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Upper intermediate listening 4


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This is the 4th part of the series "Upper Intermediate Listening". This good to practice your listening and can help in building your vocabulary.

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Upper intermediate listening 4

  1. 1. Live Free / Speak Free
  2. 2. ShortDialoguesVocabualryShortTalks.LongDialoguesUpperIntermediateListeningLevel 4
  3. 3. VocabularyClick on “Listen” to listen to the word and anexample sentence and try to choose the bestmeaning. There is only one correct answer. If youneed to, you can click on “Text” to read along asyou listen.When you have decided your answer, click “CheckAnswer” for the correct answer.When you are ready press, ”Continue”.Continue
  4. 4. 1. Convention = I have been invited to an academic convention inNew York.n. a collection of recorded musicn. any business that produces goods or provides services;the work and related activity in factories and officesn. a large meeting for a special purposev. to take and hold or to control by forceText Check Answer
  5. 5. 2.Text Check AnswerReach = When will we reach Washington?n. all the people in a place, city or countryconj. equally; whenv. to know what is meant; to have knowledge ofv. to put a hand toward; to arrive at
  6. 6. 3.Text Check AnswerThere = Please park your car over there.v. to send to another countryn. a part of the body that has a special purpose, such as theheart or brainad. in that place or position; to or toward that placead. having a small distance between two opposite surfaces;not fat
  7. 7. 4.Text Check AnswerLift = This box is heavy. Can you help me liftit, please?n. the force produced when something is pushed down oragainst something elsev. to take or bring up to a higher place or leveln. anything on or in which a person or thing can travel or betransported, especially anything on wheels; a car or truckn. the space occupied by something; how long, wide or highsomething is
  8. 8. 5.Text Check AnswerBrief = This will only be a brief meeting today.n. a prison for those waiting to be tried for a crime or for thoseserving sentences for crimes that are not seriousv. to move into or be in a position in which only the feet are on asurface; to be in one position or placen. a device of strong, light material that rises when filled withgas lighter than airad. short; not long
  9. 9. 6.Text Check AnswerTax = Have you paid your taxes yet?n. a strong, hard metal used to make machines and toolsn. the money a person or business must pay to thegovernment so the government can provide servicesv. to use force to move something toward the person orthing using the force; opposite pushv. to aim ones finger toward; to aim
  10. 10. 7.Text Check AnswerEngineer = I am an aircraft structural engineer.n. a long written work for readingn. a person who designs engines, machines, roads,bridges or railroadsv. to go down quickly; to come downv. to express happiness or pleasure when someonearrives or something develops
  11. 11. 8.Text Check AnswerDeaf = He cannot hear you, he is as much as necessaryn. the bright object often seen in the night sky thatorbits the earth about every twenty-nine daysn. the space above the earthad. not able to hear
  12. 12. 9.Text Check AnswerWork = I work 5 days a week, only.v. to believe, think or imagine; to expectv. to go or come back; to bring, give, take or sendbackv. to use physical or mental effort to make or dosomethingv. to make known publicly; to declare officially
  13. 13. 10.Text Check AnswerEnzyme = Enzymes are substances used to regulate andcontrol our bodys metabolism.v. to make something go or move fastern. the group that includes children and their parentsad. acting safely; with much thoughtn. a special kind of protein; it produces changes inother substances without being changed itself
  14. 14. Part 2Short DialoguesIn this part you will hear part of a conversation. The last part hasbeen omitted. Listen and then decide which sentence willcomplete the dialogue. Also listen to the missing last sentence.There is only one correct answer. If you need to, you can click on“Text” to read along as you listen.When you have decided your answer, click “Check Answer” forthe correct answer.When you are ready press, ”Continue”.Continue
  15. 15. Text Check AnswerWould you like to play tennis with me after school, Peter?I can’t Jane. I have to go straight home.How about tomorrow then?ABABWe can go today after school.I don’t have time today.That will be fine.
