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Reading comprehension 4


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This is part 4 of the series. It is good for practicing your reading comprehension. It is also good for practicing before one takes an entrance exam. It has the answers to all questions with reasons at the end.

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Reading comprehension 4

  1. 1. Live Free / Speak Free
  2. 2. M SACMedium ReadingPassagesShort ReardingPassagesCritical ReadingAnswers
  3. 3. Medium Reading PassagesIn this section you will read some passages, some areshort to medium in length, after which you will answerquestions. On each slide with questions you will havea button to click on to check your answers, “CheckAnswers” .There are also arrows to direct you back andforth between the passage and the questions.Check Answers
  4. 4. Today, Mike and his mom are going to the library. Mike wants to find a book to read. His mom wants touse a computer there.When they get to the library, Mike finds a book about detectives. He also finds a book with chaptersabout a friendly ghost. Finally, he finds a book about a man who lives in the woods without food orwater. He puts the books on the front desk and waits for his mom.Mikes mom sits at one of the computers in the library. She checks her email and looks at pictures offlowers on the internet. Then she reads a news article on a website.Mikes mom leaves the computer and walks over to Mike, holding up something out for him. Mikelooks at her quizzically. It takes him a moment to recognize what she is holding. “I got that movie for usto watch tonight," says Mikes mom. “Are you ready to leave?”"Sure," Mike says, now holding the movie out in front of him. He reads the cover while walking back tothe library entrance. He puts his books and the movie on the front desk to check out. A librarian standsbehind the counter holding an electronic scanner. "How long can we keep them?" Mike asks her."Three weeks," says the librarian."Cool," says Mike.Suddenly, Mike is surprised. His mother is checking out something else that is too big to put on thedesk. It’s a picture of the ocean."What is that for?" Mike asks."To put on our wall at home," says Mikes mom."You can do that?" Mike asks.Mikes mom smiles at the librarian. "Yes," she says, "but we have to return it in three months."Reading Comprehension 1Directions: Read the passage. Then answer the questions.
  5. 5. Questions1) Based on the books Mike finds tocheck out, we can tell that he isinterested inA. scienceB. natureC. mysteryD. adventure2) While at the computer, MikesmomI. checks her mailII. looks at picturesIII. reads an articleA. I onlyB. I and II onlyC. II and III onlyD. I, II, and III3) According to the passage, how longcan Mike and his mother use the booksand the movie before they must returnthem to the library?A. one weekB. two weeksC. three weeksD. four weeks4) Based on its use in paragraph 4, it canbe understood that quizzically belongsto which of the following word groups?A. abnormally, strangely, weirdlyB. casually, carelessly, indifferentlyC. passionately, keenly, intenselyD. inquisitively, questioningly,curiouslyCheck AnswersCDCD
  6. 6. 5) As used in paragraph 5, the phrase"check out" most nearly meansA. to seeB. to rentC. to findD. to buy6) What does Mikes mom want to dowith the picture of the ocean?A. She wants to buy it.B. She wants to hang it on herwall.C. She wants to give it to herfriend as a gift.D. She wants to donate it to thelibrary.7) Using the passage as a guide, it canbe understood that you can check outwhich of the following things from thelibrary?I. picturesII. furnitureIII. computersA. I onlyB. I and II onlyC. II and III onlyD. I, II, and III8) Which of the following would be thebest title for this passage?A. Mikes MomB. A Picture of the OceanC. At the LibraryD. Books, Computers, Movies, andPicturesCheck AnswersBBAC
  7. 7. Next week I am on vacation. While I am on vacation, I will work on twoprojects.First, I will fix the washing machine. The washing machine has been brokenfor two weeks. To fix it, I will need three tools: a screwdriver, a wrench, anda clamp. It will take one day to fix the washing machine.Next, I will fix our back porch. This is a bigger project. It will probably takeabout two days to fix the back porch, and will require a screwdriver, ahammer, nails, and a saw.My vacation starts on Monday. I have a lot of work to do, but hopefully I canrelax after I finish my workReading Comprehension 2Directions: Read the passage. Then answer the questions.
  8. 8. Questions1) Which of these tools will theauthor use more than once?A. a screwdriverB. a hammerC. a clampD. a saw2) As used in paragraph 3, whatdoes require mean?A. needB. useC. findD. buy3) Which of the following toolsdoes the author not need to fix theback porch?A. a screwdriverB. a wrenchC. nailsD. a saw4) What is the earliest day that theauthor can finish both projects?A. MondayB. WednesdayC. ThursdayD. FridayCheck AnswersAABB
  9. 9. 5) On which project will the authorneed to use the most tools?A. fixing the washing machineB. fixing the back porchC. both projects need the samenumber of toolsD. neither project needs anytools6) According to the passage, fixingthe back porch will take longerbecauseA. the author really doesn’twant to do itB. it has been broken longerC. it needs more toolsD. it is a bigger project7) The author of this passage canbest be described asA. interestingB. lazyC. constructiveD. intelligentCheck AnswersBDC
  10. 10. Most human beings are awake during the day and sleep all night. Owls live theopposite way. Owls are nocturnal. This means that they sleep all day and stay awakeat night. Because owls are nocturnal, this means they must eat at night. But findingfood in the dark is difficult. To help them, they have special eyes and ears.Owls have very large eyes. These eyes absorb more light than normal. Since there islittle light during the night, it is helpful to be able to absorb more of it. This helpsowls find food in the dark.Owls also have very good hearing. Even when owls are in the trees, they can hearsmall animals moving in the grass below. This helps owls catch their prey even whenit is very dark.Like owls, mice are also nocturnal animals. Mice have an excellent sense of smell.This helps them find food in the dark.Being nocturnal helps mice to hide from the many different animals that want toeat them. Most of the birds, snakes, and lizards that like to eat mice sleep at night—except, of course, owls!Reading Comprehension 3Directions: Read the passage. Then answer the questions.
