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Everyday English Conversations Dating & Romance


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This is part 19 of the series Everyday English Conversations. In this part we will talk about dating and romance. This is appropriate for use in your classroom or at home. There are many phrases and dialogues to listen to and to practice speaking with.

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Everyday English Conversations Dating & Romance

  1. 1. Live Free / Speak Free
  2. 2. Click on any of the icons through out this presentation to listen to it. You may click as many times as you like. The dialogues are all one conversation and are not broken into sentences for listening. Listen to each saying and / or sentence and then repeat each of them. You may want to do this several times so you get the right pronunciation. Continue
  3. 3. Dating Engagement Other Dialogues
  4. 4. Dating Dating - Follow Up and Flirting Dating - Asking for a Date Dating - On the Date Dating - Asking for Second Date Dating - Preparing Activity after Dinner Dating - Saying Goodbye on Date Dating - Dialogues
  5. 5. Dating In the United States, both genders can ask each other for a date. Just like in any culture, it isn't normal to ask a complete stranger for a date. Usually, you have to start a conversation and get to know each other a little bit before asking for a date. In the beginning, it's normal to engage in small talk. During small talk, you should then find something that you have in common. The longer you talk, the greater the chance that you will get a date. It is all up to how you feel if you want to ask or not.
  6. 6. During the conversation, throwing out compliments is a good thing to do. Most people will be flattered by them. But remember not to make them too cheesy. Compliments to a guy "Do you work out at all? You have a nice build." "What kind of cologne is that? I like the smell of it." "I like the sound of your voice. It's soothing listening to it." Compliments to a girl "Your eyes stand out a lot. Do you get many compliments on them?" "Does it take you long to style your hair? It looks very good." "I bet you get hit on a lot."
  7. 7. The term 'hit on' means to be approached by the opposite sex. So somebody who gets hit on a lot means to have many people approaching them. Compliments to either gender "It's very comfortable talking to you." "I feel like I can be myself when I'm talking to you." "You seem so intelligent. I like that." As you can see, these types of compliments are not too aggressive. They are implying good things, but are not a burden to hear. For example, imagine you are talking to a stranger. If they say, "You're so beautiful." It will more likely scare you away. You will probably think that person is a little crazy. But if someone is talking to you and says a small compliment, then it is very welcomed. So keep that in mind when throwing out compliments.
  8. 8. Dating - Follow Up and Flirting If the conversation goes well, and you feel that you have a strong connection, feel free to ask for a date. There are a couple of ways to do so. You can either ask for a phone number, or you can ask to go out by meeting somewhere. When you the conversation is about to end, make sure to bring up the subject of a date. "It was so great talking to you. I would love to get together and chat some more. Would you care to have dinner with me sometime?" "If you don't have anything planned for Saturday, I would like to take you to dinner." "We should talk some more later. Can I get your number?"
  9. 9. There are many ways and if you are sincere, then you shouldn't have a problem. If you feel you are not sure, or you are scared, then you can leave your phone number and hope that the other person calls. I enjoyed talking to you. Let me give you my number. I would love to hear from you." "Give me a call anytime you want to just chat."
  10. 10. Flirting There are other types of meeting people. There is a terminology called flirting that is popular. Flirting basically means to make gestures or movements or comments that are a little sexual in nature. So if you move your body in a certain way, or you rub the other persons arm slightly, or talk about slightly sexual things, then that is considered flirting. Flirting is all dependent on both sides. It is hard for only one person to do the flirting. If that is the case, then the other person usually finds a quick exit out. Here are some things people might say while flirting. "Hey sexy. I can't believe I didn't notice you earlier" "How come you didn't ask me to dance yet?" "You have nice legs." "I can tell you workout. You have a nice body." "You want to feel my muscles?"
  11. 11. Dating Part - Asking for a Date Let's start where we left off. By now, you should have a phone number. It is your responsibility to call and get a date. Even though you got a phone number doesn't guarantee a date. You have to convince the person to actually show up. Here is what you should say.
