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Effective Cross-Channel Marketing Solutions for BtoB Companies


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Keynote presentation at 2011 Marketing Profs BtoB Forum

  • Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definately be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment.

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Effective Cross-Channel Marketing Solutions for BtoB Companies

  1. 1. How Volvo ConstructionEquipment Uses Email and CRM to Sell Big Iron!Advanced Strategies for Attracting, Selling and Retaining Customers
  2. 2. Join the Conversation!I’m at #MPB2B. Learning how @VolvoCE_NAuses Email & CRM to drive sales. Awesome! Event Hash Tag: #MPB2B Joel Book: @joelbook ExactTarget: @ExactTarget Volvo: @Volvo_NA John Johnston: @eBizlessons
  3. 3. More Than 4,000 Companies Use ExactTarget
  4. 4. More Budget for Digital MarketingIn 2011, 72% of marketers and agencies will increase spending on digital marketing. Source: The DMA “Digital Marketing Practices in the U.S. and Canada: Navigating the Digital Labyrinth” Research conducted by Ipsos Reid Marketing, and the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) February, 2011
  5. 5. • Aids the Buying Process• Improves Service• Maximizes Retention
  6. 6. How Online Consumers Begin Their Day58% of OnlineConsumers Beginthe Day With Email.Source: ExactTargetSUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERSReport #1, Digital Morning Full report available at
  7. 7. “Those who buyproductsmarketed throughemail spend 138%more than non-readers of email.”Source: Forrester Research“E-Mail Marketing Comes of Age.”
  8. 8. Email Enables Brands to Optimize Customer LTV The Customer Life Cycle Product Product Product Product Repurchase/ BrandAwareness Evaluation Purchase Usage Renewal Loyalty Business Getting Business Keeping Once a person gives you permission . . .• Email aids the buying process.• Email drives repeat usage.• Email keeps customers connected to your company.
  9. 9. • Amplifies Your Message• Fuels the Conversation• Attracts New Customers
  10. 10. Social Media Users Facebook: 620M Worldwide / 116.8M U.S. (1) (2) Twitter: 190M Worldwide / 16.4M U.S. (1) (2) LinkedIn: 100M Worldwide / 49.0M U.S. (3) (3) YouTube: 2B Views/Day; Avg. View: 15 Min. (4)Sources: (1) eConsultancy, (2) eMarketer, (3) LinkedIn, (4) YouTube
  11. 11. Social Media has Revolutionized the Way Consumers Engage with Brands
  12. 12. Social Networks are Powerful Entities US marketers will spend $3.08 billion to advertise on social networking sites in 2011. Source: eMarketer, Jan. 2011
  13. 13. • Delivers Exclusive Offers• Drives Traffic• Extends Customer Service
  14. 14. Smartphones Accelerate Mobile Marketing Smartphones such as the iPhone from Apple are now outselling personal computers! Source: The Huffington Post (Based on IDC Report) February 8, 2011 65.8 million people in the U.S. now own smartphones. Of these, 35.3% use apps. Source: comScore MobiLens 2011 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share March , 2011
  16. 16. WILL TABLETS BE A BtoB MARKETING GAME-CHANGER?24 million tablet computers will besold in the U.S. in 2011.Source: eMarketer, Dec., 2010 The New iPad 2 from Apple
  17. 17. "[The iPad] enablesour sales employees todo a much better jobof engaging in a reallydifferent way thanweve done before."Michael Hedges, CIO, MedtronicWall Street Journal, Dec. 8, 2010
  18. 18. Volvo Construction Equipment• Volvo Construction Equipment is part of Volvo Group; Started in 1832• Products and services are offered in more than 125 countries through proprietary or independent dealerships.• Volvo machines are used for road construction, oil and gas exploration, building demolition, industrial material handling, and forestry.
  19. 19. Volvo ConstructionEquipment’s e-marketingstrategy has helped dealers sellmillions of dollars of new andused equipment.
  21. 21. Volvo CE’s CRM and Automation Goals Achieve End-To-End Lead & Campaign Management Process Increase Lead to Sales Conversion Ratio Reduce Lead Conversion Time Improve Sales Effectiveness Track Campaign Effectiveness and ROI Leverage Cross-Sale and Up-Sale Opportunities