  11. 11. 1) In paragraph 1, we learn that "Owlsare nocturnal." The word diurnal is theopposite of the word nocturnal. Usinginformation in the passage as a guide, wecan understand that an animal that isdiurnalA. sleeps at night and is awakeduring the dayB. hunts during the day and is awakeat nightC. sleeps every other night and isawake during the dayD. hunts during the day and nightQuestions2) Based on information in paragraph 2,it can be understood that an animal withsmall eyesA. must be diurnalB. has trouble seeing in the darkC. can see very well at nightD. is likely to be eaten by an owl3) According to the passage, owls canfind food in the dark using their sense ofI. sightII. soundIII. smellA. l onlyB. I and II onlyC. II and III onlyD. I, II, and IIICheck AnswersABB
  12. 12. 5) Based on information in the finalparagraph, it can be understood thatmice sleep during the day in order toA. find food that other animals cannotB. keep themselves safeC. store energy for night timeactivitiesD. release stress6) Based on information in the finalparagraph, it can be understood thatA. owls hunt miceB. mice can hide from owlsC. mice and owls both hide frombirds, snakes, and lizardsD. birds and snakes often huntlizards4) In paragraph 3 the author writes, "Thishelps owls catch their prey even when itis very dark." Based on its use in thepassage, we can understand that prey isA. a noise that an animal makesduring the nightB. a small animal such as a pet dogor catC. an animal that is hunted by otheranimalsD. an animals that hunts otheranimalsCheck AnswersCBA
  13. 13. 7) If added to the end of this passage, which of the followingconclusions would fit best?A. The owl is a nocturnal animal. This means it is active at night. Theowls excellent sense of sight and sound enable it to find food in thedark.B. Mice are nocturnal animals. This means they are active at night.Similar to the owl, mice use their excellent sense of smell to find foodin the dark.C. Both mice and owls are nocturnal. This means they are active atnight. Because these animals are active at night, they must sleepduring the day. This makes them especially vulnerable to attack fromdiurnal animals.D. Some animals are nocturnal. This means they are active at night.The owl and the mouse are good examples of nocturnal animals thatuse their senses to find food in the dark.Check AnswersD
  14. 14. Reading Comprehension 4Directions: Read the passage. Then answer the questions.Lilly loves her new town. She loves the mall. She loves the parks. She also loves her school.Most of all, though, Lilly loves the seasons. In her old town, it was hot all of the time.Sometimes it is cold in Lillys new town. The cold season is in winter. Once in a while itsnows. Lilly has never seen snow before. So for her, the snow is exciting as well as verybeautiful. Lilly has to wear gloves to keep her hands warm. She also wears a scarf aroundher neck.In spring, flowers bloom and the trees turn green with new leaves. Pollen falls on the carsand windowsills and makes Lilly sneeze. People work in their yards and mow their grass.In summer, Lilly wears her old shorts and sandals— the same ones she used to wear in herold town. It’s hot outside, and dogs lie in the shade. Lilly and her friends go to a pool orplay in the water sprinkler. Her father cooks hamburgers on the grill for dinner.Lilly’s favorite season is autumn. In autumn, the leaves on the trees turn yellow, gold, red,and orange. Halloween comes in autumn, and this is Lilly’s favorite holiday. EveryHalloween, Lilly wears a costume. Last year she wore a mouse costume. This year she willwear a fish costume.One evening in autumn, Lilly and her mom are on sitting together on the porch. Mom tellsLilly that autumn is also called “fall”. This is a good idea, Lilly thinks, because in fall all of theleaves fall down from the trees.
