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The True Sharing Economy

  1. ! ! ! The true sharing economy
 Sounds of thunder and the swarm

  2. It’s magic, y○
  3. Making dreams reality
  4. Joel Đietz ○ˣ “ So we see a natural divergence between localized community with strong links and large social networks with weak links …
 [T]he true basis of collaboration is reducible to a single word, “love.” If we are giving because we love, then it is good, The growth of anything good begins on this principle. ourselves because of that love. 
 This plants a seed. Maybe it is one that requires capital to water it, but for any greater flow, this is the way things go. As T.S. Eliot noted in his masterpiece, the Wasteland, w in the desert. It has been a long time since things rained. And yet, with OuiShare and other networks, there is the sound of thunder in the distance. ! When rain falls, there is necessarily some accumulation. Some trees grow bigger than others. Some even provide shade for many. This indicates that principle of growth is la single person. The joint efforts of many is necessary. ! Is this the “age of community” as the title of OuiShare fest ( indicates? I believe on the fringes of consumer society we are starting to jointly invent som and better, something with emergent properties that arises out of the collective passions of many and spills out and over through the basis of love. !
  5. VC today
  6. We in this society are deeply programmed for scarcity. This is not our fault. The whole system conspires to make us feel separate, anxious, and poor. On the deepest level, our cultural mythology holds us as discrete, separate individuals in a world of other, and our technology and social infrastructure reify that mythology, cutting us off from intimate connection with community and nature. Furthermore, the money system operates very much like a pyramid scheme, with all its attendant social dislocation and the constant, nagging feeling that one is constantly being ripped off. … It is time, past time, to adopt a new mythology and a different model of giving and receiving… the sacred power of the circle. ! - Charles Eisenstein
  7. Ecosystem design Ostrom
 Governance of the commons ! Christopher Alexander" ! ! 1. Define clear group boundaries. 2. Match rules governing use of common goods to local needs and conditions. 3. Ensure that those affected by the rules can participate in modifying the rules. 4. Make sure the rule-making rights of community members are respected by outside authorities. 5. Develop a system, carried out by community members, for monitoring members’ behavior. 6. Use graduated sanctions for rule violators. 7. Provide accessible, low-cost means for dispute resolution. 8. Build responsibility for governing the common resource in nested tiers from the lowest level up to the entire interconnected system. Pattern language ! Sunlight Spaces Old and young Agriculture City planning Sacred sites Beer hall Will Wright" ! Sim City Where can people sing, and drink, and shout and drink, and let go of their sorrows? Rudolf Steiner" ! Dee Hock"
  8. Does money have a future? However, while most people were busy thinking about the “future of money,” one surprising conclusion was suggested by a visiting Australian. Perhaps money — as we know it — is passing away, suggested Rachel Botsman of collaborative consumption fame. The alternative, “reputation currency,” suggests that we could be on the verge of non-monetary knowledge and value transfer that could surpass the value of money itself. !
  9. Silicon Valley Georges Doriot, aka the founder of venture capital Leland Stanford, aka I created all this stuff Labor can and will become its own employer through co-operative association. Money is the great tool through whose means labor and skill become universally co-operative. ! ! My ventures "have a spiritual value that I rate far above the material value one may place on them".
  10. What did these great founders have that you don’t have? Principle of reciprocity ! Leading by giving
  11. Stars?
  12. What is the Swarm? defense spirit economics *Georges Dumézil building growing trading spaces law art