The law of awesome


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How to be awesome in your life. yes you can be. Stop being everyday and be the best that one can. Stand out and be awesome.

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The law of awesome

  1. 1. The Law of Awesome
  2. 2. Page  2 Mediocrity overflows. It’s full up. No use trying to get in, it’s overcrowded. Most people love mediocre. Most people believe in good enough. Most people do just enough (or less). Most people feel the minimum is more than enough. You see that attitude everywhere. It’s the natural state of the average.
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  4. 4. Page  4 The more you focus on awesome the easier it becomes. And awesome comes from adding just little bit more.
  5. 5. Page  5 A smile with thank you. A double checked report. Two cherries on the sundae.
  6. 6. Page  6 Making a call to a friend. Sending a note to an associate. Giving a generous tip to the server.
  7. 7. Page  7 Reading personal development books to become better. Taking that knowledge and acting on it. Making the lives of everyone around you richer.
  8. 8. Page  8 Paying attention to the out of sorts co-worker and offering an ear. Listening deeper to a complaint and realizing the root lies somewhere else. Spotting the homeless and helping instead of shaking your head.
  9. 9. Page  9 Life fills with valuable impact. Others receive more attention than self. Eyes are opened to the surrounding needs instead of personal wants.
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  11. 11. Page  11 Soon all of those awesomes become natural. Which leads to the law of awesome.
  12. 12. Page  12 The more awesome you become the more awesome everything around you becomes. No. It doesn’t mean that people around you will change. Their attitudes will still stink. They will probably take you for granted with their entitlement focus. But everyone around will be better off.
  13. 13. Page  13 Being awesome has doing to do with THEM and everything to do with YOU! Being awesome brings you to life. It frees you from the crowd. It fills you with purpose.
  14. 14. Page  14 Yes, every now and then you’ll give the smile, or the hug, or the letter, or the tip and someone will actually say out loud,