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GP Communities / PPG DES Presentation / Patient Participation


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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GP Communities / PPG DES Presentation / Patient Participation

  1. 1. GP CommunitiesEasily fulfill the requirements of the PPG DES + © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  2. 2. HealthUnlocked | Who we are HealthUnlocked transforms patient experiences into clear understanding. We do this by enabling people to share online their health experiences and information that helps decision-making, improves health and well-being, and provides support. ✓ Full launch February 2011 ✓ 11,000+ members and growing 20% per month ✓ 4 hospitals using HU technology ✓ 80,000+ condition-specific posts ✓ 37 Patient Organisations working with us ✓ Over 50% active users ✓ Technology in-house ✓ NHS compliant Members Communities Visits11000 40 70000 8800 30 52500 6600 20 35000 4400 10 17500 2200 0 0 0 Jan Mar May Jul Sept Dec Feb April Jun Ago Oct Dec Feb April Jun Aug Oct 2 © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  3. 3. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities How does it work? Your HealthUnlocked Community is a one-stop solution to patient participation by streamlining the process of the PPG DES ✓ Agree Priorities with patients ✓ Create surveys ✓ Gather feedback on survey results ✓ Automate reports for your website and PCT ✓ Create a community of patients ✓ Gather stats on age, gender, ethnicity and more... © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  4. 4. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities Why do we need it? A recent Pulse Magazine article reported... “GP practices are confused and overburdened with paperwork as they struggle to meet the terms of the patient participation DES...” “We recently held a meeting of over 50 practice managers and the feedback was that people didnt know where to start with the patient survey.” - PULSE 18 August 2011 © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  5. 5. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities Why not use Facebook? or Twitter or SurveyMonkey... ➡ It’s a fragmented approach: it would require patients to use 2 to 3 different tools that were not designed to work together ➡ It’s time inefficient: surgeries will spend a significant amount time trying to create ways to integrate the various tools ➡ It simply won’t work- social media tools do not provide demographic data or other needed information for the DES © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  6. 6. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities Why the GP Communities work... ✓ The GP Communities were designed by a practice manager for practices ✓ They were designed to interact with patients and painlessly meet the requirements of the DES ✓ They are easy to use. The average age of a user in a similar HU product is 48 - it’s not just for kids ✓ It is time efficient and therefore cost efficient © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  7. 7. A quick tour of the GP Community... © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  8. 8. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities ➡ As patients sign up the appropriate demographics are collected © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  9. 9. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities ➡ Patient demographics are collated and grouped according to gender, age, and ethnicity © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  10. 10. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities ➡ When patients login for the first time they will help the practice determine areas of priority for the DES © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  11. 11. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities ➡ Once the areas of priority have been agreed, patients can take part in the practice survey © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  12. 12. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities ➡ Surveys are easy toquestions of your own questions or create create. Either use existing © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  13. 13. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities ➡ Surveys are user friendly, asking one question at a time with the option to go back and edit previous answers © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  14. 14. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities ➡ Once a survey is closed, the surgery can see statistics on each question of the survey to aid in creating a first draft of the action plan © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  15. 15. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities ➡ Once patients have commented on survey results, the practice can create an action plan and post it, giving patients the ability to vote on those actions they view as most important © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  16. 16. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities ➡ Once a surgery has followed the step-by-step guide, their PPG DES report will be automatically created with very little input needed from the surgery. © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  17. 17. The HealthUnlocked GP Community will easily fulfill therequirements of the Patient Participation DES for you © 2011 HealthUnlocked
  18. 18. HealthUnlocked | GP Communities So, if like most practices you’re not sure where to start or are simply looking for an easy solution to this DES, start by contacting us at Joel Patrick Senior Product Manager HealthUnlocked ( ----------------------------------------------- Email: Skype: joelapatrick Phone: 020 7407 8399 (general) Mobile: 07500 111 179 ----------------------------------------------- The Studio, 1 Coach House Mews, London, SE1 4PP © 2011 HealthUnlocked