  12. 12. Them: "Hello" You: "Hi. Is Janet there?" Them: "This is Janet." You: "Hi Janet. This is Mike. I met you at the party last Saturday night." Them: "Oh. Hi Mike." You: "Did you enjoy the party?" Them: "I had a great time. How about you?" You: "The next morning was tough, but it was real fun, especially meeting you." Them: "It was great meeting you too." You: "Can I take you out to dinner followed by a movie or some other thing?" Them: "Well, I am a little busy with school and all." You: "A couple hours shouldn't hurt too much. I'll make sure you have a good time. If you want, we can talk about your school. Maybe I can help you on some topics you are unsure about." Them: "Ok. Sounds good. I'm free this Friday after 6:00. How does that sound to you?" You: "That sounds good. Do you want to meet somewhere or would you like for me to pick you up?" Them: "If you don't mind Italian, I'll meet you at Olive Garden at 6:30 on Friday." You: "Sounds great. I'll see you then." Them You All
  13. 13. Let's analyze this small conversation real quick. First, Mike didn't assume that Janet remembered him. He reminded Janet where and when they met. It isn't a good idea to put someone on the spot right. Next, Mike asked if Janet had a good time. This is a small talk question to break the ice. Afterwards, Mike gave a small compliment by saying, '... it was real fun, especially meeting you.' So Mike is giving an indication that he is interested in Janet. Next, Mike asks for dinner. Janet's response is important to learn from. She knows Mike has interest in her, but she is not too sure. When Mike asks for dinner, she is hesitant. We see this when she says, 'I am a little busy with school and all.' Everyone is busy, and Mike knows that this is an excuse of not going out. There are many things that Mike can do now.
  14. 14. 1. Mike can put pressure on her without any substance like, 'Come on. Let's just go out.' Or he can not even let her completely answer by saying, 'I'll meet you at Olive Garden at 7:00.' 2. Mike can be a coward and say, 'Ok. Well, if you decide to change your mind, give me a call.' 3. Or Mike can persuade Janet by appealing to her interests. The number 1 choice doesn't work because putting pressure on someone is not good. She might not come, or start with a bad impression. Number 2 choice will result in Janet never calling back. The answer Mike gave is a great answer. He is promising that she will have a good time, and also understanding her school interest and promising to talk about her school. From Janet's perspective, Mike has good manners not pressuring too much, and understanding her interest by talking about her schooling.
  15. 15. Dating - On the Date When you finally see Janet at the restaurant or another dating place, you should say something right when you see her. Here are a few examples "I'm glad you showed up." "You look great." "Hi Janet. It's good seeing you again." During the date, you have to make sure the person stays interested. This is primarily done by talking about subjects the other person wants to talk about. In this case, Janet is concentrating on school. Here are some things to say "What subject do you find difficult?" "What classes are giving you a hard time?" "Do you like multiple choice questions or short answer questions?" "Do you like writing essays?" "What subjects interest you the most?"
  16. 16. After you find out more information on her interest, then you can say more things about it. "When I was in college, I had a hard time with my writing assignments. I guess my high school didn't prepare me enough. So I went to the writing center located next to the library, and they helped me tremendously." "I found psychology to be pretty easy, but I always made stupid mistakes with the multiple choice questions. So I got a study guide for it and it helped me to get the minor details out of the way." "I really like history too. I enjoy learning about what happened and how we got to the state we are in now." "You don't like calculus? I was a math major. If you would like, I can help you out with your homework. I'm sure after a couple of lessons, you will think it is easy." So helping out with homework is another way to get another date. Although it will be more geared towards school work, you can take the opportunity to impress the other person.
  17. 17. Dating - Asking for Second Date Another way to get another date is by suggesting another restaurant. Janet likes Italian restaurants. But she chose Olive Garden. If the date went well, and you know of another Italian restaurant, you can suggest another date near the end of dinner. "Is Italian one of your favorite types of food?" "Yeah. I like all types of pasta." "I know this great little Italian restaurant on the waterfront. It's small but very authentic. I'd love to take you there next week or something."
  18. 18. Or, if you know of another type of restaurant here is what you can say. "Have you ever had French food?" "I've had French Fries before." "I'm talking about real French food." "No. I don't even know what is considered French food." "I've been to this great French restaurant a couple of months ago. The food was amazing. I would like to take you there sometime. Would you be interested?"