  15. 15. 1) Which of the following words bestdescribes the way Lilly feels about livingin her new town?A. skeptical, meaning questioning orshowing doubtB. apprehensive, meaning anxiousor worriedC. overjoyed, meaning extremelyhappyD. content, meaning satisfied withwhat one is or has2) This passage is mainly aboutA. Lilly’s favorite seasonB. Lilly and the four seasonsC. Lilly’s favorite activities duringwinterD. Lillys favorite HalloweencostumesQuestions3) What is Lilly’s favorite thing about hernew town?A. her schoolB. going to the poolC. the foodD. the seasons4) In paragraph 2 the author writes, "Shealso wears a scarf around her neck.”What is the best way to rewrite thissentence while keeping its originalmeaning?A. In addition, she wears a scarfaround her neck.B. However, she wears a scarfaround her neck.C. Nevertheless, she wears a scarfaround her neck.D. As a result, she wears a scarfaround her neck.Check AnswersCBDA
  16. 16. 5) Which of the following best describes thestructure of this passage?A. The author talks about Lilys newtown, and then talks about how theseasons are changing.B. The author introduces Lilly, and thendescribes her in relation to the fourseasons.C. The author introduces Lilly, and thenexplains why autumn is her favoriteseason.D. The author discusses the fourseasons, and then describes which oneLilly likes best.6) How is Lilly’s new town differentfrom her old town?I. It snows in her new town.II. Lilly wears different summerclothes in her new town.III. Lilly wears a Halloweencostume in her new town.A. I onlyB. I and II onlyC. II and III onlyD. I, II, and IIICheck AnswersBA
  17. 17. 7) Based on information in paragraph5, which of the following costumes isLilly most likely to wear next year?A. a princess costumeB. a fairy costumeC. a ghost costumeD. a bird costume8) Based on information in the passage,we can understand that, which seasonhas two names?A. springB. summerC. fallD. winterCheck AnswersDC
  18. 18. Reading Comprehension 5Directions: Read the passage. Then answer the questions.The living room does not look good. It looks bad without a carpet. Mary and Dan wantto buy a carpet. They want to buy a carpet for their living room.They go to the store. They look at the carpets. There are many colors. There are manysizes. Some have patterns. Some are plain.Mary likes a pink and purple carpet. It has dots. It has pink and purple dots. Dan saysno! He does not like the colors. He does not like the pattern. He does not like the size.The pink and purple carpet is too big.Dan likes a green and red carpet. It has stripes. It has green and red stripes. Mary saysno! She does not like the colors. She does not like the pattern. She does not like thesize. The green and red carpet is too small.Mary and Dan see a tan carpet. It does not have dots. It does not have stripes. It isplain. It is tan and plain. Dan likes the tan carpet. Mary likes the tan carpet. They bothlike the color. They both like the size. They both say yes!Mary and Dan buy the tan carpet. They put the carpet in the living room. The livingroom looks wonderful with the new carpet.
  19. 19. Questions1) According to the passage, Maryand Dan want to put the new carpetin theirA. bedroomB. dining roomC. living roomD. bathroom2) According to the passage, thepink and purple carpetA. has dotsB. has stripesC. is too smallD. is too plain3) According to the passage, thegreen and red carpetA. is plainB. has dotsC. is too bigD. is too small4) According to the passage, bothMary and Dan like theA. pink and purple carpetB. green and red carpetC. tan carpetD. blue carpetCheck AnswersCADC
  20. 20. 5) Mary and Dan do not see aA. black and blue carpetB. pink and purple carpetC. tan carpetD. green and red carpet6) According to the passage,Mary and Dan see aI. dotted carpetII. striped carpetIII. plain carpetA. I onlyB. I and II onlyC. II and III onlyD. I, II, and III7) Based on information in the passage, itcan be understood that both Mary andDan would like which of the followingcarpets best?A. a grey carpet with no dots orstripesB. a pink and yellow carpet with dotsC. a blue and green carpet withstripesD. a black and white carpet with bothdots and stripesCheck AnswersADA
  21. 21. Reading Comprehension 6Directions: Read the passage. Then answer the questions.In India, people celebrate the festival of Holi (pronounced “hoh-lee“)in March. This festival occurs after the wheat harvest. Wheat is usedto make many important foods in India. Holi celebrates the triumphof good over evil.Holi is a very bright celebration. People light bonfires, tell stories, andcover each other in a variety of colored powders. These powders arecalled gulal (pronounced “goo-lahl“). People are then sprayed withwater, and everyone becomes a beautiful, brightly colored mess. Thiscustom of coloring people comes from a legend about a trickster wholoved to trick his friends by pouring colored water on them.
  22. 22. 1) The festival of Holi occurs afterA. the month of MarchB. the wheat harvestC. people are sprayed withwaterD. people are covered withcolorful powders2) The custom of coloring peopleduring Holi comes fromA. a legend about a tricksterB. stories that are told arounda bonfireC. the triumph of good overevilD. harvesting wheat in March3) Which word best describes thefestival of Holi?A. colorfulB. trickyC. flavorfulD. wetQuestionsCheck AnswersBAA
  23. 23. 4) As used in paragraph 2, which of the following best illustrates theactions of a trickster?A. For Tony’s birthday, Mike brings him a soccer jersey signed by hisfavorite player.B. Micah invites Delea to work with his group for a school project,and then he asks his mom to bake brownies when the group meetsto work.C. Jill excitedly convinces Mae to come see a rabbit outside, but itturns out that the rabbit is a stone statue Jill placed in the garden.D. Robert refuses to let Travis play basketball at lunch, becauseTravis is just learning to play.Check AnswersC
  24. 24. Elephants on the coast of Thailand are acting strange. They stamp their feet and motion toward thehills. The sea draws back from the beaches. Fish flop in the mud. Suddenly, a huge wave appears.This is no ordinary wave. It is a tsunami!Tsunami (pronounced “soo-NAH-mee”) waves are larger and faster than normal surface waves. Atsunami wave can travel as fast as a jet plane and can be as tall as a ten-story building. Imaginedropping a stone into a pond. The water on the surface ripples. A tsunami is like a very powerfulripple. Tsunamis begin when the ocean rises or falls very suddenly. Large amounts of seawater aredisplaced. This movement causes huge waves.For a tsunami to occur, there must be some kind of force that causes the ocean water to becomedisplaced. Most tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquakes. However, volcanoes, landslides,large icebergs, and even meteorites are capable of causing one of these mighty waves.Tsunamis are extremely powerful. Ordinary waves lose power when they break. Tsunami waves canremain powerful for several days. Because tsunami waves are so strong, they can kill people,damage property, and completely ruin an ecosystem in just one hour.Scientists have no way of predicting when a tsunami will hit. However, if a powerful enoughearthquake occurs, scientists can issue a warning or a watch. A warning means that a tsunami willvery likely hit soon. A watch means that conditions are favorable for a tsunami. When people arenotified about a watch or a warning, they have more time to prepare. It is best not to get caughtunaware when a tsunami is on the way!Reading Comprehension 7Directions: Read the passage. Then answer the questions.
