Everyday English - Shopping


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This is part 4 of this series. This is all about shopping. Vocabulary and practice dialogues. This is great for use in your classroom or at home.

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Everyday English - Shopping

  1. 1. Live Free / Speak Free
  2. 2. Click on any of the sound icons through out this presentation, that are in blue type to listen to it. You may click as many times as you like. The dialogues are all one conversation and are not broken into sentences for listening. Listen to each saying and / or sentence and then repeat each of them. You may want to do this several times so you get the right pronunciation. Continue
  3. 3. Vocabulary Phrases Dialogues
  4. 4. Shopping Vocabulary Useful Vocabulary Ways to pay Where to buy what
  5. 5. Shop (s) Customer (s) Cashier (s) Shelf Shelves Bar Code
  6. 6. Trolley (s) Lift (s) Bag (s) Basket (s) Changing Room(s) Escalator (s)
  7. 7. Cheque(s) Cash Note(s) Coin(s) Credit card(s) Debit card(s)
  8. 8. Where to buy what Chemist's Ladies Clothing Shop or Boutique Men’s Clothing Shop or Tailor's Shoe Shop or Cobbler's Jeweler's Electrical Store
  9. 9. Toy Shop or Toy Store Record Shop Book Shop Newsagent's Ironmonger's Optician's Haberdasher's All or most of the above in a Department Store
  10. 10. Butcher's Delicatessen Baker'sGreengrocer's Fishmonger's
  11. 11. Grocer's Post Office Florist's Off License All or most of the above in a Supermarket
  12. 12. Finding a Shop Opening Hours Shopping for Clothes Paying
  13. 13. Finding a Shop Questions Can you recommend a good toy/clothes shop? Is there a chemists/supermarket in the area? Where can I get toothpaste/pet food? Where's the nearest shopping centre? Answers/Comments There's a really good bookshop just around the corner. You can buy that here in the hotel. The best toy shop is in the shopping centre. The nearest one is a few miles away.
  14. 14. Opening Hours Questions What time do you open, please? What time do you close, please? What are your opening hours? Are you open all day? Are you open on Sundays? Answers/Comments We're open 24/7. (24 hours a day / 7 days a week) We're closed at lunchtime, between 12 and 2pm. We're open from 9am till 6pm, Monday to Friday.
  15. 15. May I help you?/ Can I help you? Are you looking for something in particular? How can I help you? Is someone looking after you? Shopping for Clothes Phrases for the start of a conversation Salesperson
  16. 16. Questions Could you help me, please? Could you tell me where the ................ department is? Excuse me, I'm looking for a .......... . Is there somewhere I can try this on, please? Does it suit me? Do you have this in a (larger/smaller size) (different colour), please? Do you do alterations? Do you have a refund policy? Is this in the sale? Answers/Comments It's too long / short. It's too tight / loose. The ladies / gents changing rooms are over there. You can bring it back and exchange it or get a refund within 2 weeks if you keep the receipt.
  17. 17. To politely ask something, the customer can start his or her question with "Excuse me, …". I am looking for a pair of trousers, sport shoes, a DVD… Do you have any…? Do you have these in a size smaller/ bigger, too? Could you tell me where the … is /are? Where can I find the…? Do you sell…? I need … I’d like a bottle of milk, please. Have you got any cheese? Where can I buy a newspaper? Where can I find some vegetables? Do you work here? Could you help me? Could I ask you something?
  18. 18. They are over there. What size are you? How about one of these? Here you are. It’s on sale. Buy two for the price of one. How much / many would you like? What size do you take? Sorry, we are out of … Would another colour do? Would you like to try it on? The fitting rooms are over there. The T- Shirt suits you very well.
  19. 19. I’ll take it. It’s not quite what I wanted. How much is this sweater? It doesn’t fit/ suit me. I don’t like it. It’s too small / big / wide / tight / expensive. I’m size … Have you got this in another size / colour? May I try this on, please? Where can I try this on, please? How much is it?
  20. 20. Paying Questions Do you take credit cards? Do you give credit? Do you have a loyalty card? Does it have a warranty? Can I pay by cheque? Do you offer a cash discount? Could I have a VAT receipt, please? Could I leave my bags here and pick them up later?
  21. 21. Answers/Comments We take all the major credit cards. We only accept cheques with a cheque card. We are offering 6 months free credit with no deposit. Sorry, no. Yes, certainly.
  22. 22. Shall I gift wrap it? Would you like a bag? That comes to…. . Here you are. / Here you go. You’re welcome. That’s 15 $ altogether. You don’t happen to have any change, do you? Here’s your change. Did you find everything you needed? Did you find what you were looking for? Did you find everything okay? Will that be all (for today)? Is that everything? Anything else? Did you want anything else? Please pay at the check-out. I’ll take this to the check-out for you.
  23. 23. That’s all for today. That’s it. Thanks. Where is the check-out? Could I have a receipt, please? Could I have a (plastic) bag, please? I’m afraid/ Sorry, I don’t have any change. Do you accept credit cards?
