Everyday English Conversations - At the post office


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This is part 15 of my series Everyday English Conversations. This is good to use in your class or even at home. It has vocabulary, phrases, and dialogues to listen to and practice with.

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Everyday English Conversations - At the post office

  1. 1. Live Free / Speak Free
  2. 2. Click on any of the icons through out this presentation to listen to it. You may click as many times as you like. The dialogues are all one conversation and are not broken into sentences for listening. Listen to each saying and / or sentence and then repeat each of them. You may want to do this several times so you get the right pronunciation. Continue
  3. 3. Vocabulary & Phrases Dialogues
  4. 4. letter post card mail post office box PO box stamp deliver mail address return address zip code insurance printed matter junk mail personal mail postal money order air mail sea mail mailman postal clerk picture post card postage cancelled stamp commemorative stamp postbox mailbox stamp machine
  5. 5. These English phrases will help you in a post office when you need to buy stamps, send mail, or use other services. how much is a First Class stamp? how much is a Second Class stamp? I'd like ..., please an envelope a packet of envelopes a jiffy bag could I have ..., please? a First Class stamp a Second Class stamp a book of First Class stamps some First Class stamps
  6. 6. how many would you like? how many are there in a book? I'd like to send this to ... Canada I'd like to send this parcel to ... Brazil how much will it cost to send this letter to ...? the United States can you put it on the scales, please? I'd like to send this letter by ... Recorded Delivery (signature required on delivery) Special Delivery (guaranteed next day delivery in the UK, with compensation for loss or damage)
  7. 7. where's the postbox? what's the last date I can post this to ... to arrive in time for Christmas? Germany Australia I've come to collect a parcel
  8. 8. Other services I'd like to pay this bill I'd like to send some money to ... Poland India do you sell ...? postcards birthday cards Christmas cards I'd like to get a TV licence I need to renew my TV licence can you fill in this form, please? do you have a ...? photo booth photocopier
  9. 9. Things you might see First Class Second Class International Airmail
  10. 10. Air mail, please. Postal clerk:—Yes, ma´am? Mrs Ryefield:—How much is a stamp to send a letter to France, please? Postal clerk:—Air mail or surface mail? Mrs Ryefield:—Air mail, please. Postal clerk:—That´ll be eighty-five cents. Mrs Ryefield:—Four stamps, please. How much is that? Postal clerk:—Three dollars and forty cents. Mrs Ryefield:—There you go.
  11. 11. A: I would like to send this letter to Japan by airmail, how much is the charge? B: It’s 1.2, do you need extra stamps? A: I do, I’ve been also expecting a package from New York. Here is my identity card and the receipt. B: Would you mind signing this form? Here is your package. A: Finally, I would like to send this registered letter to London. B: Please fill in the complete address in capital letters.
  12. 12. Postal clerk: What can I do for you today? Carol: I need to mail this package to New York, please. Postal clerk: OK, let’s see how much it weighs … it’s about five pounds. If you send it express, it will get there tomorrow. Or, you can send it priority and it will get there by Saturday. Carol: Saturday is fine. How much will that be? Postal clerk: $11.35 [eleven thirty-five]. Do you need anything else? Carol: Oh, yeah! I almost forgot. I need a book of stamps, too. Postal clerk: OK, your total comes to $20.35 [twenty dollars and thirty- five cents].
  13. 13. Postal office clerk: Good morning, what can I do for you today? Karen: Good morning. I have to send this parcel to Thailand, please. Postal office clerk: OK, pass me the parcel through the opened window and let’s see how much it weighs. It weighs 3 kilos. you need to send it by airmail, it will get there in about 7 days. Postal office clerk: You also have the option of using international signed for. Karen: What is that? Postal office clerk: Same as airmail, but the person in Thailand has to sign for it when the post man delivers it to them. Karen: How much does that cost? Postal office clerk: An extra £5.15 [five pounds and fifteen pence] and it is insured up to £50 [fifty pounds] Karen: It's OK, 7 days by airmail is fine. How much will sending the parcel be? Postal office clerk: £10.15 [ten pounds and fifteen pence]. Do you need anything else? Karen: Oh, I nearly forgot. I need to buy 2 books of stamps, one first class and the other second class. Postal office clerk: OK, that will be £15.35 [fifteen pounds and thirty five pence].
  14. 14. Anita is at the post office. She is talking to the clerk. Clerk: May I help you? Anita: Yes, please. I need some stamps for this card. Clerk: Let me weigh it for you. That is one dollar and fifty cents. Anita: Okay. Thank you. Clerk: Do you need anything else? Anita: Yes, please. I also need to send this package. Clerk: Let me weigh it for you. That is three dollars and ten cents. Anita: Here you are. That is four dollars and sixty cents. Clerk: Thank you. Is that all? Anita: Yes it is. Thanks for all your help.
  15. 15. Any questions, comments, advice, and / or wishes – you can email me at amerenglish64@gmail.com