  19. 19. Dating - Preparing Activity after Dinner Sometimes a date will end right after dinner. Other times you can go to another place such as a bar, or go bowling, or see a movie. It is your responsibility to find out what the other person likes to do and then suggest it. If the date was strictly for dinner, then it will be difficult, but in this case, Mike suggested a dinner and a movie, or another thing. That means Janet should have left the night open. "Have you seen Master and Commander yet? I heard it was a good movie." "No, I haven't." "There is an 8:30 showing down the street. Would you like to go see it?" Mike made sure to look up movie times and locations before the movie. Then when he suggests a movie, he has all the information.
  20. 20. "What do you like to do when you are not studying?" "I like to hang out with friends and drink a little and I also like to go bowling sometimes." "Do you want to go bowling after dinner? We can have a few drinks while we play. It will be fun." In this scenario, Mike is using both her interests here. In the States, they serve alcohol so drinking and bowling together is a great option.
  21. 21. Dating - Saying Goodbye on Date Finally, when the date is over, you can say a couple of things depending on how the date went. If it went bad, You can lie and say, "I had a good time. I'll call you sometime." Or you can not lie and say, "The dinner and movie was great. Have a good night." Mike is not lying. He is saying the dinner and movie was good but didn't say anything about the date.
  22. 22. If you had a good time, say, "I had a great time tonight. Can I call you again?" "We should do this again." "I really enjoyed spending time with you." Common courtesy sentences, "Make sure to drive safely. If you have any problems, feel free to give me a call." "I hope you had a good time. Drive home safely and have a good night."
  23. 23. Dating - Interactive Practice A: "Hi there. Do you know anyone here?" B: "I'm a friend of Stacy." A: "Stacy Miller? I know her." B: "Really? How do you know her?" A: "We went to middle school together." B: "That's cool. What a small world." A: "So how do you know Stacy?" B: "We went to the same sorority." A: "What did you major in?" B: "I majored in Sociology." A: "Really? Me too. That's kinda cool." B: "Where did you go to school?" A: "I went to Berkley." B: "So what are you doing here in New York?" A: "I work at a consulting firm." B: "Isn't that hard work?" A: "It was in the beginning, but I got used to it. It's a lot of hours though." B: "I bet. I don't like working more than 40 hours. I need time to play." A: "I hear that. I wish I had more time to play. But I do like my job." B: "I think it is important to like your job." A: "I like talking with you." B: "Really? I feel the same way." A: "Do, you wanna go out sometime, like dinner or something?" B: "I'd like that. Here, let me give you my number." Listen All Person A Person B
  24. 24. A: "You see that chick over there?" B: "The one in the red shirt?" A: "Yeah. Isn't she hot?" B: "She's alright." A: "Just alright?!? She's hot!" B: "Why don't you go talk to her?" A: "You think she's out of my league?" B: "Hell no! You're just a chicken that's all." A: "C'mon. I get nervous when I talk to girls." B: "Why don't you go stand next to her for awhile and if an opportunity comes up, strike a conversation." A: "What do I talk about?" B: "It doesn't matter. You gotta find what she's interested in and go with that." A: "I don't know..." B: "Do you want me to go talk to her?" A: "No. Stay away from her." B: "If you don't do anything, I'll bet somebody else will." A: "Ok already. I'll try." Listen All Person A Person B
  25. 25. Engagement Proposing Dialogues
  26. 26. Engagement Engagement is the time period spent before getting married. In this lesson, we will learn about English when asking someone to marry and the terminologies when becoming engaged. When a friend has been together with a boyfriend or girlfriend a long time, they usually ask when they are going to get married, or when they are going to get engaged. "When are you going to get married?" "When are you going to tie the knot?" "When are you going to settle down?" "When are you going to propose to her?" "When are you going to ask her to marry you?" "When do you think he is going to propose?"
  27. 27. After the big question is asked, then the two people are engaged. "We got engaged last week." "I got engaged about a month ago." "We're going to have a short engagement." "Our engagement is for about 6 months." "We had an engagement party at a restaurant with both families." "We really didn't have a formal engagement dinner." You can get creative in the ways to ask your significant other to marry you, but the most general way is to simply say, "Will you marry me?" These four words cannot be replaced really. Mostly, it is how you ask it and in what situation.
