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Recurring calendar


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Recurring calendar

  1. 1. Recurring Calendar with BlendCalendarJoe Kepley, Blend Interactive
  2. 2. eZ provides an events calendar, but it’s very basic Due to services like Google Calendar, users expect very advanced calendaring Recurring events is one of those modeling problems that seems easy on the surface, but is really quite complex.Presenter: Joe Kepley 2/9/12 SLIDE 1
  3. 3. Record per event, separate storage of recurrence rules Natural extension of single event storage with a rules table Easy to understand Easy to query Requires generation of events via scheduled job Multiple records per occurrencePresenter: Joe Kepley 2/9/12 SLIDE 1
  4. 4. Single event storage with separate storage for recurring events Storage is bifurcated All recurring events have to be checked on each pass Complex queriesPresenter: Joe Kepley 2/9/12 SLIDE 2
  5. 5. Another option?Presenter: Joe Kepley 2/9/12 SLIDE 3
  6. 6. Can we make it actually work? Optimization Assumptions In most applications, one-time events are the 80-90% case. Typical event load is in the <10,000/year range. Data is only queried across a given range. This month or year, not all future points.Presenter: Joe Kepley 2/9/12 SLIDE 4
  7. 7. Calendar
  8. 8. Needs work! Translations Date exceptions within a recurring rule Time zone bugs/testing Improvements to data model Joe Kepley 2/9/12 SLIDE 4