English for security guards


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Vocabulary and sentences for hotel security guards

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English for security guards

  1. 1. English for Security Guards
  2. 2. Unit 2 Parking lot • Vocabulary• Free• Two hours• Ticket• Parking ticket• Stamped• Car• Gear• Handbrake• Guest
  3. 3. Vocabulary Continued• Parking area• Tour coach• Over there• Engine• Get it stamped• Park here please.• In neutral please• Switch off the engine
  4. 4. Make Sentences (part 1)Park your car this way, please that way, over there, here,
  5. 5. (Part 2)Put your gear in neutral Drive (D) Park (P) D2 Low (D2)
  6. 6. (Part 3)Where is your car taxi motorcycle bus
  7. 7. (Part 4)Where’s the hotel entrance exit parking
  8. 8. Dialogues 1 & 2• B: Please get the ticket stamped for 2 hours free parking.• A: OK.• B: Thank you.• B: You can park here. Leave it in neutral, please.• A: OK.• B: Thank you.
  9. 9. Dialogues 3 & 4• B: I am sorry you cannot park here. It’s for tour coaches only, Ma’am.• A: All right.• B: Thank you.
  10. 10. Unit 3Helping Customers
  11. 11. Vocabulary• Free• Car• Color (American), colour (England)• License plate• Number• Police• Report• First aid• First aid room• Ground floor
  12. 12. Let’s make sentencesI left my wallet in the taxi. the cell phone passport documents
  13. 13. Part 2You have to call the Travel agent Embassy Tourist Police Tourist Assistance Center
  14. 14. Part 3Do you have A florist? A fitness center? A business center? A shopping arcade?
  15. 15. Part 4I lost my Wallet Jewelry Ring Watch Credit card Brief case
  16. 16. Part 5The car is yellow white black bed blue brown pink purple grey silver beige
  17. 17. Part 6The taxi passed him very closely. tuk tuk motorcycle bicycle two-rowed bus van truck car bus
  18. 18. Dialogue 1• A: Excuse me. I left my purse in the taxi.• B: What color was the taxi, ma’am?• A: Green and yellow• B: Do you know the license number?• A: I think it begins with 4.• B: We have to report this to the police.
  19. 19. Dialogue 2• B: Are you hurt ma’am?• A: I an O.K.• B: You should go to the first aid room on the ground floor.• A: All right.
  20. 20. Unit 4 Giving Directions
  21. 21. VocabularyHospitals GoodRestaurants SeafoodTourist attractions Thai foodThe Grand Palace Taxi driverMinutes RightExpensive LeftInexpensive On your rightCheap On your leftAround What type of food?Food Open 24 hours
  22. 22. PhrasesOn the corner of ……………..and …………………Across from …………..Next to ……………….On ……(Name of Street)……..Beside ……………….
  23. 23. More PhrasesStreet Information Nearby BuildingsIt’s on 2nd Avenue next to the bankIt’s on Elm Street between the pharmacy and the shoe storeIt’s on the corner of 2nd across from the cafeand Elm
  24. 24. More Phrases get some hiking  get some aspirin boots  see a movie get some cat food  buy a book buy some milk  mail a letter work out  buy some CDs buy some pants  get a bite to eat grab a hamburger
  25. 25. Making Sentences 1How do I get to the hotel the museum Wat Pho the zoo
  26. 26. Making Sentences 2We’ll go there by a taxi by BTS by bus on foot
  27. 27. Making Sentences 3The hotel is on the right on the left off the road on the main road
  28. 28. Making Sentences 4It’ll take 10 minutes around half an hour around one hour and a half around an hour around 40 minutes
  29. 29. Making Sentences 5The store is on the other side about 100 meters across the road on this side
  30. 30. Dialogue 1A: Are there any tourist attractions around here?B: Yes. The Grand Palace, Ma’am.A: That’s great.
  31. 31. Dialogue 2A: Any good restaurants around here?B: What type of food do you like?A: Thai food.B: There’s a good one around the corner. It’s inexpensive too.
  32. 32. Dialogue 3A: Please tell me how to get to the police station.B: Just take bus no. 23 for 2 bus stops. It’ll be on the right.A: Tank you.
  33. 33. Dialogue 4A: Any hospitals around here?B: Yes. Turn right and walk about 5 minutes. It’ll be on your right.A: When is it open?B: It’s open twenty four hours.A: Thank you
  34. 34. Dialogue 5 A: Do you know where I can get a cup of coffee? B: Sure. You could try the Starry Café. A: Where’s that? B: It’s on 2nd Avenue across from the pharmacy. A: Thanks. B: No problem
  35. 35. Unit 5Solving Problems
  36. 36. Vocabulary• Guest • Loud• Walk along • Loud voice• Bell boy • Patient• Others • Turn down• Disturb • Volume• Step on • Turn up• His foot • Turn off your TV• Calm down • Turn on your TV• True • Quiet• Noisy • Lower your voice • Be quiet
  37. 37. Making sentences 1Oh, can you walk? can you stand? can you sit? can you climb up the stairs?
  38. 38. Making sentences 2What’s happened at the exit? front desk cashiers lift
  39. 39. Dialogue 1• B: How are you doing?• A: Fine.• B: Should the bell boy walk along with you?• A: OK.
  40. 40. Dialogue 2• B: What’s going on?• A1: She said I stepped on her foot.• A2: That’s true!• B: Calm down please. You may disturb others.