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How Innovative Brands are Leveraging Email, Mobile and Social media to Engage and Retain Customers

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Digital Marketing Innovation

  1. 1. Fueling the Conversation with ExactTarget Charlotte, North Carolina July 17, 2012 #ETREAL
  2. 2. Marketing to the Power of ONEHow the Digital Revolution is Changing the Way Customers  Engage with BrandsJoel BookPrincipal, eMarketing Research & EducationExactTarget, Inc. @JoelBook
  3. 3. Source: The McKinsey Quarterly 
  4. 4. Source: The McKinsey Quarterly 
  5. 5. Digital Media [R]evolution Mobile Email SMS Mobile Email SMS + MMS IM IM IM IM Email Email Email Email Fax Fax Fax Fax Fax Direct Mail Direct Mail Direct Mail Direct Mail Direct Mail Telephone Telephone Telephone Telephone Telephone <1990 1990s 1999 2000s 2012 TV TV TV TV TV Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Print Print Print Print Print Display Display Display Display Display Website Website Website Website Search Search Search Search Online Advertising Online Advertising Online Advertising Online Advertising Paid Search Paid Search Paid Search Landing Pages Landing Pages Landing Pages Microsites Microsites Microsites Online Video Online Video Online Video Affiliate Marketing Webinars Affiliate Marketing Webinars Affiliate Marketing Webinars Blogs Blogs RSS RSS Podcasts Podcasts Wikis Wikis Social Networks Social Networks Mobile Web Location Based Ads Mobile Web Social Media Ads Virtual Worlds Location Based Svcs QR Codes
  6. 6. ConsumersInteractthrough MagazineMultipleChannels
  7. 7. Consumershave MorePower andMoreInfluence Marketing to the Power of ONE
  8. 8. 3 Surprising Findings about  Brand Advocates• 30% recommend a brand’s  products or services weekly• 61% of people consider  buying the product or service  recommended; 22% actually  buy• 57% prefer Email for sharing  recommendations (#1 among  all media)Source: Zuberance“Three Surprising Findings about Brand Advocates” 
  9. 9. MarketingInnovatorsReal MarketersReal Solutions Real Results