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AJ Help Desk SaaS provides simple and effective help desk services to your customer support system. It covers customer support, ticket system and online help depends on your business needs.

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AJ Help Desk SaaS Presentation

  1. 1. Take Place with AJ Help Desk www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  2. 2. In this session. . . About AJ Help Desk How it Useful to user Hints on Core Functionality www.ajsquare.com Step Wise User activity Over all Admin and Staff Features Who choose Help Desk www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com www.ajsquare.com
  3. 3. About AJ Help Desk • AJ Help Desk is a web based customer support software with robust Ticket Support. • It provides an opportunity for experiencing the effective Live Chat services Support. • This Software is an economic, easy to use and useful tool for the growth of all type of business. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  4. 4. How it is Useful to User • The Service of Help desk is offered through 'SAAS' concept. • This application is designed in a multi tenant environment , delivered as a service to multiple customer simultaneously. • It marvels in delivering customized and effective Ticket Support service. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  5. 5. How it is Useful to User • Used to complement for sharing information among employees with in firm. • It help customer to submit an inquiry to the appropriate department and expect a timely repose. • Community features allow user to share their knowledge and experiences. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  6. 6. Core Functionality of AJ Help Desk Posting Ticket Logical and Systematic Troubleshoot Search Create Strong Searching Knowledge Community to Support Base Resource Customer Video Tutorials available Online Chatting with Staff for download, members www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  7. 7. User Activity Steps 1. Registration Process 2. Login Process 3. Posting Ticket 4. Ticket Conversation 5.Posting Forum 6. Live Chat support 7. Download Article 8. FAQ questions 9. Download PDF Guides 10.Digital Video Library 11. Troubleshooting Steps www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  8. 8. Step 1 : Registration Process • Registration with required data. • Confirm Registration with verification link. • Get login Help Desk application from User panel. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  9. 9. Step 2: Login Process • Get login Help Desk application from User panel. • Proceed Help Desk Panel to Post your Inquiry as Ticket. • User can Edit Profile Details from My account page. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  10. 10. Step 3: Posting Ticket • Select Ticket Department from the list box. • Select corresponding Ticket priority from the list box. • Post your inquiry in Ticket Subject and message box. • Proceed to Ticket preview and confirm the Ticket posting. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  11. 11. Step 4: Ticket Conversation • Post Ticket reply for the assigned tickets. • Do the Ticket Conversation with assigned staff member. • Change the Ticket Status us closed once staff conversation is satisfied. • Post Ticket ratting and feedback about the conversation. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  12. 12. Step 5: Posting Forum • Select Category for Forum Posting. • Update the Forum Topic name and description in relevant fields. • Check the spam word for your forum. • User can view Posted My forum topic once after admin approval. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  13. 13. Step 6: Live Chat Support • Enter required information to request Live Chat. • Communicate with qualified technical executive through live chat. • Send relevant attachment for clear idea. • Save your chat conversation of future references. • Send your chat conversation backup to concern mail. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  14. 14. Step 7: Online Chat Feedback • Logout from Live Chat window after the completion of chat conversation. • Give your feedback to Corresponding Staff. • Give your ratting to corresponding Staff. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  15. 15. Download Article • User can view the Published Article resources. • Download the Article attachments. • Give ratting, comments and post feedback for the article. • Send the Article to Multiple Friend's. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  16. 16. FAQ Questions • User can View lasted Posted FAQs. • Display the FAQ questions according to the category and subcategory wise. • Setting offers numerous base to share your thoughts and views in order to get essential answer. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  17. 17. Download PDF Guide • User can view the Published PDF guide for related topics. • Download the PDF guide attachment. • Take Printout of the PDF Guide. • Give ratting, comments and post feedback for the Guide. • Send PDF guides to Multiple Friends. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  18. 18. Digital Video Tutorial • User can view published Digital Video Tutorial. • User rating and comments option. • Download Video content in PDF format. • Related Tag listing with corresponding tag wise. • Listing User posted comments. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  19. 19. Troubleshooting Steps • Click Main category and select the category's sub category. • Select Parent step and then click start over button. • Select Child step and then click start over button to get enough solution. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  20. 20. Over all Admin & Staff Side Features www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  21. 21. Easily Create and Manage Category • Create New Category for content management by clicking Add Category link. • Add category name for content management ( Article, FAQ, Video , PDF, Troubleshoot , Forum ). • New category added successfully. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  22. 22. Article Management • Select main category and sub category for posting Article. • Enter Article Title , Summary and Description. • Select Start and End Date. • Give Corresponding Article Tag. • Attach relevant files Single or Multiple files. • Publish the Article for User view. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  23. 23. FAQ Management • Select main category and sub category for the posting FAQ • Post Frequently Asked Question regarding your site functionality • Manage the status of FAQ as Active and Inactive • Track the number of User Hits, Comments and Ratting www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  24. 24. Posting PDF Guide • Select main and Sub category for posting PDF guides. • Enter PDF Title , Summary and Description. • Attach the single and multiple PDF files for the guide. • Manage the status of the guide as Active and Inactive. • Track the number of User hits, comments and ratting. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  25. 25. Managing Digital Video Library • User Select Main Category and sub category for the posting video. • Post video Tutorial by giving Title, Summary and Description. • Attach relevant Single or Multiple FLV video files. • Track number of User Hits, Comments, Ratting for specific video. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com wm
  26. 26. Benefits of Help Desk - 1 1. Majority of the business is On-line, many people prefer On line support for customer solution. 2.Customers need their questions answered quickly and personnel need a way to effectively manage their work. 3.With the use of this product the customer and technical support staff are better able to manage troubleshooting. 4.Help desk software is an economic, easy-to-use and useful tool for the growth of your business. 5. Suits for any new or existing business and organization. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  27. 27. Benefits of Help Desk - 2 6. Community features allow user to share their knowledge and Experiences. 7. It caters the need of people who wish to download the valuable material in the selected format of PDF. 8. It satisfies the desire of the people who liked to download video of all important material by use of video tutorials feature. 9. It is regarded as strategic tool for marketing and utilized by the corporate sectors around the world. 10 Customer get more details about all the latest happenings in the field of technology and many more. www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com
  28. 28. Thank You www.ajhelpdesk.com www.ajsquare.com