Forty But Not Finished!


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Think you can\'t find a job if you are over 40? Think Again!

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Forty But Not Finished!

  1. 1. Forty: But NOT Finished! Job Search Suggestions for the Boomer Generation
  2. 2. Program Outline Unemployment update Are You Finished at 40? The Facts. Ten Reasons to Hire Boomers Tips for Mature Job Seekers How to “Age Proof” Your Resume How to “Age Proof” a Job Interview Job Search Strategies for Boomers
  3. 3. Unemployment Update Currently 12.4% in Hillsborough 9.6% across the US 1933 Great Depression, unemployment - 25% 7 years and a world war for economic recovery In 2010, if using same measurement unemployment - 23%
  4. 4. Are You Finished at 40? Are you too young to retire but to old to find work? 57% of job seekers age 55 to 64 find new work 43% don’t, but is it because of the economy, age discrimination, or an ineffective job search?
  5. 5. Surprising Stats! 55+ have the lowest unemployment rate of all ages (6.9% versus 9.6% for overall population) 55+ out of work for 35.5 weeks versus 30.3 weeks for those 25 to 54 (only five weeks difference!) 55+ are the only age group experiencing employment gains! Biggest gains? Management, professional and related occupations.
  6. 6. Ten Reasons to Hire Boomers Boomers are the best team players in the workforce – that’s a fact! We are punctual and yet flexible when it comes to work schedules. Stability, continuity and loyalty Communicate in complete sentences (no thx…cul8tr) More experience – less need to train, short learning curve, hit the ground running!
  7. 7. Ten Reasons to Hire Boomers 6. Less absenteeism 7. Great mentor for younger workers 8. Extensive network of business contacts 9. Mature negotiation skills 10. Our tattoo's are hidden, and our “rings” are on our fingers – not our faces!
  8. 8. Hiring Concerns Survey of 428 HR executives said…… 53% of older job seekers don’t keep up with technology 28% of older workers are less flexible 19% want more $ than the company is willing to pay
  9. 9. “ Over Qualified?” Easy “out” for interviewers Resume spells out your qualifications Address it head-on up front Don’t become defensive Ask for clarification (specific concerns) Address their concerns “ I’m interested in this new opportunity” “ I am interested in this industry/company” “ I like the schedule flexibility” “ Salary is not the top priority”
  10. 10. Tips for Mature Job Seekers Dismantle the myths Sick more often Not flexible Younger and older workers will clash Only looking ahead to the day they retire Unwilling to keep up with technology No enthusiasm, “doing the time collecting the dime” Cost more than younger employees
  11. 11. Tips for Mature Job Seekers Emphasize past examples of loyalty Demonstrate your knowledge without being a “know it all” Be accommodating (re: schedule of interviewer) Emphasize recent relative experience and quantifiable accomplishments Look and act young!
  12. 12. How to “Age Proof” Your Resume Only list the past 10-15 years of experience Don’t say “Over 15 years of experience” Put earlier related work experience under “Additional Qualifications” Don’t list graduation dates Don’t include age dating pictures List technology training (MS Office Suite, etc) List your cell phone number on your resume List your LinkedIn profile URL on your resume
  13. 13. How to “Age Proof” Your Interviews Take a “Pre-Application” to remember details Dress neatly and fashionably (Lose the “Frump Factor”) Don’t wear perfume or cologne Be prepared to answer the 90% question Be prepared for “You are over qualified” Don’t say “At my age all I’m looking for is…” Speak clearly – no filler words (uhh, ah’s) Show enthusiasm! Demonstrate your experience using PAR Problem – Action - Result
  14. 14. Job Search Strategies At age 40, 40% of employers won’t hire you At age 50, 60% of employers won’t hire you At age 60, 80% of employers won’t hire you But……
  15. 15. Job Search Strategies If at age 40, if you targeted 10 companies, 6 would consider hiring you. If at age 58 (and wiser) you broadened your targeted search to 30 companies, that still leaves 6 that would consider hiring you –the same number as at age 40!
  16. 16. Job Search Strategies Identify your skills/strengths Contact companies that hire people with your skills before they post a job Changing careers? Try job shadowing. Offer employers a 60 day trial (or internship) Consider project management or consulting Volunteer to serve on industry association boards – be visible!
  17. 17. Job Search Strategies Show them the benefits How you can solve their problems How they will be able to benefit from your years of experience For less money than a younger employee Using technology Your dedication Your enthusiasm Your leadership/mentoring capabilities
  18. 18. Job Search Strategies Expand your job search geographically to a nationwide search. When you find a good match, regardless of the location, – send your resume. When they call for an interview – offer to do the job virtually from your current location, with travel as required. Offer them a plan of how you will do this.
  19. 19. Things to Remember 70% of the time your next job will come from a person who has known you for more than one year, knows your capabilities, and is willing to recommend you to a prospective employer. Volunteer in organizations to showcase your skills Your resume needs to be tailored to the needs of the employer. You may need to consider non-traditional method’s of employment such as project or independent contractual or consulting work .
  20. 20. Things to Remember You might consider expanding your job search geographically to open up more opportunities. Think outside the traditional “box”. Consider the possibilities of working remotely in a virtual position.
  21. 21. Forty: But NOT Finished! Developed and presented by Joe H. Jones, Executive Director Career Ministries Tampa, Florida 813-960-1876 [email_address]