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Unit 7


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Unit 7

  1. 1. Unit 7 Banking Services
  2. 2. Banks offer a wide range of services. Look at these eight customers and choose the leaflet that they each need. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Check your answers. Credit & cash cards Personal loans Personal loans Foreign currency Personal pensions Executor services High interest deposits Loan facilities
  3. 3. Read this information about one bank’s travel and holidays services. When you travel….. Whether your journey is for holiday or business, we’ve the widest range of services to help you on your way. Travers Cheques Available in most of the worlds currencies, these are both a safer way to carry cash – and in many countries the only legal way to travel with all you need. Our sterling travelers cheques are available over the counter in values of £10, £20, £50 and £100. They’re accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops around the world and banks will cash them for a small charge. Foreign Currency We cannot meet all your requirements – and advise you of any local restrictions. Please try to order well in advance. Exchange rates fluctuate: a footnote on the application form explains how these are calculated. Before returning home, we suggest you spend any forieng coins locally, as these cannot be exchanged for sterling. Eurocheques and Cards Used like an ordinary check and guarantee card, these guarantee up to the equivalent of about £100 each, and can be used wherever you see the ‘EC’ symbol – at over 200,000 bank branches and five million outlets in 40 countries. In most countries you write your Eurocheque in the local currency. When using or cashing more than two checks at a time, you will be asked for identification – so it’s a good idea to carry your passport with you. Eurocheque books are issued free. The card itself is valid up to two years, at a £5 annual fee. Cardsafe Register for cardsafe protection for only £6 a year (£15 for three years) and safeguard all you credit and charge cards.
  4. 4. Are the following statements true or false according to the text? Give reasons. True False Explanation 1 Travelers cheques are cashed free of charge 2 Foreign currency does not always cost the same 3 Only foreign notes can be exchanged 4 Travellers’ cheques must be presented with a guarantee card 5 You can not use more than two Eurocheques to pay for any one purchase 6 You need a new Eurocheque card every two years. 7 Each new Eurocheque card costs £5 8 If your travellers’ cheques are stolen, you should contact Cardsafe for a refund. Go back to article x x x Yes, it changes all the time Banks will cash them for a small charge Yes, you should spend all coins before you leave. x All hotels and banks will cash these. Yes you can, but you must show identification. x x Yes , it is good for 2 years Yes , it costs £5.x x No, Cardsafe is for your credit and charge cards. You should contact your bank. Go to next page.
  5. 5. • No. Try again!
  6. 6. Match the words in list 1 with the correct word in list 2. 1 2 Retail Limit Interest Currency Credit Form Application Rate Foreign Outlet Exchange Branch Bank free Check your answers.
  7. 7. Assignment • Go to your bank and check. • What services does your bank offer their clients? • Get brochures and pictures. • Present to the next class. Go to main menu