  28. 28. When two people are engaged, then they are not boyfriend and girlfriend, instead, they refer to each other as fiancé. "This is my fiancé." "She is my fiancé." "He is my fiancé." "Where is your fiancé?" "I want to meet your fiancé."
  29. 29. Engagement - Proposing Other common type of questions regarding pre-marriage is how a person proposes. Here are some examples: "How are you going to propose to her?" "How do you think he will propose to you?" I'll list a few answers I heard from other people. "I'm going to take her to dinner and I'm going to put the ring on top of the dessert. So when the cake comes out, she will see the ring." "I'm going to take her to our favorite restaurant and ask her there." "I'm going all out. First, I'm going to send her to a massage. Then, I'm going to have her relax at a coffee shop where I'll send her some flowers. After that, I'm going to have her picked up in a limo to a restaurant where I'll be waiting in the entrance on my knees." "When my husband asked me to marry, he put a ring inside a fortune cookie with a message asking, will you marry me in the cookie."
  30. 30. Some other types of questions that you might hear: "Are you nervous about proposing to her?" "Are you sure she is going to say yes?" "Are you sure about this?" "How long have you been engaged?" "What are you thinking?" "You're too young to get married." "What did you do for your engagement party?" "Did you guys have an engagement party?"
  31. 31. A friend might ask you questions regarding your relationship when the marriage topic comes up. "How long have you been with her?" "What made you decide to get married?" "Are you sure she is the right one?" "When did you know he was the right one?" "Did you see a sign or how did you know?"
  32. 32. Engagement - Interactive Practice A: "Hey Jack. What's going on?" B: "Hey Matt. I'm going to ask Martha to marry me?" A: "Really? When did you decide this?" B: "I always knew she was the one, but I decided to pop the big question about 2 weeks ago. I'm just debating on how to do it." A: "That's exciting man." B: "So how did you propose?" A: "You shouldn't use my example. It wasn't special. I kind of wish I made it more special but it's too late now." B: "What do you think I should do?" A: "There are a lot of options. You can surprise her over dinner, or ask her in a public area, or if you have the balls, ask her father in front of her." B: "I never thought about that." A: "Thought about what?" B: "Asking her father in front of her. How do you think she will react?" A: "I don't know. You should know how she's going to react. She is your girlfriend." B: "I think that's the idea I was looking for. Thanks man." A: "Don't mention it. Good luck. You're going to need it." Listen All Person A Person B
  33. 33. Listen All Person A Person B A: "Hey Sarah. How are you doing?" B: "I'm doing great. How about you Jessica?" A: "Nothing new. You look happy though. Something special happen recently?" B: "Yeah. I got engaged last week." A: "Really? No way. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations." B: "Thanks." A: "So tell me all about it? How did he propose to you?" B: "He took me to a very nice restaurant and when I opened the menu, there was a big message in the menu saying will you marry me. And then, he got on his knees and showed me a beautiful ring." A: "That's so nice. Were there a lot of people watching?" B: "Yeah. The whole restaurant was full. But I didn't care. Everyone applauded when we were hugging after I said yes." A: "When is the big date?" B: "We set the date for June 15th." A: "That's in eight months. You are going to be so busy preparing for the wedding." B: "I know. But I wanted to ask you if you would be one of my bride's maid." A: "Really? I'd love to."
  34. 34. Asking for a Date (1) Asking for a Date (2) Dating Discussion Meeting a Blind Date Calling After the Date An Argument Rejecting an Invitation Stopping the Relationship Other Dialogues
  35. 35. Dating Discussion A: Do you enjoy going on dates? B: Yes. I find dates to be a lot of fun. A: What's so fun about them? B: They give me the opportunity to get to know someone better. A: So you always have fun on dates? B: Not always. I don't always like the person I'm on the date with. A: Why not? B: My date may not be my type. A: So then why would you ask them out in the first place? B: I didn't realize until after our date that they weren't my type. A: Sounds like a huge waste of time to me. B: Now that I think about it, it really is sometimes.
