MARKETING to the Power of One with MOBILE


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MARKETING to the Power of One with MOBILE

  1. 1. #MPMIS@JoelBook@ExactTarget
  2. 2. ExactTargetThe largestindependent SaaScompany focused onpermission-basedcross-channelmarketing solutions.10,000 brands useExactTarget to plan The Interactive Marketing Hub isand execute used by marketers to manageintegrated campaigns integrated data-driven campaignsutilizing Email,Mobile, Social Mediaand Websites
  3. 3. Marketing [R]evolution Mobile Email SMS Mobile Email SMS + MMS IM IM IM IM Email Email Email Email Fax Fax Fax Fax Fax Direct Mail Direct Mail Direct Mail Direct Mail Direct Mail Telephone Telephone Telephone Telephone Telephone <1990 1990s 1999 2000s 2013 TV TV TV TV TV Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Print Print Print Print Print Display Display Display Display Display Website Website Website Website Search Search Search Search Online Advertising Online Advertising Online Advertising Online Advertising Paid Search Paid Search Paid Search Landing Pages Landing Pages Landing Pages Mobile sites Microsites Microsites Online Video Online Video Online Video Affiliate Marketing Webinars Affiliate Marketing Webinars Affiliate Marketing Webinars Blogs Blogs RSS RSS Podcasts Podcasts Wikis Wikis Social Media Social Networks Mobile Apps Location Based Ads Mobile Web Social Media Ads Virtual Worlds Geo-Location Ads QR Codes
  5. 5. @JoelBook @ExactTarget
  6. 6. By the end of 2013, 1.4Smartphone Users40% Number of U.S. billion Now OpenedThe of All Emails Sent are smartphoneswillwillin use worldwide, up 44% over 2012. be grow toon a Mobile Device. and Read 137.5 million in 2013.Source: Return Path Android, 294MM Apple iOS, 45MM Windows ] [ 798MM eMarketerSource: ABI Research
  7. 7. The Number of US Tablet Users will grow to 108 million in 2013 108MM USTablet Users The Apple iPad
  8. 8. ExactTarget Mobile SolutionsExactTarget Mobile Global SMS  Push  Mobile Sites & created a new Messaging Messaging  Landing Pagescategory ofsoftware thatserves as themobile messagingsystem of record.Enables marketers Passbook  Mobile Email Cross‐Channel  Solutions to connect withtheir customers,throughout theirengagementlifecycle, across allmobile channels.
  9. 9. How SmartMarketers UseMobile @JoelBook @ExactTarget
  10. 10. 84% of Consumers Use Tablets and Smartphones to Read and Respond to EmailThe State of Mobile Content Marketing
  11. 11. 46% of CMOs believeSmartphone and TabletAdoption will ImpactEmail Programs in 2013.Source: MarketingSherpa2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report
  12. 12. ExactTarget Mobile Email SolutionsExactTarget Emailenables marketers tocreate mobile-friendlyemail campaigns usingresponsive templatesthat dynamicallyrender based on thedevice opening themessage.
  13. 13. • Design for “tapable” touch Hitachi Data Systems’ targets, not text links for eNewsletter Optimized• Plan for an “Images Off” iPhone environment When viewed on a mobile• Forget multi-column is device, the font layouts• increased automatically Use bigger fonts!
  14. 14. Mobile Email Drives Bigger Orders • Mobile Email produces higher average order value. • Mobile Email creates twice as many conversions vs Search or SocialThe State of Mobile Content Marketing
  15. 15. Coupons Sent by Email to MobileDevices are Accelerating Retail Sales Marketers leverage 10 Mobile coupons get ExactTarget Passbook to times the redemption rate create and deliver passes of traditional coupons or bar-coded coupons via Source: Mobile Marketing Association email or IP-based messaging channels to drive mCommerce.
  16. 16. How SmartMarketers UseMobile ™ @JoelBook @ExactTarget
  17. 17. 90% of Consumers Use Tablets & Smartphones to Send and Receive SMS MessagesThe State of Mobile Content Marketing
  18. 18. ExactTarget Global SMS SolutionsExactTargetMobileConnectempowersmarketers with aneasy-to-usemessagingsolution to create,target and trackSMS campaigns inmore than 80countries.
  19. 19. Pei Wei Asian DinerCooks Up a Delicious Cross-Channel CampaignObjectives:• Drive traffic to Pei Wei’s 170 stores• Add new email subscribersChannels Used:• In‐Store Digital Signage• Social Media [Facebook, Twitter]• Mobile [SMS]• Email• Website
  20. 20. About Pei Wei Asian Diner• Parent company: P. F. Chang’s• 170 locations in U.S.• Offers freshly prepared Asian items influenced by the cuisines of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand.• Headquarters: Scottsdale, AZ
  21. 21. Pei Wei Asian Diner Uses In-Store Signage to Promote a Special OfferPei Wei invited restaurant guests to take advantage of a buy‐one, get‐one free promotion for its new Caramel Chicken entree. 
  22. 22. Pei Wei Asian Diner Uses SMS to Convert Restaurant Guests to Email SubscribersIn a 14 dayperiod, Pei Weiused in-storesignage to 80565invite guests totext and Caramel JoelBook@ATT.netreceive a buy-one, get-onefree couponvia email for itsnew CaramelChickenentree.
