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Social media content syndication management for business.

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  1. 1. Social Media Syndication Software for Business
  2. 2. Effective Social Media Syndication ● Content Distribution ○ Publish your content to over 81 pages on 50+ social media channels on auto-pilot with our Onlywire and Sendible integration. ● Content Syndication ○ Have your content syndicated to thousands of our members social media profiles using our patented algorithm. ● Full-Reports ○ See which social media channels your links has been shared on as well as who shared them and how often they shared it. You can also view your share history and pause or stop any posts.
  3. 3. Content Distribution ● Combination of our integration with Onlywire and Sendible allows your content to be published on up to 81 pages on 50+ social media channels. ● Supported Networks Include: ○ Facebook (News Feed, Status, Groups, Pages, Notes, Events) ○ Twitter ○ LinkedIn (Groups, Posts, Jobs, Promotions) ○ Social Book-marking (Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and many more) ○ Blogs (Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, and many more)
  4. 4. Content Syndication ● Our platform distributes your content to selected members social profiles using our technology. Users have complete-control over their content syndication, which networks their content gets published on, how many times and how often.
  5. 5. Full Reports ● View which users shared your content, where they shared it and how often.
  6. 6. Increase Traffic Our platform distributes your content to up to 50 social profiles managed by each member. That means every time you share your content on our platform, it has the potential to be seen by all of the people in their network whether its their friends or friends of friends. This can initiate a flood of views and clicks to your website
  7. 7. Improve SEO Social authority has been confirmed to be a ranking metric used by major search engines as part of their ranking algorithm. This means all the attention you’ve been generating via the various social media channels will only help push you up to the front page.
  8. 8. Brand Awareness Generate some serious social buzz that will only get better with each new member. Crowd Marketing can help grow your audience and is the key to popularity. It’s like having hundreds or even thousands of people help promote and bring awareness to your brand!
  9. 9. Questions You can contact our team in a few different ways: Via Twitter: @synd_help Via Facebook: syndicationmasters If you want you can browse our FAQ which may answer your questions even quicker!