  25. 25. Questions1) In paragraph 1, the elephants are mostlikely acting strange because theyA. are not used to seeing fishB. dislike the waterC. can sense something out of theordinaryD. see the ocean drawing back fromthe beaches2) This passage is mostly aboutA. how to prepare for tsunamisB. scientists who predict tsunamiwavesC. similarities and differencesbetween wave typesD. causes and effects of tsunamis3) As used paragraph 2, displaced mostnearly meansA. moved out of normal placeB. pushed by human forceC. sloshed around quicklyD. pulled to great heights4) After reading the passage, we canconclude that a tsunamiA. watch is more serious than awarningB. warning is more serious than awatchC. warning and watch are equallyseriousD. warning and watch both mean atsunami has formedCheck AnswersCDAB
  26. 26. 5) Tsunamis cause so much destruction because theyA. cannot be predicted by scientistsB. break on the coast, unlike normal wavesC. are caused by volcanoes, landslides and meteoritesD. can be as tall as a ten-story buildingCheck AnswersD
  27. 27. Reading Comprehension 8Directions: Read the passage. Then answer the questions.Where does chocolate come from? Believe it or not, it grows on trees. Not as a sweet chocolate candybar wrapped in foil, but as a cocoa bean.These cocoa beans grow on a cacao tree, which is found in tropical areas such as Central and SouthAmerica. The fruit of these trees are called pods, and they are long and hard. Inside the pods is a soft,white pulp that surrounds the thirty or so seeds. These seeds are what we call cocoa beans. They arevery hard and bitter to the taste.To make chocolate, people start by carefully taking the beans out of the pods, still covered in the whitepulp, and leaving them in a bucket. The bucket is often covered with banana leaves and left foranywhere from a few days to a few weeks. This process is called fermenting. Then the beans are left todry in the sun. Fermenting and drying the beans makes them less bitter. Then the beans are shipped toa factory to be turned into chocolate.At the factory, beans are roasted in ovens to bring out their flavor. After roasting, the outer covering ofthe bean is removed. The inner bean is then crushed to form a paste known as chocolate liquor.From this paste, people can either make cocoa powder or the chocolate we buy in stores. To makecocoa powder, the paste is crushed and pressed repeatedly to remove the fat, leaving behind only adry, ground powder. To make chocolate, people need to add other ingredients to the paste such asmilk, sugar, and cocoa butter. They then mix and heat the concoction several times to create asubstance we would recognize as chocolate. It may even have fruit, nuts, or candy added to it before itis molded into a shape.Considering all that must happen to turn a bitter cocoa bean into a chocolate bar, a dollar seems like asmall price to pay for such a delicious sweet treat.
  28. 28. Questions1) To make chocolate, what is the firstthing people must do to the cocoabeans?A. leave them in a bucketB. roast them in an ovenC. dry them in the sunD. ship them to the factory2) After reading this passage, what canthe reader conclude about chocolate?A. Chocolate is only made inCentral and South America.B. People could make their ownchocolate at home.C. There are many steps involvedin making chocolate.D. It is too expensive to makechocolate.3) According to the passage, which of theseitems is needed to make the chocolate that isavailable in stores?A. fruitB. nutsC. candyD. sugar4) As used in paragraph 5, which of thefollowing best describes a concoction?A. To make the smoothie, Daryl blendedstrawberries, bananas, yogurt, and juice.B. When Jenna left the room, the pot ofmilk boiled for twenty minutes beforeboiling over.C. A sprinkle of powdered sugar on topmakes everything sweeter.D. Elaine heated the lasagna, froze it, andthen heated it again before serving it twoweeks later.Check AnswersACDA
  29. 29. 5) Based on information in the passage, it can be understood thatthe chocolate sold in stores is different from cocoa beans becausechocolate isA. sweet and cocoa beans are bitterB. cheap and cocoa beans are expensiveC. a dry powder and cocoa beans are notD. uncooked and cocoa beans are cookedCheck AnswersA
  30. 30. Short Reading PassagesIn this section you will read some passages, some areshort to medium in length, after which you will answerquestions. On each slide with questions you will havea button to click on to check your answers, “CheckAnswers” .There are also arrows to direct you back andforth between the passage and the questions.Check Answers
  31. 31. Bella HidesReading Comprehension –– Short StoriesDirections: Read the story. Then answer the questions below.Bella is hiding. She is behind the sofa with her pet puppy, Sir. Bella ishiding from her mom. She does not want to go to the doctor.“Bella?” calls Bella’s mom in a sweet voice. “Where are you?” Bella’smom looks in the closet. She looks in the kitchen. She looks next tothe bookcase. Bella always hides when she is scared. Bella is veryquiet. Sir begins to jump around behind the sofa. Bella’s mom hearsthe noise. She looks behind the sofa with a smile. She holds out herhand. “Don’t be scared,” says Bella’s mom. “The doctor just wants tocheck your ears.” “Will I have to get a shot?” asks Bella. “No,” saysher mom. That makes Bella feel better. Bella grabs her mom’s hand.They go to see the doctor.