  36. 36. A: Do you like dating? B: It's really a lot of fun. A: What makes it so much fun? B: It makes it easier to get to know somebody. A: Are dates always fun to you? B: Sometimes I may not like the person I'm having a date with. A: Why is that? B: The other person isn't always my type. A: Why would you bother going out with them then? B: I didn't know that they weren't my type until after I got to know them better. A: It seems to me that you're wasting your time. B: You are absolutely correct, sometimes it is a waste.
  37. 37. A: Are dates fun for you? B: I enjoy dating a lot. A: Why are they so fun for you? B: Dates allow me to meet new people. A: Your dates are always fun? B: Well, I don't always like who I'm dating; so not always. A: How come? B: The person I am dating may not be my type. A: How come you asked them out if they weren't your type? B: You don't always know what type of person you go on a date with until you know them well enough. A: Dating sounds pointless. B: Now that you mention it, sometimes you're right.
  38. 38. Asking for a Date (1) A: Can I ask you a question? B: Sure, what's up? A: Well, I was just wondering if you'd like to go out this Friday. B: Really? A: Yeah, I was thinking we could get a bite to eat and catch a movie. B: That sounds like fun. A: Of course, we can do something else if you'd like. B: No, no, dinner and a movie sounds great. A: Well, what time would you like me to pick you up? B: How about 7:30? A: That sounds good, so I'll see you then. B: Okay, cool.
  39. 39. A: May I ask you a quick question? B: Of course. A: How would you like to go on a date with me this Friday? B: Seriously? A: Well, I figured that we could go see a movie and get some dinner. B: Cool, that sounds like it will be fun. A: We can always do something else if you'd rather. B: Not at all. I would love to go to dinner and a movie. A: That's great, so what time do you want me to come get you? B: Is 7:30 okay? A: Friday at 7:30 sounds perfect. B: Great. See you then.
  40. 40. A: Can I ask you something? B: Sure you can. What's going on? A: Would you go out with me on Friday? B: Are you for real? A: I thought that we could go to dinner and a movie. B: That actually sounds like it would be a lot of fun. A: Unless there's something else you would prefer to do. B: Actually, I would really like to go to dinner and a movie. A: What time do you want me to come by and pick you up? B: Is 7:30 cool with you? A: That's perfect, so I'll see you then. B: Perfect. I will see you on Friday.
  41. 41. Asking for a Date (2) A: Hi, Todd, how is it going? B: Things are going well. How are you, Mary? A: I've also been doing well. B: You know I've been thinking about maybe taking in a movie this weekend. Do you like to go to the movies? A: Yes, I really enjoy movies. B: Well, I've been hoping that we could spend some time together away from here. I was wondering if you would like to go out Friday evening for dinner and a movie. A: Sure, that sounds good. B: Is there any movie in particular that you might be interested in? A: I was thinking about that movie, "Australia." B: Yeah, that looks like one that we both might enjoy. If I picked you up at 7:00, would that work out OK for you? A: Seven o'clock would be great! B: Fine, then I'll see you at 7:00. I am looking forward to a great evening!
  42. 42. A: Hey Todd, how are you? B: I've been doing well. How are things with you, Mary? A: Things are good with me also. B: Mary, I was looking in the paper at the new movies coming out. Do you enjoy movies? A: Yes, I go all the time. B: I was hoping that you and I could maybe spend a Friday evening together. I was wondering if you would like to go with me this Friday to see a movie and get a bite to eat afterwards. A: I would love to go out with you on Friday. B: Do you have a certain movie that you would like to see? A: I've heard a lot of things about the movie "Australia." B: You know, I was thinking that that would be a good movie to go see together. Would 7:00 be a good time to pick you up? A: Seven o'clock would be perfect! B: OK, I'll pick you up at 7:00 then.
