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Helping pepole uderstand emotions and feelings

Published in: Education
  • I swear that I don't have the words which I feel and express my thanks to you! YOU are such and a GREAT and HONEST teacher because you've presented those lessons reliably.

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    Mamoon Jadallah
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  1. 1. Emotions Recognizing and understanding feelings and emotions
  2. 2. Feelings & EmotionsPage  2
  3. 3. Vocabulary How Do They Feel? happy sad angry scared sick hurtPage  3
  4. 4. bored hot cold hungry thirsty tiredPage  4
  5. 5. A acceptance agitation alienation anguish assured admiration aggressive amazement annoyance astonishment adoration aggravation amusement anticipation attachment affection agony anger anxiety attraction afraid alarm angry apprehension awe B bewitched bitterness bliss blue boredom C calm caring closeness contempt contentment crazy cautious charmed compassion concerned crazed cruel cheerful composed D defeat depressed discontent dislike distraction defiance desire disenchanted dismay distress delighted disappointment disgust displeasure disturbed dependence disapproval disillusioned dissatisfied dreadPage  5
  6. 6. E eager ecstatic enamored enthralled exasperation earnest elation enchanted enthusiasm excited easy-going embarrassment enjoyment envious exhausted ecstasy emotion enraged envy extroverted emotional enraptured equanimity exuberant F fascinated fearful fondness frightened furious fear ferocity fright frustration fury G generous gloomy greedy grim grumpy glad glum grief grouchy guilt H happiness homesick hopeless hostility hurt happy horror humiliation hysteria I infatuated insulted introverted irritation insecurity interested isolationPage  6
  7. 7. J jaded jittery jolly jubilation joy jealous jolliness joviality L laid back like loathing longing love lazy liking lonely loneliness lulled lust M mad misery modesty mortification N neediness neglected nervous nirvana O open optimism ornery outgoing outrage P panic pensive pity pride passion pessimism placid pushy peaceful pleased Q quietPage  7
  8. 8. R rage rejection relieved repentance revulsion rapture relief remorse resentment roused sad satisfaction sentimentality sorrow submission S sadness scared serenity sorry suffering sarcastic scorn shame spellbound surprise sardonic self-assured shock spite sympathy stingy T tenderness terror thrill torment triumph tense threatening timidity tranquil trust U uncomfortable unhappiness unhappy upset V vain vanity venal vengeful vigilance vivacious W watchfulness weary wonder wrathful weariness woe worried Z zeal zestPage  8
  9. 9. Brainstorming Brainstorm as many different feelings as you can and list them on the board. Group similar feelings (ie: angry, mad, furious, etc.) together.Page  9
  10. 10. angry mad furious upset rage outrage enragedPage  10
  11. 11. Anger Situation Physical Cues Body Language Mad at your teacher, racing heart, clenched fists, mother, dad, brother or sister. sweaty palms, angry face, Mad because of your loud voice, folded arms grades Mad at someone that did something bad.Page  11
  12. 12. Situation Physical Cues Body LanguagePage  12
  13. 13. Listening Dialogue 1 A: "Hey Matt. I just got a job at a consulting firm." B: "Congratulations. Thats great!" A: "Im so happy. I dont have to worry about finding a job and interviewing anymore." B: "When do you start?" A: "I start next Monday." B: "Youre going to have to put in a lot of hours you know." A: "I know. Im a little nervous, but its pretty exciting." B: "I bet. You must be stoked." A: "Yeah. Im going to celebrate tonight. Wanna hang out?" B: "Sure. Its on you right?" A: "Of course. How about Toby? Should we call him?" B: "I dont know. Hes a little depressed. Hes having a hard time finding a job right now." A: "I should still tell him. In the least, I can refer him to my company. It might help." B: "That sounds like a good idea."Page  13
  14. 14. Dialogue 2 A: "Why the long face?" B: "Im getting sick of work man. I cant take the political bullshit in the company any more." A: "Did you just get your review or something?" B: "Yeah, but thats not why I am upset. I just found out another guy got a promotion. He doesnt know how to do anything. He sits there and kisses the managers butt all day long." A: "That sucks." B: "Im just pissed that management cant see behind his smooth talking lies." A: "Look on the bright side. At least you have a job." B: "Yeah. I shouldnt stress about this anymore. Its not like I can do anything about it." A: "Exactly. Instead, we should have some drinks tonight." B: "How about talking shit about work over a cold bottle of beer." A: "Now youre talking." Dialogue 1Page  14