  32. 32. Questions:1) Why is Bella hiding?I. She is looking for herpuppy.II. She is scared.III. She is doesn’t want to goto the doctor.A. I onlyB. I and IIC. II and IIID. I, II, and III2) Who or what is hiding withBella?A. her momB. her sisterC. her puppyD. her friend3) Who is looking for Bella?A. her momB. her puppyC. the doctorD. her sister4) Where does Mom find Bella?A. in the kitchenB. in the closetC. next to the bookcaseD. behind the sofaCheck AnswersCCAD
  33. 33. 5) How does Mom find Bella?A. Bella makes a noise.B. Dad helps Mom.C. Mom sees Bellas leg.D. The puppy makes a noise.6) When does Bella hide?A. when she is boredB. when she is scaredC. when she is happyD. all the time7) What does Mom say will happenwhen Bella sees the doctor?A. Bella will get her ears checked.B. Bella will get a shot.C. Bella will get to bring herpuppy.D. Bella will get her eyes checked.8) How does Bella feel when Momsays she will not get a shot?A. angryB. betterC. smartD. tiredCheck AnswersDBAB
  34. 34. Reading Comprehension –– Short StoriesDirections: Read the story. Then answer the questions below.Griffin plays the violin. He takes lessons after school on Tuesdays.Griffin’s violin teacher is Mr. Thomas. Mr. Thomas tells Griffin topractice every day. Griffin practices his violin on most days. On thedays Griffin does not practice his violin, he plays soccer with hisfriends or fixes old clocks for fun. “You are a boy of many talents,”Griffin’s parents tell him. “That means you are good at doing manythings.” Griffin likes it when his parents say this to him. He lovesplaying the violin. He loves playing soccer. He loves fixing clocks.Griffin loves to do many things, but he does not have the time to dothem all every day.
  35. 35. 1) What does Griffin play?I. tennisII. soccerIII. the violinA. I onlyB. I and IIC. II and IIID. I, II, and III2) When does Griffin take violinlessons?A. on Tuesdays after soccerB. on Thursdays after soccerC. on Tuesdays after schoolD. on Thursdays after schoolQuestions:Check Answers3) When does Mr. Thomas tell Griffinto practice?A. every dayB. most daysC. only on TuesdaysD. when he wants to4) When does Griffin practice theviolin?A. every dayB. most daysC. neverD. only on TuesdaysCCAB
  36. 36. 5) How does Griffin feel about theviolin?A. He loves it.B. He thinks it is hard.C. He hates to practice.D. He does not like the sound.6) What things does Griffin love todo?I. read booksII. fix old clocksIII. play soccer with his friendsA. I onlyB. I and IIC. II and IIID. I, II, and III7) What does Mr. Thomas teachGriffin?A. to play soccerB. to fix old clocksC. to play the violinD. to build birdhouses8) If you have many talents, thismeans youA. want to do a lotB. are good at playing theviolinC. are busy doing many thingsD. are good at doing a lot ofthingsCheck AnswersACCD
  37. 37. 9) Why does Griffin not play the violin every day?A. He does not like the violin.B. He wants to play the piano.C. He is busy doing other things.D. His mom says not to play every day.Check AnswersC
  38. 38. Reading Comprehension –– Short StoriesDirections: Read the story. Then answer the questions below.I fly airplanes for a living. I am a pilot. Sometimes I take my little girlwith me. Her name is Bristol. Bristol likes to look out the window ofthe airplane. She likes to look at the clouds. She thinks the cloudslook like animals. She points at one with her finger. "I see a giraffe!"she says. I also have a little boy. My little boy does not like to be uphigh. He does not come with me on the airplane. He likes to playairplane with me. We play airplane when I get home. We run aroundthe yard. We wave our arms in the air. We make airplane noises.
  39. 39. Questions:Check Answers1) Who is telling this story?A. BristolB. a little boyC. a pilotD. a friend2) What does Bristol like to do inthe airplane?A. look out the windowB. run in the yardC. sit in the backD. be the pilot4) Why doesnt the little boy like to fly?A. because he is very youngB. because he is very littleC. because he doesn’t like airplanesD. because he is afraid to be up high3) Bristol points at something outsidethe window. What does she point at?A. a giraffeB. her dadC. a cloudD. a treeCACD
  40. 40. Reading Comprehension –– Short StoriesDirections: Read the story. Then answer the questions below.Maddy loves to jump rope, ride her scooter, and ride her skateboard. One day, Maddygets a hole in the shoes she likes best while riding her scooter. They are pink withhearts and a Velcro tab. Now she needs new shoes. Maddys mom takes her to thedepartment store on Saturday morning. The store is filled with people looking forshirts, dresses, pants, and toys. Maddys mom takes her to the shoe area. The shoearea is crowded, and there is a long wait. Maddy does not mind. Maddy sees a pair ofpurple sneakers with orange laces. She sees a pair of red sandals with dots. She sees apair of green flip-flops. She wants the purple sneakers. "But you do not know how totie your laces," says Maddys mom. "I will learn," says Maddy. Maddys mother thinks.She does not want to tie Maddys laces each morning before school. "If we buy thepurple sneakers, you must learn to tie them before you can wear them to school," saysMaddys mom. "I will! I promise!" says Maddy. She is very happy. Maddy practicestying her laces for the rest of the day. She practices more on Sunday. Finally, she learnshow to tie her laces. She gets to wear her new shoes to school on Monday. "I did it,"she says with a big smile.