  16. 16. Text Check AnswerABAB1.2.3.2.Excuse me waitress, I’m ready to order.Just a moment, please.But I’ve already been waiting for 15 minutes.I’m sorry. The chef recommends the fried fishI’m sorry. I’ll take your order soon.I’m sorry. Your food will get cold.
  17. 17. Text Check AnswerABAB1.2.3.3.Let’s have lunch in the park today, Karen.Maybe we shouldn’t. It’s going to rain later.How do you know that?We made sandwiches already.Let’s have a big picnic.My mother told me.
  18. 18. Text Check AnswerABAB1.2.3.4.Fred’s Pizza House.Hello. I want to have a birthday party at your restaurant onSaturday with about 20 kids. Would that be possible?With 20 kids? I’ m sorry, but we don’t have enough room.OK. I’ll try somewhere else.OK. This evening would be great.OK. See you on Saturday.
  19. 19. Text Check AnswerABAB1.2.3.5.Honey, I was going to cook spaghetti, but we don’t have any.I can go out and get some.Thanks. Do you need some money?No, I think I have enough.No, I’d like to eat something else.No, I’ll cook it for you.
  20. 20. Text Check AnswerABAB1.2.3.6.I love this amusement park. Let’s go on the roller coaster next.I’d rather go on the boat ride.Why the boat ride?We should go home now.The boat ride is closed.Roller coasters scare me.
  21. 21. Text Check AnswerABAB1.2.3.7.I’d like to send this package to Canada.Certainly, sir. Would you like to send it by air or by sea?How much would it cost to send it by air?The post office closes at 6 p.m.It depends on the weight.It takes longer to send it by sea.
  22. 22. Text Check AnswerABAB1.2.3.8.Hi, Joyce. Do you have any plans for the weekend?Liz and I are going ice-skating. Do you want to join us?I don’t know how to skate.You can borrow my gloves.I can show you.She’ll be there at 10 a.m.
  23. 23. Text Check AnswerABAB1.2.3.9.Hello. Can I help you?Hi. I’m Henry from downstairs. I heard a loud noise from yourapartment. Is everything OK?Yes. I just dropped a heavy box of books.Oh. Well, I’m glad you’re all right.Sorry. I don’t have any boxes.Sure. I’ll lend you some books.
  24. 24. Text Check AnswerABAB1.2.3.10.I heard that you hiring part-time workers.Yes, we are. Have you ever worked at a music store before?Yes. I worked in one last summer.OK. Let’s go to the concert tomorrow.OK. Our manager will talk to you now.OK. Tell me about your new CD.
  25. 25. Text Check AnswerABAB1.2.3.11.Parkside Public Library. May I help you?Hello. Are you open on Monday, September 7th?We’ll be closed, sir. It’s a public holiday.Yes. That’s the book I’m looking for.Right. I already borrowed six novels.I see. I’ll come in another time, then.
  26. 26. Part 3Long DialoguesThere is only one correct answer. If you need to, you can click on“Text” to read along as you listen.When you have decided your answer, click “Check Answer” forthe correct answer.When you are ready press, ”Continue”.ContinueHere you will hear longer conversations followed by onequestion. Try to answer the question without reading first.
  27. 27. Hello?Hi Tracy. I think I left my notebook in your kitchen when I came over tostudy.You did. I was just about to call you. Should I bring it to your house later?You don’t have to do that. Could you just bring it to class tomorrow?No problem. See you then.1.Text Check AnswerABABAQuestion: What does the boy ask the girl to do?1. Call him back in a few minutes.2. Bring his notebook to school.3. Come over to his house to study.4. Tell him about their homework.
  28. 28. 2.Text Check AnswerABABMom, I’ve really been enjoying basketball practice since we got a newcoach.Oh, really? I thought you liked the old coach.I did, but the new coach is even better. Practice is more fun, and I thinkwe’ll win more games this season.That’s great.Question: What is one thing the boy says?1. His new coach is better.2. He won his game last night.3. His new team is not very good.4. He does not like basketball practice.
