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Top Tactics & Techniques for Growing Your Email Subscriber List


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Permission-based email has become the foundation of successful one-to-one marketing, and a company's database of email subscribers is one of it's most valuable assets. In this presentation from the 2013 MarketingSherpa Email Summit, Joel Book of ExactTarget shares examples of how smart brands are attracting new email subscribers.

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Top Tactics & Techniques for Growing Your Email Subscriber List

  1. 1. Top Tips and Techniques for Growing Your Email Subscriber ListJoel Book Principal, Marketing Research & EducationExactTarget
  2. 2. Welcome! Joel Book ExactTarget, Inc. @JoelBook• Principal, ExactTarget Marketing Research and Education Group• 35 years experience in data-driven, technology-enabled marketing• Passionate advocate for relevant and responsible marketing
  3. 3. Why is this Session So Important?• 93% of U.S. online consumers are email subscribers, receiving at least one permission- based email per day. (ExactTarget)• 66% of consumers have made an email- triggered purchase. (ExactTarget)• 59% of B2B Marketers Say Email is their Most Effective Channel for Generating Revenue. (BtoB Magazine)• 40% of emails are now being read on a mobile device. Up 300% in the past 2 years alone! (Return Path)
  4. 4. @JoelBook @ExactTarget
  5. 5. • Where Buyers Engage First• Enables Access to Content• Promotes Email Subscription
  6. 6. Websites are the Gateway to Engagement Word of Mouth Search Engine Sponsored Marketing Events 71% of new business leads will comeEducational Direct Webinar Mail from the corporate or brand website by 2015. Social Trade Media Shows Source: SiriusDecisions Online Print Advertising Advertising Email Broadcast Marketing Advertising Public Relations
  7. 7. Websites are #1 for Email Subscriber Acquisition 35% of a company’s “most valuable” email subscribers are acquired via the corporate or brand website. Source: The Relevancy Group
  8. 8. The Path to Purchase Begins with Search The Customer Life Cycle Website Product Product Product Re-Purchase/ R / Brand Visit Evaluation Purchase Usage Renewal LoyaltyAcquisition TacticsSearch (SEO and PPC) 59% percent of B2B  Online Advertising Lead marketers and 49% of  Print Advertising Generation B2C marketers say SEO  Marketing Events has the greatest impact  Social Media on lead generation. Source: Webmarketing 123 2012 State of Digital Marketing
  9. 9. Website Facebook Twitter BlogeNewsletter Scotts Alert: Now is the perfect time to apply Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Fertilizer to your lawn. Reply STOP to end alerts. Other charges apply. iPhone App Text Alerts Retailers
  10. 10. Engagement begins with registration at 
  11. 11. Scotts gives website visitors “a reason” to register.
  12. 12. Scotts Converts Website Visitors to SubscribersScotts invites website visitors to subscribe to Lawn Care Update
  13. 13. Scotts Teaches ConsumersWhat Scotts Products to Use,When to Use them, and HowOverview• Started in Spring 2000• Subscribers: 1,800,000+• 355 unique geo‐demographic versionsObjectives• Deliver Personalized Content to Consumers • Drive Traffic to Channel Partners• Expand Scotts “Brand Advocates” CommunityResults• Scotts research shows Lawn Care Update subscribers use 1.5 more Scotts products than non‐subscribers 
  14. 14. Volvo CE Cross‐Channel Marketing Strategy Website Twitter YouTubeMonthly Email  Weekly  Newsletter Remarketing Email Trade Shows Magazine Volvo Construction Dealers
  15. 15. VolvoConstructionEquipment usesSEO effectively!
  16. 16. Invites websites visitors to subscribe to a Volvo Construction Equipment e‐newsletter
  17. 17. Website visitors are invited to subscribe to Volvo Construction Equipment’s eNewsletters
  19. 19. Western RiverExpeditions Uses SEOto Attract Customers
  20. 20. #1 in “Natural Search” Results
  21. 21. Western River invites website visitors to first identify their trip preferences
  22. 22. Western River then invites prospective clients to opt‐in and submit their information request
  23. 23. • Aids the Buying Process• Improves Service• Maximizes Retention @JoelBook @ExactTarget
  24. 24. Source: BtoB Magazine, 2012
  25. 25. 3 Surprising Findings about Brand Advocates Your BestCustomers of brand advocates  recommend products or  are Your services weekly Best consider buying the  product recommended by a Marketers Brand Advocate actually buy the  product recommended        by a Brand Advocate Marketing Source: Zuberance of ONE to the Power
  27. 27. Hitachi Data Systems Attracts New EmailSubscribers through Social Sharing “Forward to a Friend” “Share This”
  28. 28. • Introduced in June, 2004• Only great tasting low carbohydrate pasta on market• Appeals to diabetics, low carb dieters, and people seeking higher fiber• Costs about double the retail of regular pasta
  29. 29. Dreamfields Pasta Uses Email to Drive Purchase and Word-of-Mouth ReferralIn 7 years, Dreamfields has . . . ‐ Grown its consumer email subscriber base to 614,000+‐ Grown its healthcare professionals email subscriber base to 48,000+‐ Produced 7X increase in sales from 3M pounds to 22M pounds Dreamfields is a client of  HyperDrive Interactive
  30. 30. Dreamfields does a great job of converting Facebook “Fans” to Email Subscribers!
  31. 31. • Increases Brand Awareness• Fuels the Conversation• Attracts New Customers @JoelBook @ExactTarget
  32. 32. Social Media is Driving Leads and Sales