  41. 41. 1) Why does Maddy need newshoes?A. Her shoes are too small.B. Her shoes are very old.C. She lost her favorite shoes.D. She got a hole in her shoes.2) How does Maddy get a hole inher shoes?A. riding her skateboardB. riding her scooterC. jumping ropeD. playing basketballQuestions:Check Answers4) Which shoes does Maddy wantto buy?A. the pink shoes with heartsB. the purple sneakersC. the green flip-flopsD. the red sandals with dots3) Which shoes have a hole?A. the green flip-flopsB. the red sandalsC. the pink shoes with heartsD. the purple sneakersDBCB
  42. 42. 5) How does Maddy feel about thelong wait at the store?A. She is mad about it.B. She is happy about it.C. She is excited about it.D. She feels okay about it.6) Who does Maddy see in thestore?A. a lot of peopleB. her older sisterC. her friends from schoolD. one of her neighbors7) When can Maddy wear her shoesto school?A. when she learns how to tie thelacesB. as soon as she leaves the storeC. after summer vacationD. tomorrow8) As used in paragraph 8, what doespromise mean?A. that Maddy wants to learn totieB. that Maddy will learn to tieC. that Maddy cannot learn to tieD. that Maddy might learn to tieCheck AnswersDAAB
  43. 43. 9) What does Maddys mom notwant to do?A. buy Maddy new shoesB. buy Maddy green flip-flopsC. buy more than one pair ofshoesD. tie Maddys shoes eachmorning10) How might Maddy feel afterlearning to tie?I. happyII. proudIII. nervousA. I onlyB. I and IIC. II and IIID. I, II, and III11) What lesson did Maddy learn?A. Practice makes perfect.B. Do not ride a scooter with pinkshoes.C. Be careful what you wish for.D. School is fun with new shoes.Check AnswersDBA
  44. 44. It is Levi’s birthday. He has a party at home with his family. Everyone sings, “HappyBirthday!” Levi has nine candles on his cake. He blows them out. He opens hispresents. Levi’s mother and father give him a bicycle. Levi’s little sister gives him agame. Levi’s uncle gives him a baseball jersey. Levi’s grandma and grandpa give him 20dollars! "Thank you!" he yells to everyone. Levi is excited. He likes all his presents. Helikes the 20 dollars best. It means he can go to the store. He can buy anything hewants! “Can we go to the store now, Mom?” asks Levi. Mom frowns. “Levi, your guestsare still here. I will take you to the store tomorrow.” That night, Levi dreams of all thethings he might buy with his 20 dollars.Maybe I will buy a video game! Maybe I will buy a guitar! Maybe I will buy a camera!Maybe I will buy a tool kit! In the morning, Mom takes Levi and his little sister to thestore. “Will you buy me something, too?” asks Levi’s little sister. “Maybe,” Levi says. Heruns to look around the store. Ugh! The guitar costs more than 20 dollars. The videogame costs more than 20 dollars. The camera costs more than 20 dollars. The tool kitcosts 12 dollars. Levi buys the tool kit. He buys his little sister a key chain. He buys hismom a pack of gum. “You are a sweet boy,” Levi’s mom tells him.Reading Comprehension –– Short StoriesDirections: Read the story. Then answer the questions below.
  45. 45. Questions:Check Answers1) Who is at Levis party?I. his parentsII. his friendsIII. his teachersA. I onlyB. I and IIC. II and IIID. I, II, and III2) How old is Levi?A. 9B. 10C. 11D. 123) What does Levis sister give him?A. a baseball jerseyB. a bikeC. a gameD. money4) How does Levi feel about his presents?I. He likes all of them.II. He likes the money best.III. He likes the game least.A. I onlyB. I and IIC. II and IIID. I, II, and IIIAACB
  46. 46. 5) Levi dreams about buying aA. bikeB. cameraC. key chainD. baseball jersey6) Levis mom frowns at Levibecause heA. is mean to his sister.B. asks for more money.C. does not thank everyonefor his gifts.D. wants to go to the storeduring the party.7) When Levi goes to the store, it isA. morningB. afternoonC. eveningD. night8) Levi doesnt know thatA. he has received manypresentsB. his baseball jersey is too bigC. most things he wants costmore than 20 dollarsD. his sister has more moneythan he doesCheck AnswersBDAC
  47. 47. Check Answers9) Levi buys himself aA. pack of gumB. key chainC. guitarD. tool kit10) Levi goes to the store with hisI. sisterII. motherIII. uncleA. I onlyB. I and IIC. II and IIID. I, II, and III11) Levi buys himself a tool kit. What elsedoes he buy?A. a game and a pack of gumB. a key chain and a pack of gumC. a key chain and a guitarD. a game and a key chain12) Levis mom call him a sweet boybecauseA. it is his birthdayB. he eats a lot of candy on hisbirthdayC. he waits until the next day to go tothe storeD. he buys something for his mom andlittle sisterDBBD
  48. 48. Ben has two cats.Their names are Max and Tito.Max is black. Tito is brown.Max has green eyes. Tito has blue eyes.Max is black with green eyes. Tito is brown with blue eyes.They are fast. They are beautiful. They are fast and beautiful.Ben also has a bird. Her name is Lilly. Lilly likes to sing. Lilly singsevery day. Sometimes she sings very loud.Max and Tito try to discover who is singing. They look everywhere!Finally, they see who is singing. It is Lilly! They sit and watch hersing.Reading Comprehension –– Short StoriesDirections: Read the story. Then answer the questions below.