  29. 29. 3.Text Check AnswerABABHi, George. Where are you going?My sister’s in the hospital. She just had a baby.That’s wonderful. Those flowers are lovely. Did you buy those for her?Yes. She loves flowers. I got them from the flower shop on the corner.Question: What will the boy do next?1. Visit his friend’s house.2. Drive his sister home.3. Go to the hospital.4. Buy some flowers.
  30. 30. 4.Text Check AnswerABABI’m sorry, sir. You’re not allowed to take pictures in this art gallery.Actually, I’m a writer for Art Today magazine, and I was asked to takethese pictures. I have a letter from the gallery’s director.May I see it?Of course. I have it right here in my bag.Question: What will the man do next?1. Get his camera fixed.2. Show the woman a letter.3. Meet the gallery’s director.4. Buy a copy of Art Today magazine.
  31. 31. 5.Text Check AnswerABABHoney, Janet told me she had plans to quit the school badminton team.She wants to have more time for orchestra practice.Really? I think she should get a little exercise each week.I agree. If she really wants to quit badminton, let’s suggest she join theswim club at the fitness center. She likes swimming.Good idea. We can talk to her at dinner.Question: What do the man and woman think Janet should do?1. Look for a job at a fitness center.2. Have dinner at home more often.3. Practice music after school.4. Get some exercise every week.
  32. 32. 6.Text Check AnswerABABAHello. Bethany Concert hall.Hello. I’d like to reserve two tickets for Friday’s concert, please.I’m afraid there are no reserved tickets for this concert. Tickets will besold at the door of the concert hall on Friday night.Are you sure we’ll be able to get in?Oh, yes. There should be many extra seats.Question: What does the woman tell the man he can do on Friday?1. Buy tickets at the concert hall.2. Work at the ticket office.3. Cancel his ticket reservation.4. Go to a different concert.
  33. 33. 7.Text Check AnswerABABAya, could we go to Kyoto for a day before my homestay finishes nextmonth?Sure, Luke. We can take the train. Kyoto Station is only an hour fromhere. How about going this Saturday?Actually, I’m going to a baseball game with a friend on Saturday. WouldSunday be OK?Sure. Sunday sounds great.Question: What will the boy probably do on Sunday?1. Meet Aya’s parents.2. Drive to his friend’s house3. Take a trip with Aya.4. Go back to his home country.
  34. 34. 8.Text Check AnswerABABExcuse me. Do I get off the train here to get to Shaker Street?No. you need to get off at the next station.Oh, thanks. I’m going to the science museum there. Is it easy to find?Yes. It’s beside the station, next to a big parking lot.Question: What does the man want to do?1. Meet his friend on Shaker Street.2. Catch a train home.3. Park his car.4. Go to a museum.
  35. 35. 9.Text Check AnswerABABDerek, can you wash the dishes for me? I need to go to the shopping mallnow.I washed them yesterday. It’s your turn today.I know it is, but I need to buy a birthday present for a friend at school. I’llwash them for the rest of the week. Pease!Oh, all right.Question: What will the girl do next?1. Do her homework.2. Bake a birthday cake.3. Go shopping for a gift.4. Put the dishes on the table.
  36. 36. 10.Text Check AnswerABABGood morning, Mr. Jones. How can I help you today?I have a terrible pain in my back, Doctor Kramer. Sometimes it’s so bad Ican’t sleep at night.How long have you had this problem?For the last two months. It started after I was fixing the fence in mybackyard.Question: What is the man’s problem?1. His bed is too old.2. His back has been hurting.3. His doctor is away.4. His car broke down.
  37. 37. Part 4Short TalksThere is only one correct answer. If you need to, you can click on“Text” to read along as you listen.When you have decided your answer, click “Check Answer” forthe correct answer.When you are ready press, ”Continue”.ContinueHere you will hear short talks followed by one question. Try toanswer the question without reading first. Listen to thequestion and listen to the answers if need be.
  38. 38. 1.Question: Why is Megan worried?1. She does not like Italian food.2. She cannot speak Italian at all.3. She may not be able to go to Italy.4. She did not study for her Italian exam.Text Check AnswerMegan wants to go on her school’s exchange program to Italy. Shewould like to learn to speak Italian better, and she wants to try realItalian food. However, Megan is worried that she might not be ableto go. Many other students also want to go on the exchangeprogram, but only a few will be chosen to go.