  33. 33. 75% of social media users Fansemail is the Without a plan to convert say and Followersbest waySubscribers, social media is little to Email for companies to communicate withthem. (MarketingSherpa) in search of a strategy. more than a tactic(Tweet This!)
  34. 34. Each Week, Crocs Converts 500+ Facebook Fans to Crocs Email Subscribers! Crocs Email Subscription CenterCrocs Invites Facebook Fans to become Crocs Email Subscribers Crocs is a client of  Digital Evolution Group Crocs’ “Deal of the Week” Email Personalized to Subscriber Preferences
  35. 35. Ticketmaster Gives Fansand Followers a Reason to Subscribe!
  36. 36. Scotts Invites Facebook Fans to Subscribe to Lawn Care Update ( And 50% Convert! )Lawn Care Update subscription invitation
  37. 37. • Delivers Exclusive Offers• Drives Traffic• Extends Customer Service @JoelBook @ExactTarget
  38. 38. 84% of Consumers Use Tablets and Smartphones to Read and Respond to EmailThe State of Mobile Content Marketing
  39. 39. By the end of 2013, 1.4Smartphone Users40% Number of U.S. billion Now OpenedThe of All Emails Sent are smartphoneswillwillin use worldwide, up 44% over 2012. be grow toon a Mobile Device. and Read 137.5 million in 2013.Source: Return Path Android, 294MM Apple iOS, 45MM Windows ] [ 798MM eMarketerSource: ABI Research
  40. 40. The Number of US Tablet Users will grow to 108 million in 2013 108MM USTablet Users The Apple iPad
  41. 41. 46% of CMOs believemobile, smartphone, andtablet adoption will impactemail programs in 2013.Source: MarketingSherpa2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report
  42. 42. About Pei Wei Asian Diner• Parent company: P. F. Chang’s• 170 locations in U.S.• Offers freshly prepared Asian items influenced by the cuisines of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand.• Headquarters: Scottsdale, AZ
  43. 43. Pei Wei Asian DinerUses Cross-ChannelStrategy to Add New Email SubscribersObjectives:• Drive traffic to Pei Wei’s 170 stores• Add new email subscribersChannels Used:• In‐Store Digital Signage• Mobile [SMS]• Landing Page
  44. 44. Pei Wei Asian Diner Used In-Store Signage to Promote a Special OfferPei Wei invited restaurant guests to take advantage of a buy‐one, get‐one free promotion for its new Caramel Chicken entree. 
  45. 45. Pei Wei Makes it Easy for Guests to Opt-in to the Promotion using SMSOver a 14 day period, guests were invited to text and receive a buy‐one, get‐one free coupon via email for its new Caramel Chicken entree. Pei Wei wanted to take advantage  80565of email to launch a new limited time offering.  Caramel JoelBook@ATT.netUsing mobile allowed guests easily opt‐in to Pei Wei’s email program.
  46. 46. The Pei Wei Asian DinerEmail sign-up formcaptures:• Email Address• Physical Address• Birthday Month & Day• Favorite Pei Wei
  47. 47. Welcome Email Sent to all New Email Subscribers
  48. 48. Bar-Coded Email Coupons DriveConsumers to StoresCampaign Results:• Generated more than  18,000 new email  subscribers in just two  weeks.• Produced coupon  redemption rates of 20%! 
  49. 49. • The largest health care  insurer in the Mid‐Atlantic  region, serving 3.4 million  members • Provides services to  individuals and groups in  Maryland, the District of  Columbia and portions of  northern VirginiaCareFirst BCBS is a client ofMeers Advertising
  50. 50. Marketing Objectives• Generate leads within the  Individual Health Insurance Market  for CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield• Make it easy for individuals to  obtain a quote using a proprietary  Mobile Messaging Business  Process
  51. 51. Marketing Strategy• Target the Individual Health  Insurance Market                      [ 25 ‐ 44 year olds ]• Use signage at rail and bus  stations to invite individuals  to obtain an instant insurance  quote via text
  52. 52. How it Works• Individual texts the  word “HEALTHY” to  74574
  53. 53. How it Works• Individual receives an  automated text reply  requesting her age.• There are three routes  she can go to get a  quote: – Text to Quote – Mobile Website – Unique Phone Number
  54. 54. How it Works• She replies by sending  her age.• Prompted to reply with  gender.
  55. 55. How it Works• She replies with gender• Prompted to reply with  Zip Code
  56. 56. How it Works• Replies with Zip Code• Prompted to reply with  email address
  57. 57. How it Works• She replies with her  email address• Receives an instant  quote via text• Receives follow‐up text  announcing how to  apply
  58. 58. Auto Reply EmailCareFirst sends this follow‐up email to prospective customers prompting them to apply. Results• Campaign ran 20 Weeks• Generated 449 Inquiries• Produced 201 Leads• Increased Sales 10%
  59. 59. Siemens HealthcareUses MobileConnect™ to Convert Trade Show Attendees to Email Subscribers
  60. 60. Tradeshow Attendees areInvited to Text UPDATES toReceive ProgramUpdates via SMS
  61. 61. Building Your Email List How to Do It Right!Attract• Use SEO and SMS to attract potential customers to your website• Leverage social media. Invite “Fans & Followers” to Subscribe• Promote email sharing (Your Brand Fans are Your Best Marketers)Engage• Design your website/landing page to drive opt‐in. Keep it simple.• Give visitors a “reason” to subscribe; Provide an incentive• Show example of the email(s) the subscriber will receive.Serve• Send Welcome Email to thank the customer for subscribing• Invite subscribers to identify needs, interests, preferences• Ask “Who else could benefit from this information?”
  62. 62. Thanks!Joel BookExactTarget, Inc. @JoelBook