  23. 23. Landing Page forCaramel Chicken BOGOOffer Sign-up and EmailSubscription
  24. 24. Welcome Email Sent to all New Email Subscribers
  25. 25. Bar-Coded Email Coupons DriveConsumers to StoresCampaign Results:• 18,000 new email subscribers in just two weeks! *• Coupon redemption rates of 20%!(*) Pei Wei’s email subscriberdatabase now exceeds 600,000
  26. 26. • The largest health care insurer in  the Mid‐Atlantic region, serving 3.4  million members • Provides services to individuals and  groups in Maryland, the District of  Columbia and portions of northern  VirginiaCareFirst BCBS is a client ofMeers Advertising
  27. 27. Marketing Objectives• Generate leads within the  Individual Health Insurance Market  for CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield• Make it easy for individuals to  obtain a quote using a proprietary  Mobile Messaging Business  Process
  28. 28. Marketing Strategy• Target the Individual Health  Insurance Market                      [ 25 ‐ 44 year olds ]• Use signage at rail and bus  stations to invite individuals  to obtain an instant insurance  quote via text
  29. 29. How it Works• Individual texts the  word “HEALTHY” to  74574
  30. 30. How it Works• Individual receives an  automated text reply  requesting her age.• There are three routes  she can go to get a  quote: – Text to Quote – Mobile Website – Unique Phone Number
  31. 31. How it Works• She replies by sending  her age.• Prompted to reply with  gender.
  32. 32. How it Works• She replies with gender• Prompted to reply with  Zip Code
  33. 33. How it Works• Replies with Zip Code• Prompted to reply with  email address
  34. 34. How it Works• She replies with her  email address• Receives an instant  quote via text• Receives follow‐up text  announcing how to  apply
  35. 35. Auto Reply EmailWhether people receive a quote via Text or via the Mobile Website, each receives this follow‐up email prompting them to apply. Results• Campaign ran 20 Weeks• Generated 449 Inquiries• Produced 201 Leads• Increased Sales 10%
  36. 36. How SmartMarketers UseMobile ™ @JoelBook @ExactTarget
  37. 37. Uses SMS to Engage Visitors, Drive Email Solution • Billboards invite visitors to go to – the mobile website • Visitors can opt-in to receive exclusive limited time deals on hotels and shows via SMS Results • Huge increase in traffic to the mobile website • 70% increase in revenue per site visitor • 250% increase in revenue from mobile devices
  38. 38. Papa John’s Uses SMS to Deliver Daily Deal Offers that Drive Online Orders NOTE: Papa John’s experienced a 2.5X increase in engagement when sending by time zone.
  39. 39. • Balance Notification • Deposit Notification • Overdraft Alert • Overdraft Transfer AlertAlly Bank invites customers to set • Sleeping Money Alerts for Money Market and Online up text alerts and notifications Savings accounts pertaining to their Ally accounts • Your CD is up for renewal • Your latest statement is available • You have a Customer Service message waiting in Online Banking • Your transfer is processing • A new transfer account was added • A new Payee was added • A payment was completed • There was a problem with a payment or transfer • A new account was opened • Your ID or password was changed
  40. 40. Scotts Alert: Now is theperfect time to applyScotts Turf BuilderWinterGuard Fall LawnFertilizer to your lawn.Reply STOP to end alerts.Other charges apply.
  41. 41. Siemens HealthcareUses MobileConnect™ to Convert Trade Show Attendees to Email Subscribers
  42. 42. Tradeshow Attendees areInvited to Text UPDATES toReceive ProgramUpdates via SMS
  43. 43. Siemens HealthcareUses MobileConnect ™ toBook Appointments withMedical Professionalsat Tradeshows* Siemens booked meetings  with 20 of 25 C‐Level  executives who opted in to  receive text updates  at the  Laboratory Diagnostics show
  44. 44. How SmartMarketers UseMobile @JoelBook @ExactTarget
  45. 45. How Consumers Use Tablets and SmartphonesThe State of Mobile Content Marketing
  46. 46. Websites are “Ground Zero” for Engagement Word of Mouth Search Engine Sponsored Marketing Events 71% of new business leads will come Educational Direct Webinar Mail from the corporate or brand website by 2015. Social Trade Media Shows Source: SiriusDecisions Online Print Advertising Advertising Email Broadcast Marketing Advertising Public Relations
  47. 47. 67% of Consumers are MoreLikely to Buy a Company’sproduct or Service if theirWebsite is Mobile-Friendly!Source: Google/Sterling Research/SmithGeiger    September 2012 
  48. 48. “Before” “After” Non‐Mobile Optimized Website Mobile Optimized Website
  49. 49. Papa John’s Mobile Site Makes Ordering Fast and Easy • The home page is set up with a layout that is based on the iOSs native interface. • Links on the homepage are rendered as large, rectangular buttons. • Delivers a fast, easy and consistent ordering process that fosters repeat use.Papa John’s Mobile Site
  50. 50. ExactTarget Mobile Sites SolutionsMarketers useExactTargetMobilePages tocreate and hostHTML5 landingpages.Sites are built onresponsive webdesign to driveconversion.
  51. 51. Mobile Facebook Pages Convert “Likes” to “Subscribers” ExactTarget SocialPages enables marketers to create mobile- friendly, branded Facebook fan pages that drive engagement, email opt-in and conversion.
  52. 52. Each Week, Crocs Converts 500+ Facebook Fans to Crocs Email Subscribers! Crocs Email Subscription CenterCrocs Invites Facebook Fans to become Crocs Email Subscribers Crocs is a client of  Digital Evolution Group Crocs’ “Deal of the Week” Email Personalized to Subscriber Preferences
  54. 54. Joel BookExactTarget,