The Characteristics of Different Types of Logo


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Selecting the right type of logo design in an important step of logo designing process. Logo designer first conduct research on client's need and then choose an appropriate design. visit for more detail:

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The Characteristics of Different Types of Logo

  1. 1. The Characteristics of Different Types of Logo In modern competitive market, every business wants a unique appearance. Logo designing is an art that helps companies to stand out unique in market. Logo is not only a picture drawn using graphic elements. But, it is an effective representation of company's functionality and beliefs. This form of art has become an indispensable part of company's branding strategy. It provides visualization to brand name. It is an effective way to create brand awareness because graphics make a long time impression in viewer's mind. The best logo is not just a simple picture with elegant colour contrast. Depending on diversified needs and services of business, it comes in different sizes and needs. Understanding the basic classification of logos helps the logo designer to choose the most suitable type that best represents the business. Let us discuss some major types of logo. Types of logo: Wordmarks/typographic Wordmark is composed letters of brand name. No messy colours and shapes are used in this design. Fun is added to the brand name by using stylized font in elegant manners. Images can also be added with fonts to make it more customized and impressive. Most of the technology companies use Wordmark. Emblem In this type, emblematic symbols are used in combination with graphic elements and letters. Designer need to be very careful while designing emblem to maintain its readability of brand name. Emblems are the best to convey belief of company. It is mostly used by automobile and wearable companies. Lettermark It is the most commonly and interesting logo type. A lettermark is composed of either acronym of company name or leading characters of brand name. This type is used when company name is too hard to pronounce or too large to be used in design. The letter chosen must be able to represent company in right way.
  2. 2. Combination mark One of the best logo type. It is designed by combining a unique symbol with stylized font to make brand impact. It works great even when the viewer is unfamiliar with the brand. It is descriptive and straightforward design removes confusion. Brandmark/ symbol This is the most beautiful form of logo design. No letter or picture is used in this design. But only an inspiring symbol associated with brand is used. The symbol is strong enough to present positive attributes of company in elegant manner. This simple to look and complex to design logo requires high degree of creativity. This is best to represent a global brand name. Conclusion: Logo is the pivot for making a brand name live in market. Therefore, selection of a right design matters a lot for fruitful brand promotion. How much success a logo brings to business depends on effectiveness of design. After selecting an appropriate type, it is important to design a perky logo that can explain your business in right way in market. It must be simple to look, eye-catching, timeless, versatile and expressive enough to convey company's message.