  24. 24. Dialogues Let’s shop for clothes! Let’s go shopping for food! Let’s go shopping for ________!
  25. 25. Clothes Salesperson: Can I help you? Gloria: Yes, I’m looking for a sweater — in a size medium. Salesperson: Let’s see … here’s a nice white one. What do you think? Gloria: I think I’d rather have it in blue. Salesperson: OK … here’s blue, in a medium. Would you like to try it on? Gloria: OK … yes, I love it. It fits perfectly. How much is it? Salesperson: It’s $50. It will be $53, with tax. Gloria: Perfect! I’ll take it. Buying a Sweater
  26. 26. • Can I help you? or “May I help you?” is what a salesperson normally says to greet a customer. • I’m looking for a here means “I don’t know exactly which one I want.” • Size medium. Clothing usually comes in small, medium and large sizes. Some women’s clothing comes in number sizes, usually ranging from 2 to 16. • Let’s see … An expression used when a person wants to think something over, to make a choice or decision, or to look for something. • I’d rather have it in here means “I don’t like this exact one. I would prefer it in a different” color/size/material, etc. • Would you like to …? is a polite way to ask “Do you want to …?” • Try it on means to test the fit or appearance of a garment by putting it on. “Try on” is a separable phrasal verb, so the object “it” goes between “try” and “on.” • How much is it? means “How much does it cost?” Notice that the main sentence stress falls on “is” in this question. • I’ll take it. means “I will buy it.” More Helpful Phrases
  27. 27. Clerk: Good morning. What can I do for you? Customer: I'd like a pullover. Clerk: What colour would you like? Customer: Brown, perhaps. Clerk: How do you like this one? Customer: It's very nice. But I think it's too big. Clerk: Here's a smaller one. Customer: I like it. How much is it? Clerk: Sixteen pounds ninety. Customer: Well, it's a bit expensive. Clerk: But it's very nice. Customer: All right, I'll take it. Buying a new Pullover
  28. 28. Clerk: Good morning, miss. Can I help you? Customer: I'd like to buy a pair of jeans. Clerk: Blue or any other kind? Customer: Blue and stonewashed, please. Clerk: What size do you take? Customer: Well, I don't know exactly. Medium size. Clerk: All right, miss, look at these jeans. Do you like them? Customer: Ah, this pair is lovely. But it seems too large. Clerk: How about this one? Customer: I like it. How much is it? Clerk: 27 pounds. Customer: Can I try it on? Clerk: Yes. The fitting box is over there. Customer: I think I'll take it. Clerk: All right. I'll wrap it up. Will you pay at the counter over there, please? A New Pair of Jeans
  29. 29. Customer: Excuse me, how much is this blue shirt? Clerk: Nine pounds, sir. Customer: And that green one? Clerk: Seven, but I'm afraid it's not your size. Customer: Don't worry, I want one for my brother. He's eighteen, and he likes bright colours. Clerk: How about this purple one with pink stars on it? Customer: Oh no, that's too wild. I think I like the green one. Will you wrap it up for me? Clerk: Certainly, sir. Anything else? Customer: No, thanks. Do I pay here? Clerk: Yes, if you please. Buying a New Shirt
  30. 30. Karen walks into a shoe store. She wants to buy a pair of new shoes for herself.... Clerk: May I help you? Karen: Yes. Do you have these shoes in size seven? Clerk: I'm not sure. If you can't find them on the rack, they may be out of stock. But let me look in the stockroom. Karen: Thanks. I'd like to try on a pair if you have them. Clerk: I'll be right back.
  31. 31. Karen walks into a boutique. She wants to buy a scarf.... Sales Assoc: Hi, are you being helped? Karen: No, I'm not. I'm interested in some scarves. Sales Assoc: All our scarves are in this section. What do you think of this one here? It's made of silk. Karen: Hm, it looks nice, but I'd like to have something warm for the winter. Sales Assoc: Maybe you would like a heavy wool scarf. How about this one? Karen: I think that's what I want. How much is it? Sales Assoc: It's...seventy-five dollars plus tax. Karen: It's a little expensive. Do you think it's possible to get a discount? Sales Assoc: Hm, since you like it so much, how about a 10 percent discount. That's the best I can offer. Karen: That's good. Could you wrap it up for me? Sales Assoc: Sure. Is there anything else I can get for you? Karen: No, that should be it. Thank you.
  32. 32. Chris asks Doris whether she wants to go to the mall with her for the sale over there.... Chris: Doris, Highland Mall is having a big sale this weekend. You wanna go? Doris: Don't feel like it. I'm broke. Chris: Well, we can still do some window shopping, can't we? Doris: Just look around? Nah, that's boring. Chris: I'll go myself then.
  33. 33. I Like That Shirt A: I like that shirt. B: So do I. A: How much is it? B: I don't know. The tag is missing. A: Ask the clerk. B: I will. A: Oh, look. Here's another shirt just like it. B: Does it have a price tag? A: Yes, it does. It's only $20. B: That's a great price. A: I think I'll buy both of them. B: You'd better try them on first.