  39. 39. 2.Text Check AnswerLast week, Paula was planning a party, and she wanted to make herown invitations. She is not good at art, so she asked her brother todesign a card for her on her computer. When he was finished, Paulaprinted out copies and sent them to her friends.Question: How did Paula’s brother help Paula?1. He repaired her computer.2. He drove her to a party.3. He printed out her report.4. He designed an invitation card.
  40. 40. 3.Text Check AnswerToday, the Eiffel Tower is a famous symbol of France. But when it wasfirst built, many people were unhappy about the tower. They said itdid not match the old buildings of Paris because it was made of iron. Ittook many years for people to get used to the tower, but todaymillions of people visit it every year.Question: Why were people unhappy about the Eiffel Tower?1. It took many years to finish.2. It did not match the old buildings.3. They thought it was too expensive.4. They did not like the name.
  41. 41. 4.Text Check AnswerWalter works in a park. Last week, he started to grow some new grass.And he put a sign on the grass asking people not to walk on it. But afew days later, Walter saw some boys walking there. They seemed tobe looking for a place to eat lunch, but Walter told them to eatsomewhere else.Question: Why did Walter talk to the boys?1. They were lost in the park.2. They were walking on the new grass.3. He wanted them to paint a sign.4. He found their lunches.
  42. 42. 5.Text Check AnswerAttention, conference guests. I have an announcement about tonight’swelcome dinner. We were planning to hold it at a restaurant nearhere, but we have decided to move it to the banquet room at thishotel. The starting time will not change, and the dinner will be for twohours as planned.Question: What is one thing the speaker says about tonight’s welcomedinner?1. It will be held at the hotel.2. It will begin two hours late.3. It will be canceled.4. It will have a band.
  43. 43. 6.Text Check AnswerThere are animals in Morocco called “Tamri goats”. These goats loveto eat fruit called “argan”. They are able to climb trees to get theargan fruit that grows in them. People who see the Tamri goatseating fruit in these trees often think it must be very dangerous.However, the goats almost never fall.Question: What is one thing that we learn about Tamri goats inMorocco?1. They can run very fast.2. They are very dangerous.3. They can climb trees.4. They often bring people fruit.
  44. 44. 7.Text Check AnswerOK, class. I will be absent from our next class on Monday because Ihave to return to my hometown for personal reasons. An excellentteacher, Ms Walker, will be here to teach the Monday class for me. Iwill be back next Wednesday, so I will see you all then.Question: What is one thing the teacher tells the class?1. Ms. Walker is sick.2. He will not teach on Monday.3. There will be a test on Wednesday.4. The students’ were excellent.
  45. 45. 8.Text Check AnswerTodd will travel to Asia for two weeks this summer. He has made a listof five countries that he wants to visit, but he does not have enoughtime to go to all of them. This week, he is going to choose threecountries to visit from his list, he hopes to visit the others in thefuture.Question: What is Todd going to do this weekend?1. Choose which countries to visit.2. Make a list of hotels to stay at.3. Leave for a two week trip.4. Buy a ticket to Asia.
  46. 46. 9.Text Check AnswerOn Sundays, Mary often goes to a large park called Greentree Park.It is a long way from her house, so she has to ride her bike to getthere. However, it is never crowded, so she is able to relax and enjoyherself. The park is full of beautiful flowers.Question: Why does Mary enjoy going to Greentree Park?1. It has beautiful birds.2. It has a large lake.3. It is near her house.4. It is not crowded.
  47. 47. 10.Text Check AnswerPeggy’s younger brother’s birthday is on Friday. She was planningto give him a video game called Diamond Monster, but she learnedthat he recently bought it for himself. She has decided to give him$50 and take him to a store so he can choose something that helikes.Question: What will Peggy do for her brother’s birthday?1. Take him to a movie.2. Play video games with him.3. Give him some money.4. Have a party for him.