  22. 22. Digital Marketing Delivers Huge Benefits Before Automation After AutomationCustomer data was in multiple “silos” and Customer account and contact data isdata quality was inconsistent. centralized in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and “normalized” through D&B.Volvo CE had no CRM system and no Microsoft Dynamics CRM is integratedability to send email communications to with ExactTarget enabling automation ofcustomers. all email communications.Leads were stored in Excel files and Leads get processed quickly. Customersdistributed to dealers manually; Reps had receive personalized email immediatelylimited visibility to leads. after inquiry.Volvo CE had no ability to deliver relevant Volvo CE uses email to deliver relevantproduct information to individual information that nurtures leads, aidscustomers. purchase, promotes events.Limited (or no) feedback from dealers Volvo CE marketing is able to measureregarding lead status. lead status and campaign effectiveness quickly and effectively.
  23. 23. Volvo Construction EquipmentMarketing Technology Solution Landing Pages, Registration Pages Product Microsites, Webcasts / Podcasts Campaign Tracking & Lead Scoring Total Integration of Customer Data Email Communications Marketing Database
  24. 24. Marketing Data IntegrationVolvo CE Customer Informationcentralizes Analytics Sales (New/Used)customer data inMicrosoftDynamics CRM. Lead Score Warranty Data Enables “one Microsoft Dynamicsview” of the CRMcustomer. Social Credit Allows faster Media Statuscommunication withcustomers Provides better MarCom Surveys Historymeasurement of eCommercecampaign ROI
  25. 25. Monthly Emailfor End-Users
  26. 26. The Monthly eMail Newsletter delivers latest news on Volvo products and services to 85,000 customers.1. Dynamic Content – Volvo designed the email template to allow for dynamic content. Through integration with Microsoft CRM, Volvo changes articles and product news articles based on user interests.2. Interactive Functionality – Adding video links has allowed Volvo to gather immediate feedback on product interest.3. Analytics – The analytics from this eMail are used for to capture customer insight and interests and aid re- design.4. Performance Metrics – Average 12% Open Rate – Average a 7% Click Through Rate
  28. 28. Volvo Now Sends Email On Behalf of Dealers Previous Monthly End-User Email New Monthly End-User E-Newsletter (Personalized for Each Dealer)
  30. 30. The Remarketing Email is for select customers who request used equipment alerts.1. Navigation – In its new design, Volvo added a Table of Contents section with links to articles and product news updates. These links have increased website traffic 30% and generated thousands of leads.2. Content Syndication – Volvo dynamically displays used equipment based on subscriber preferences. Content syndication has reduced eMail build time by approximately 30-40% by automatically capturing content from websites.3. Performance Metrics – – 75% Email Open Rate – 11% Click Through Rate – 20% increase in speed of equipment sales
  31. 31. Lead Management Workflow Data cleansing Information Request Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables Volvo sales reps to manage leads Auto-generated report for Volvo sales rep Auto-generated email for customer
  32. 32. Immediate Delivery of Information to Customer Microsoft Dynamics CRM triggers an email that thanks the customer for contacting Volvo Construction Equipment Email provides a link to a landing page containing details about the product of interest
  33. 33. VOLVO USES EMAIL TOCONFIRM PARTS ORDERS All online parts order transactions are confirmed via Email integrated with CRM
  34. 34. Using CRM to Automate Purchase Transaction eMails Volvo Construction Equipment Online Parts Catalog
  35. 35. Using CRM to Automate Purchase Transaction eMails
  36. 36. Attracts prospectivecustomers to the VolvoConstruction Equipmentwebsite.Drives traffic to the VolvoConstruction EquipmentYouTube Channel.
  37. 37. “If you’re responsible for BtoB marketing, andyou’re not using video, you’re making a hugemistake.”John JohnstoneBusiness Marketing ManagerVolvo Construction Equipment North America
  38. 38. Multi-Channel Interaction is a Must Managing the Customer ConversationRequires Integration of Outbound & Inbound Channels
  39. 39. Why Should You Care?Engaged Customers Buy More, Stay Longer
  40. 40. Optimal Model for Managing Customer EngagementSource: Forrester Research - April 2009 “Campaign Management Needs A Reboot”
  41. 41. A Single Platform for Interactive Marketing
  42. 42. Thank You!Joel Book @JoelBook Johnston (828) 650-2092 (Office) @eBizLessons