  43. 43. A: Todd, how have you been? B: Everything is good. How have you been, Mary? A: Perfect, couldn't be better. B: Mary, I was thinking that I might go to the movies this weekend. Do you go to the movies very often? A: Yes, I like going to the movies. B: Would you be interested in letting me take you to the movies on Friday? Maybe we could get a bite to eat afterwards. A: I think I would enjoy seeing a movie with you on Friday. B: I am not sure what movies are out right now. Have you heard of any that you might be interested in? A: I think that that new movie, "Australia," looks like it might be good. B: That movie sounded interesting to me too. If I picked you up at 7:00, would that be too early? A: I think that seven o'clock will work out well. B: Perfect! Well, I'll see you at 7:00 on Friday, then!
  44. 44. Meeting a Blind Date A: Hi, are you Mia? B: I am Mia. You must be Rubin. A: Yes, that's me! B: It's so good to finally meet you. Karen has told me so much about you! A: I hope that she had good things to say about me! B: She had only good things to say. Did you have trouble finding me? A: Well, how many beautiful women in a red dress by the fountain are there? B: Thank you for the compliment! A: So would you like to go get a bite to eat, Mia? B: That sounds perfect. Lead the way!
  45. 45. A: Hi, is your name Mia? B: Yes, my name is Mia. Are you Rubin? A: Yes, I am Rubin! B: Finally! The infamous Rubin! I've heard so much about you that I feel like I already know you. A: Oh no, I hope they had positive things to say. B: Don't worry. All of the stories were good. How were you able to find me so quickly? A: It was pretty easy to find the beautiful woman in a red dress next to the fountain. B: Well, I guess that kind of narrowed it down! A: Mia, could I interest you in some lunch down the street at my favorite cafe? B: Yes, it's a great day for a little walk and some lunch.
  46. 46. A: Hi, I am looking for a woman named Mia. B: I think I am who you are looking for. You have got to be Rubin, then. A: That would be me! B: Rubin! Karen and Mike have spoken about you so often that I feel like I've met you before. A: I hope that what they had to say was mostly good! B: They only said wonderful things about you. You did a good job of finding me. A: Finding the beautiful woman in a red dress next to the fountain wasn't all that hard. B: Yes, I guess it was a choice of me or the pigeons! A: I was hoping that we could take a walk down the street to my favorite cafe. B: Lunch sounds great! Let's head on out!
  47. 47. Calling After the Date A: Hi Linda, this is Todd. B: Todd, good to hear from you! A: I just wanted to tell you what a great time I had with you at the movies last week. B: Me too, Todd! Thanks for suggesting that great movie. A: I also enjoyed it and was wondering if you would like to go for a hike in the mountains with me on Saturday. B: I would love to join you on a hike. Could I maybe bring a picnic lunch for us to eat on the trail? A: Sure Linda, that's a great suggestion. B: Fine then, what time are we going to leave? A: I was thinking maybe 9:00 or so, so that we could get started before the heat gets too bad. B: Nine would be perfect. I'll see you then!
  48. 48. A: Linda, this is Todd calling. B: Todd, I am so happy you called! A: Linda, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our time together last Friday night. B: Boy, Todd, that was one great movie you picked out! Thanks for asking me to go with you! A: I had a great time too and was thinking that maybe you might want to join me for a hike to the waterfalls on Saturday. B: A hike would be great! Let me pack us a nice picnic lunch, OK? A: Linda, that would be a perfect addition. B: I'll take care of the lunch then, and you can take care of the other plans. What time would you like to pick me up? A: I was hoping to leave by 9:00 so that it won't be too hot for the hike. B: Nine is a great time to get started. I'll see you on Saturday!
  49. 49. A: Oh hi, Linda, this is Todd. B: Yes, Todd, how nice to hear your voice! A: Linda, I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful evening with you last Friday. B: I really enjoyed our evening together, Todd. A: I had fun also and was wondering if you would like to go hiking with me in the mountains on Saturday. B: Hiking would be perfect! May I bring along a picnic lunch for us to share? A: A picnic lunch would be a nice thing to have along. B: I'll work on the lunch, and you can work out the details of where we will go. What time will you be at my house? A: Nine would be good, don't you think? B: Nine is good. See you on Saturday!
  50. 50. An Argument A: John, I was talking to the travel agent about where we might be taking our vacation this year. B: I am going fishing in Alaska with my friend, Mark. A: What are you talking about? B: What's wrong with heading out with Mark for vacation? A: You and I have been together for a whole year, and our vacation time should be about the two of us! B: Really? Who made that rule up? A: With that attitude, I don't really think we have much more to discuss here. B: That works for me!