  34. 34. Pants That Fit A: I bought you a pair of pants. B: Thank you. A: I hope they fit. B: I hope you kept the receipt. A: You think they won't fit? B: I think I've put on some weight. A: You think? B: Maybe a pound or two. A: Maybe four or five pounds? B: My waist is bigger than it was. A: No problem. These pants have an elastic waistband. B: You are so smart!
  35. 35. Let’s go shopping for food! Clerk: Good morning. Can I help you? Customer: Give me a loaf of bread and a litre of milk, please. Clerk: Here you are. Anything else? Customer: I'd like a piece of cheese. Have you got sausages? Clerk: Yes, we have. How many would you like? Customer: Two pairs, please. Clerk: Here you are. Customer: How much is it altogether? Clerk: Six pounds fifty. Customer: Here you are. Clerk: Thank you. Customer: Good-bye. At a Supermarket
  36. 36. Clerk: Good morning. What can I do for you? Customer: I'd like a kilo of bread and a litre of milk. Clerk: I'm sorry, miss, but we haven't got any bread. Would you like rolls? Customer: Oh yes, six rolls, please. And two croissants. Clerk: Here you are. Anything else(tm) Customer: 250 grams of cheese, please. Have you got salami? Clerk: Yes, we have. And we've got fresh sausages, too. Customer: Then give me 200 grams of sausages, please. Clerk: Here you are. Customer: Thank you. Good-bye. At a Deli
  37. 37. Customer: Excuse me. How much is a bottle of coke? Clerk: The two litre bottle is one pound ten. Customer: And a bottle of Sprite? Clerk: It's the same price. Customer: Then I'll take a bottle of Sprite and six bottles of beer, please. Clerk: What brand would you like? Customer: Four bottles of Amstel and two bottles of Holsten lager, please. Clerk: Anything else? Customer: I want a packet of cigarettes and some crisps. Have you got sticks? Clerk: Of course, we have. Customer: How much is it? Clerk: 80p a packet. Customer: Two packets, please. How much is it altogether? Clerk: Four pound twenty. Customer: Here you are. Clerk: Thank you. Good-bye. At a Convenience Store
  38. 38. The Shopping List A: What do we need to buy? B: Let me look at our list. A: I know that we need milk. B: Nonfat. A: Of course. What else? B: We need cheese, bread, and ham. A: What kind of cheese? B: Swiss. A: Of course, the cheese with holes in it. B: I never used to buy Swiss cheese. A: Why not? B: I didn't want to pay for the holes.
  39. 39. To Save Money A: I'm trying to stretch my dollars. B: How are you doing that? A: I started shopping at the dollar store. B: That saves a lot of money. A: I bought three pounds of potatoes for a dollar. B: That's a good deal. A: Yes, even though some of the potatoes had eyes. B: Just put them in the fridge. A: Also, I bought a can of cheap coffee and a bag of good coffee. B: Why did you do that? A: I mixed them together. B: If the coffee still tastes okay, that's a good idea.
  40. 40. Let’s go shopping for ________! Dennis bought a used TV for 200 dollars. He didn't realize he had been ripped off.... Erwin: How much did you pay for it? Dennis: 200 bucks. Erwin: 200 bucks for a piece of junk like that? That's a rip-off! Dennis: What do you mean? Erwin: It's not worth it. Dennis: Oh. I guess I really did get ripped off.
  41. 41. John is very happy to buy a small CD player at a pretty good price. When he checks out at the register, he asks the cashier about the return policy.... Cashier: Is there anything else you would like to buy? John: No, thank you. I guess that's it. By the way, in case there's a flaw in this CD player, can I return it? Cashier: Yes. But you must return it within 30 days. John: Is there a charge for that? I know other stores have a restocking fee. Cashier: There will be no charge at all. However, you must show us the receipt. (The cashier is handing the receipt over to John for him to sign.) Could you sign it here, please? John: Thank you. Cashier: All right. Keep your receipt. If something comes up, you can show it to us and we'll give you a refund. John: Thanks. I'll put it in a safe place.
  42. 42. At a Souvenir Shop Clerk: Can I help you? Customer: Well, I'm just looking. Clerk: Are you looking for anything in particular? Customer: No, not really. I'll perhaps buy some presents. Clerk: How about these folklore dolls? Or do you like these cups with the queen on them? Customer: No, thanks, I'd like something personal. Let me look round first.
  43. 43. Bad Business A: I got ripped off. B: What happened? A: I had a car problem, so I went online. B: Did you find a solution? A: Yes, I did. A site I went to said they would send me the solution. B: So, what's the problem? A: I sent them $20 using my credit card, but they never sent me the solution. B: What are you going to do? A: I sent them an email asking for my money back. B: Have you heard from them? A: Not yet. It's been a week. B: Well, I guess that's a $20 lesson for you.