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Driving Social Media Adoption


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Conservative organizations frequently are hesitant to adopt social and digital media strategies. Positioning the new media tools as dynamic sales tools in a B2B cycle is one way to quickly drive adoption and improving control over the positioning narrative.

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Driving Social Media Adoption

  1. 1. Moving a hesitant conservative organization towards digital media adoption<br />Return on Zero<br />Joel A. Capperella<br />@joelcapperella<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />At the Beginning of the Journey<br />A reluctance to ‘go social’ <br />Should we lead, follow or observe?<br />Where to focus<br />Should SEO be included?<br />Single or multi-faceted strategy?<br />Too consumer oriented?<br />Risk<br />
  3. 3. 3<br />Gears of Social<br />Broad applicability<br />Tool only<br />Printing press<br />PRODUCT MANAGEMENT- CUSTOMER SERVICE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT – COMMUNITY RELATIONS – PUBLIC RELATIONS – MARKETING ADVERTISING – BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. . . . .<br />
  4. 4. CEO<br />DIRECTOR STAFFING/ RECRUITMENT<br />SVP<br />HR<br />DIRECTOR PROCUREMENT<br />HIRING <br />MANAGER<br />CPO<br />CFO<br />COO<br />LOB<br />LEADERSHIP<br />Sales Force<br />Challenge<br />Limited Access<br /><ul><li>Complex Sale Yields 66% of revenue
  5. 5. Commoditized market landscape
  6. 6. Buyer access limited
  7. 7. Driven to price concession
  8. 8. Shrinking marketing budget
  9. 9. Entirely new sales force
  10. 10. Conservative culture</li></li></ul><li>Objectives<br /><ul><li>Increase access
  11. 11. Broader coverage
  12. 12. Value based sale
  13. 13. Drive thought
  14. 14. Increase access
  15. 15. Increase awareness
  16. 16. Expand existing accounts
  17. 17. Establish Credibility
  18. 18. Enable sales</li></ul>CEO<br />Executive Buyer<br /><ul><li>Narrative directed to their concerns
  19. 19. Gain sponsorship down into organization
  20. 20. Communicate tangible pragmatic benefits</li></ul>DIRECTOR STAFFING/ RECRUITMENT<br />SVP<br />HR<br />DIRECTOR PROCUREMENT<br />HIRING <br />MANAGER<br />CPO<br />CFO<br />COO<br />LOB<br />LEADERSHIP<br />Sales Force<br />Desired State<br />
  21. 21. Traditional Tool Driven Access<br />6<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />SVP<br />HR<br />CFO<br />LOB<br />LEADERSHIP<br />Limited Access<br />Procurement<br /><ul><li>Single Touch per sales tool
  22. 22. Static not ‘social’
  23. 23. Poor ‘applicability reach’
  24. 24. Labor intensive
  25. 25. Cost ineffective
  26. 26. Long content production cycles
  27. 27. Short shelf life
  28. 28. Trend disconnected</li></ul>HR<br />MANAGER<br />CPO<br />DIRECTOR<br />Collateral<br />
  29. 29. Traditional Access: Best Case<br />7<br />X<br />A<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />SVP<br />HR<br />CFO<br />LOB<br />LEADERSHIP<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />B<br />Procurement<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />C<br />HR<br />MANAGER<br />CPO<br />DIRECTOR<br />
  30. 30. Digital / Social Media: Unprecedented Access to Drive the Positioning Narrative<br />8<br />CEO<br />Manager<br />PROCUREMENT<br />Director<br />HR<br />CPO<br />CFO<br />COO<br />LOB<br />Prospect<br />
  31. 31. 9<br />Digital / Social Media: Unlimited Unique Interaction with Targeted Buyers<br />Increased Awareness<br />Increased Media Placement<br />Theme by Buyer<br />Decreased Expense<br />Thought Leadership<br />Deeper relationships<br />Improved SEO<br />Exponentially greater reach<br />
  32. 32. Moving a hesitant conservative organization towards digital media adoption<br />Return on Zero<br />Joel A. Capperella<br />@joelcapperella<br />