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Unit 3


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Unit 3

  1. 1. Unit 3 Telephoning
  2. 2. Look at these pictures and label them using the words below: Directory Car phone Phone card Pay phone Operator Handset Answering machine Switchboard Mobile phone Memory DirectoryCar phone Phone card Pay phone Operator Handset Answering machine Switchboard Mobile phone Memory Check your answers
  3. 3. Read this newspaper article. Then answer the questions that follow. The Mobile Phone Market is Booming There are now over one million telephone subscribers in the UK – the most in Europe. But Scandinavians are the most enthusiastic mobile phone users. Almost one in a hundred Swedes has a mobile phone compared to one in five hundred in the UK. Elsewhere in Europe the use of the mobile phone has been limited. The growth in the UK is partly due to its deregulated telecommunications market and the competition this introduced: at the moment, the cost of owning a portable phone in the UK is the cheapest in Europe. Using portable phones in Sweden is more than twice as expensive as in the UK and in France and Germany it costs almost five times as much. The introduction of mobile phones is slowly increasing Around Europe. The German Government has authorized a third cellular network to cope with the new demand. In Italy a consortium is competing to provide the country’s second system. It has been calculated there will be 30 million portable phones in use in Europe by the year 2000. In Eastern Europe the figure will be around 1.5 million.
  4. 4. Which of the following statements is true? If it is false, then correct it. The UK has the highest percentage of mobile phone users in Europe. Mobile phones are more popular in Scandinavia than in EU countries. Using a mobile phone in France is five times as expensive as in Sweden. By the end of this century, there will be more than one million portable phones in Eastern Europe. True True True True False False False FalseBy the end of this century, there will be more than 1.5 million portable phones in Eastern Europe. Check your answers
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  7. 7. A telephone subscriber is –  a person who has a telephone  a person who has shares in the telephone company  a person who works in telecommunications To cope with a demand is to –  meet and satisfy  to stimulate and encourage it  to provide competition for it When a market is deregulated –  a standard system has been imposed  prices have been kept as low as possible  government control has been reduced A consortium is –  a group of companies in competition for a contract  a state authority  a group of companies working together Choose the best answer to the following. Next question.
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