  15. 15. Dialogue 3 A: "Martha. Whats wrong? Why are you crying?" B: "Jake just broke up with me." A: "Im sorry. When did this happen?" B: "Yesterday. I didnt even know it was coming. He just told me he found someone else." A: "What a jerk. He doesnt deserve you." B: "But it still hurts. I thought I loved him." A: "He didnt treat you that well either. Maybe you dont want to hear this, but I think you can do better." B: "Better or worse, it doesnt matter. I had a lot of feelings for him. I really liked him" A: "It must be really painful. I remember when Josh and I broke up. I was crying for a week." B: "I know Ill get over him. My first break up was painful because I was nanve." A: "Exactly. Youll find someone again. You should get your mind off of this. Lets go shopping." B: "Maybe tomorrow. I dont feel like it tonight." A: "How about coffee down the street?" B: "Sure." Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2Page  15
  16. 16. Dialogue 4A: "What are you doing here on the bench? Youve been here for an hour."B: "Im just thinking about Lucy. I cant get her out of my mind. I think Im falling in love."A: "Crazy boy. You barely know her."B: "It doesnt matter. I like everything about her. I like the way she talks, the way she walks,her hair and her lips. I would give anything to kiss her."A: "Did you tell her how you feel?"B: "No way. Ill scare her away."A: "You wont know until you tell her."B: "Maybe later. But right now, all I can think about is her legs and her face. She is sobeautiful."A: "Youre wasting your time. At least talk to her. You dont have to tell her how you feel."B: "Yeah. I started talking to her in my Poly Sci class. I try to sit next to her as much as Ican."A: "Thats a start. After awhile, youll find out if she is everything you make her out to be."B: "It wont matter because I love everything she does."A: "Dude, youre blind as a bat. Youre just infatuated with her."B: "These feelings are too strong to be infatuation."A: "Well see in a couple of weeks. Lets go grab something to eat. Youre human arentyou?"B: "To think of it, I am a little hungry. Ok. Lets go." Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2 Dialogue 3Page  16
  17. 17. Now try the two quizzes below: Quiz 1 Quiz 2Page  17
  18. 18. Emotions and Feelings Quiz 1 1. When I saw this movie, I was ________ because I thought it would be much better. disappointed nervous grateful 2. My wife and I are very ________ that you could come. ashamed pleased unhappy 3. Linda became ________ to her new classmate David, a very handsome young man. attracted happy shockedPage  18
  19. 19. 4. They were ________ when they heard that no one was hurt in the accident. lonely ashamed relieved5. Victoria has no friends in this city. She feels very ________. surprised great lonely6. Where were you? I was ________ that something bad happened. worried pleased furiousPage  19
  20. 20. 7. When my brother found out that they treated his girlfriend so badly, he was ________. convinced furious merry 8. They were both very sad, so they had a ________ goodbye at the airport. bored tearful amazed 9. I was very ________ with my test results. jealous sympathetic disappointedPage  20
  21. 21. Quiz 2 – a little more difficult. 1. If someone is easily angered, we say that person is short- ________. tempted tempered 2. Im feeling a little ________ (= sad). down downed 3. To "lead someone ________" means to make someone think that something is going to happen, when you know it will not. "I thought that she loved me, but she was only leading me ________". in on 4. Are you happy? Im more than happy... Im ________! static ecstaticPage  21
  22. 22. 5. He seems really ________ (= in a bad mood) today. crunchy grouchy 6. He really rubs me the wrong ________ = He really bothers me. way direction 7. Are you ________ with the results? Not really - I could have done better. pleased pleasant 8. Are you sure you want to get married? Yes, Im ________. pausing positive 9. When someone is emotionally over stimulated or overexcited, we can say that this person is ________. hyped hyperPage  22
  23. 23. amerenglish63@yahoo.comPage  23