  49. 49. Questions:Check Answers1) How many cats does Benhave?A. Ben has one cat.B. Ben has two cats.C. Ben has three cats.D. Ben has four cats.2) What are Max and Tito like?I. bigII. beautifulA. I onlyB. II onlyC. I and II3) Titos eyes areA. blueB. redC. green4) What is the name of the bird?A. TitoB. MaxC. LillyBBAC
  50. 50. Check Answers5) What color is Max?A. Max is orange.B. Max is brown.C. Max is black.6) Who is singing?A. TitoB. MaxC. LillyBD
  51. 51. It is a frigid January day in York, Pennsylvania. The temperature is below freezing.Snow is starting to fall. Dr. James turns on the television to check the weather. Hemust leave for his work at the hospital soon. “Today is going to be very cold,” saysthe TV weatherman. “Be sure to wear very warm clothes when you go outside. Also,be careful driving on the roads. Snowfall will make them slippery. In fact, if you canstay home today, do it!” Dr. James cannot stay home. Very sick people are waiting tosee him at the hospital. He goes to his closet. He takes out the warmest clothes hehas. He puts on a sweater, jacket, gloves, socks, boots, and a hat. He opens his frontdoor to go to work. A gust of cold air blows inside. “Wow, it is very cold outside,” Dr.James says. He is from Miami and is not used to the cold. “The weatherman wasright!” Before he can drive to work, Dr. James must clear the snow off his car. Hedoes this very fast. He hops in the car. He shivers. His neck feels especially cold. Dr.James drives slowly to work. Everyone else is driving slowly, too. There is a lot oftraffic on the road. There are cars in front of and behind him. Suddenly, the cars infront of Dr. James come to a stop. There has been an accident! Dr. James hurriesfrom his car to check on the driver of the car that has swerved off the road. “Iseveryone okay?” Dr. James asks. “Yes, yes, we are fine. We slipped on a patch ofice,” the driver says. “This would have been a good day to stay home in bed.”Reading Comprehension –– Short StoriesDirections: Read the story. Then answer the questions below.
  52. 52. 1) If the weather is frigid, it isveryA. coldB. rainyC. windyD. slippery2) In what city does this storytake place?A. FloridaB. MiamiC. PennsylvaniaD. YorkQuestions:Check Answers3) Dr. James doesn’t stay homebecauseA. There are sick people waitingfor him.B. He listens to the weatherman.C. He has to clear snow off hiscar.D. He must help the people inthe accident4) What could Dr. James have put onhis neck to keep it warm?A. glovesB. a scarfC. another hatD. a jacketADAB
  53. 53. Check Answers5) Given what is said in the story,what is probably true about Miami?A. It is a warm place.B. It is a rainy place.C. It is a windy place.D. People drive slowly there.6) What does Dr. James do beforehe leaves for work?I. He dresses warmly.II. He checks the weather onTV.III. He clears snow from his car.A. I onlyB. I and IIC. II and IIID. I, II, and III7) As described in the beginning of thestory, what does it mean if the roadsare slippery?A. The roads are full of cars.B. The roads are easy to slide on.C. The roads are very long andcurvy.D. The roads lead to a place withlots of snow8) How are people driving today?A. badlyB. slowlyC. very fastD. like they do not careBDAC
  54. 54. Check Answers9) Why does Dr. James clear the snowoff his car quickly?A. because he is very coldB. because he is late for workC. because he knows his patientsare waitingD. because he knows he will haveto drive slowly10) There is a lot of traffic on the road.How can we rewrite this sentence?A. There is a lot of snow on theroad.B. There are a lot of cars on theroad.C. There are a lot of accidents onthe road.D. There are a lot of peoplewalking on the road11) Why did the car have anaccident?A. because it was snowingoutsideB. because Dr. James hit the carC. because it was so coldoutsideD. because the car slipped on apatch of ice12) What is an accident?A. something that hurts peopleB. something that happens onlyin the snowC. something that happens thathas not been plannedD. something that happensbecause other people want it toABDC
  55. 55. Check Answers13) Why does Dr. James hurry from his car after the accident?A. because he is very coldB. because he wants to get to the hospital as soon as possibleC. because he is worried about his patients waiting at the hospitalD. because he wants to make sure the people in the car are okay14) What is the weatherman right about?I. It is a windy day.II. It is very cold outside.III. The roads are slippery.A. I onlyB. I and IIC. II and IIID. I, II, and IIIDC
  56. 56. Critical Reading PassagesIn this section you will read some passages, some areshort to medium in length, after which you will answerquestions. On each slide with questions you will havea button to click on to check your answers, “CheckAnswers” .There are also arrows to direct you back andforth between the passage and the questions.Check Answers
  57. 57. Beginning Critical Reading – PaperPaper has many uses. People draw on paper. People paint on paper. People write on paper.People clean with paper. People make boxes out of paper. People blow their noses onpaper. Books are made of paper. Magazines are made of paper. Some money is printed onpaper. Sandpaper is made of paper. Wallpaper is made of paper.5 Some paper is made from plants. Some paper is made from cotton.Some paper is made from bamboo. Some paper is made from wheat. Most paper is madefrom trees. 95% of paper is made from trees. Some paper is made from pine trees. Somepaper is made from oak trees. Some paper is made from maple trees. Some paper isrecycled. When paper is recycled, new paper is made from old paper.10 Some people say they work in paper-free offices. Some people think computers will takeaway the need for paper. But people will always need to blow their noses. People will wantto sand surfaces with sandpaper. People will want to paint or draw on paper. People willwant to put things in paper boxes. So, people will probably need to use paper for manymore years.
