retrenchedd) trenches5. What do women have to suffer more in a poor economy?a) learning difficultiesb) taunting by malesc) discriminationd) violence in the home6. How does the article describe the increase in the mortalityrate?a) as trapsb) as tragicc) as traumaticd) as traditional4.b5.d6.b
  53. 53. Check Answer7. What causes infant mortality in girls to rise by 7.4 deaths per 1,000?a) a 1% fall in economic outputb) a 2% fall in economic outputc) a 5% fall in economic outputd) a 10% fall in economic output8. What kind of picture does Nigel Chapman paint?a) an ever-changing oneb) an economic onec) a bleak oned) a rosy one9. What is the percentage increase for boys do not finish primary school?a) 29b) 1,000c) 7.4d) 2210. What is it difficult for girls to get back into??a) the rhythm of thingsb) the rhythm of the worldc) the rhythm of swingsd) the rhythm of life7.a8.c9.d10.a
  54. 54. TextN. Korea angryTensions are rising on the Korean Peninsula after the United Nations OKd newsanctions against North Korea. All 15 members of the U.N. Security Council agreedto the new sanctions. Even North Koreas friends China and Russia said yes. Thesanctions are because of N. Koreas third nuclear missile test, which they carried outin February. Chinas Xinhua news agency said: "The new sanctions make it moredifficult for Pyongyang to finance and [get] material for [nuclear missile] programs."The U.N. also said it would search ships coming in and out of N. Korea. U.S.ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice warned that the U.N. would "take furthersignificant actions" if Pyongyang carried out another nuclear test.North Korea has hit back against the sanctions. It says it is ending all non-aggressionagreements with S. Korea. It will also close its hotline with Seoul and its border-crossing point between the two countries. Pyongyang also warned it would considerattacking its enemies with nuclear weapons. South Korea immediately informed theNorth not to take any military action. Major-General Kim Yong-hyun said SouthKoreas "military will strongly and sternly punish" any North Korean attacks. Amilitary spokesperson warned: If Seoul comes under attack, the top levels of NorthKoreas regime including leader Kim Jong-un could become targets." The WhiteHouse said the U.S.A. could stop any North Korean missile attack.
  55. 55. Check Answer1. What is rising on the Korean Peninsula?a) pricesb) tensionsc) army sizesd) the temperature2. How many Security Council members agreed to the sanctions?a) 12b) 13c) 14d) 153. What do the sanctions make it hard for N. Korea to do?a) take part in sporting eventsb) control the Internetc) get money to make weaponsd) join the U.N. Security Council1.b2.d3.c
  56. 56. Check Answer4. What ships might the U.N. search?a) those entering and leaving N. Koreab) all N. Korean ships worldwidec) only naval shipsd) South Korean ships5. What would make the U.N. "take further significant actions"?a) more angry talk from Pyongyangb) one more nuclear testc) the closing of the border with the Southd) Pyongyang not feeding its people6. What has N. Korea cut off with the South?a) a telephone linkb) a water supplyc) a roadd) trade4.a5.b6.a
  57. 57. Check Answer7. Who is N. Korea thinking about attacking?a) South Koreab) the U.S.A.c) its enemiesd) the U.N.8. What did Seoul tell N. Korea not to do?a) take military actionb) close the hotline and borderc) join the U.N. Security Councild) accept the sanctions9. Who / What did S. Korea say it might target?a) the North Korean peopleb) North Koreas missilesc) North Koreas capital cityd) the North Korean leader10. What did the White House say it could stop?a) North Koreas weapons programmeb) North Koreac) any North Korean missile attackd) Kim Jong-un7.c8.a9.d10.c