  51. 51. A: John, I was looking through some magazines for ideas about where we might go on vacation this year. B: I've already told my buddy, Mark, that I am going hunting with him in Alaska. A: You can't be serious! B: Hey, I've always gone hunting or fishing on vacation. I am sorry that bothers you. A: After a year together, I thought it pretty safe to assume that we would automatically spend our vacation together. B: Says who? I don't think that is necessarily the case. A: You know, now that I think about it, I really don't have much more to say to you at all! B: Whatever you say!
  52. 52. A: Brian and Christina were mentioning that maybe it would be fun to go on vacation together this year, John. B: I thought that I already told you that I am going with Mark to Alaska. A: Are you kidding me? B: You know what? You and I had no plans, so I made plans with Mark. What's the problem? A: We have been together for a year and usually, people who've been together a year, take their vacation together. B: I don't think that I ever heard of that rule before. Any more rules that you would like to tell me about? A: Go on your vacation with Mark and when you come back, why don't you just move in with him as well! B: I am really looking forward to getting away from you. Far away from you!
  53. 53. Rejecting an Invitation A: Joe, how are you doing? B: I am great! How about you, Mary? How are you? A: I am doing great! Thank you for asking, Joe. B: I was wondering if you want to go see a movie with me tonight? A: I need to stay home tonight and finish my term paper. B: OK. What about going to the movies on Friday night? A: What were you planning on seeing? B: I was thinking about seeing that one about the rapist serial killer. A: How about “The Secret Life of Bees”? B: That's a chick flick!
  54. 54. A: Hi Joe, how are you doing today? B: Things are going good today. How have you been doing, Mary? A: Things are going well for me, Joe. B: Want to go see a movie tonight? A: My parents are taking me to dinner tonight. B: Could you go with me to the movies on Friday night, instead? A: What movie did you want to see? B: There is a new horror flick about a rapist serial killer. A: I was thinking that I would like to see “The Secret Life of Bees.” B: Oh great! Sounds like something I need to bring Kleenex to!
  55. 55. A: Hey Joe, how have you been? B: I am doing well. How about you, Mary? A: I am doing OK, Joe. B: There is a new movie at the mall that I want to see. Want to go with me? A: I can't because I already promised my roommate that I would go shopping with her. B: I could go to the movies on Friday night instead. Would that be better? A: Did you have a certain movie in mind? B: I thought the movie about a serial killer who rapes and mutilates his victims would be a good choice. A: I kind of wanted to see “The Secret Life of Bees.” B: Maybe we can think of something somewhere between a chick flick and a horror movie!
  56. 56. Stopping the Relationship A: Hi Kara, it's Mike here. B: Hi Mike, how are you doing? A: I'm doing well, and you? B: Everything is going great. A: Kara, would you be interested in going to dinner again this Friday? B: Mike, I had a good time too, but I am getting ready to move back to the east coast, so I think I shouldn't get too involved right now. A: Well, we could just go out as friends. B: Right now, I think I need to really focus on matters at home, but thanks for a nice evening.
  57. 57. A: Hi Kara, this is Mike B: Hello Mike. How are things going for you? A: Great, how are you? B: Fine. Everything is just fine. A: Kara, I had a great time the other night and was wondering if you would like to go out again this weekend. B: Mike, I enjoyed your company, but I am getting ready to graduate soon. I really need to focus on my studies. A: Maybe I could help you with what you need to get done. B: It would be better for me to just deal with getting my work done, but thank you for a lovely dinner.
  58. 58. A: Hello, this is Mike, Kara. B: Mike! Good to hear from you. How are you? A: Everything is fine, and how are you? B: Things are going well with me. A: Kara, I had fun the other night at the movies and was wondering if you would like to go out again this Friday. B: Mike, I don't think that it's a good idea to go out again. I really need to focus on getting packed and ready to move back home. A: Maybe we could just meet for coffee or something. B: I can't really deal with any distractions right now, but I appreciate the nice evening we spent together.
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