  58. 58. Questions:Check Answers1.. According to the passage, which ofthe following statements is/are true?I) Ninety-five percent of paper ismade from pine trees.II) Computers will take away theneed for paper.III) There will probably always beuses for paper.A) I onlyB) II onlyC) III onlyD) I and II onlyE) II and III only2.. What is the main idea of thesecond paragraph?A) What is made of paperB) What paper is made ofC) What people think ofpaperD) The many uses of paperE) The future of paper3.. In line 12, sand most closelymeansA) grainy mineralB) paint or colorC) polish or smoothD) use for storageE) drawCBC
  59. 59. Soaps and detergents are used for washing. Soaps and detergents are used for cleaning.People usually use detergent to wash clothes. People usually use detergent to wash dishes.People usually use soap to wash their bodies.Soap has a long history. There was soap in Ancient Babylon. There was soap in Ancient5 Egypt. Some people think there was soap before people wrote history.Soap and detergent are similar, but soap and detergent are not exactly the same. Soapsare made of natural products. Detergents are made of man-made products.In some cases, soap is better than detergent. For example, soap is milder on the skin.Soap is milder on the environment. Soap is biodegradable – nature’s processes clean10 soap up. Soap does not build up in rivers. Soap does not cause pollution in rivers. Soapdoes not build up in streams. Soap does not cause pollution in streams.In some cases, detergent is better than soap. For example, soap builds up in clothes aftermany washings. Detergent does not build up in clothes after many washings. Soap loses itscleaning power in clothes over time. Detergent does not lose its cleaning power15 in clothes over time.Beginning Critical Reading – Soaps and Detergents
  60. 60. Questions:Check Answers1.. According to the passage, whichof the following statements is/aretrue?I) Soap is made of natural orman-made products.II) Detergents are less mildthan soaps.III) Detergent washes out ofclothing.IV)A) I onlyB) II onlyC) III onlyD) I and II onlyE) II and III only2.. What is the main idea of the fifthparagraph?A) How soaps and detergents aremadeB) What soap and detergent are usedforC) Which product causes less pollutionD) How soap loses its cleaning powerE) When detergent is better than soap3.. In line 9, biodegradable most closelymeansA) man-madeB) dangerousC) permanentD) easy to clean upE) hard to clean upEED
  61. 61. Beginning Critical Reading – WaterWater is the most common liquid in the world. Lakes contain water. Rivers containwater. Ponds contain water. Canals contain water. Oceans contain water. The water inrivers, ponds, and canals is fresh water. The water in oceans is salt water.About 70% of the world is covered by water. About 97% of water in the world is salt5 water. Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh water. Fresh water is not salty.People usually think of water as a liquid. But water freezes to form a solid. The solid iscalled ice. And water boils to form a gas. The gas is called steam or vapor.Clouds are made of water. Water falls from clouds as rain. When it is cold, water falls assnow. Sometimes water falls as sleet. Sleet is partly water and partly ice. Sometimes10 water falls as hail. Hail is ice.People need water to live. Animals need water to live. Insects need water to live. Plantsneed water to live. All living things in the world need water to live.People all over the world need to drink clean water to live. About one billion people inthe world do not have clean drinking water. The largest cause of preventable human15 death in the world is drinking water that is unsanitary.
  62. 62. Questions:Check Answers1.. According to the passage, which ofthe following statements is/are true?I) Ninety-seven percent of snow ismade of salt water.II) The largest cause of preventablehuman death is drinking water thatis unsanitary..III) About 1,000,000,000 people inthe world do not have clean waterto drink.A) I onlyB) II onlyC) III onlyD) I and II onlyE) II and III only2.. What is the main idea of the firstparagraph?A) Fresh water is necessary for life.B) Most water in the world is saltwater.C) Water is the most common liquidin the world.D) People cannot drink most of theworld’s water.E) Only 3% of the world’s water isnot salt water.3.. In line 15, unsanitary most closelymeansA) not availableB) not cleanC) not in liquid formD) used for another purposeE) saltyECB
  63. 63. I could not put them on this presentation because it would havetaken up too much room. So I have uploaded them on a websitefor you to download as you need. Below is the link to downloadwith.