Rizal's Life, Works and Writings Chapter 7: Paris to berlin


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Rizal's Life, Works and Writings Chapter 7: Paris to berlin

  1. 1. Paris to Berlin<br />Chapter 7<br />Jane M. Joe & Carlo Constantino<br />In Gay Paris<br />Maximo viola- a medical student and a member of a rich family of San Miguel, Bulacan.<br />Senor Eusebio Corominas- editor of the newspaper La Publicidad.<br />Don Miguel Morayta- owner of La Publicidad<br />Dr. Louis de Weckert- A leading French ophthalmologist where Rizal worked with him as an assistant.<br />Pardo De Taveras – the residence where Rizal would stay and relax<br />Paz Pardo de Taveras- the of Juan Luna <br />The monkey and the turtle- where Luna drew a series of sketches for his wife.<br />The death of Cleopatra- where Rizal posed as an Egyptian priest<br />The blood compact- where Rizal posed as Sikatuna and Trinidad de Taveras as Legazpi<br />Rizal as a Musician<br />Rizal learned to play the piano piano,solfeggio,voice culture in a month and a half. <br />Rizal composed three musical pieces namely:<br />Leonor<br />El canto del Prisionero, A anza<br />Alin mang lahi <br />In Historic Heidelberg <br />Rizal became a member of a chess club from the students of university of Heidelberg.<br />Pastor Karl Ullmer- Rizal’s Lutheran minister friend.<br />Dr. Javier Galezowsky- Famous polish ophthalmologist where Rizal worked as an assistant.<br />Dr. Otto Becker- A great german ophthalmologist where Rizal studied with him in the field of ophthalmology.<br />To the Flowers of Heidelberg- Rizal’s poem in Heidelberg as he was wandering through Neckar River.<br />First letter to Blumentritt<br />Ferdinand Blumentritt- Director of Leitmetriz, Austria. Rizal sent him a letter with an attached book from a fellowman in the Philippines entitled “Arithmetica” by Rufino Baltazar Hernandez from Santa Cruz, Laguna.<br />Rizal Goes to Leipzig<br />Schillers William Tell- Rizal translated this book from German to Tagalog for Filipinos to know about the Swiss independence. <br />Han’s Andersens Fairy Tales- Rizal also translated his to tagalong for his nephews and nieces. <br />Dr. Feodor Jagor- German Scientist traveler and author of Travels in the Philippines<br />Dr. Rudolf Virchow- Professor of descriptive Anatomy, who also recognized Rizal’s genius.<br />Rizal’s Life in Berlin<br />Rizal’s main purpose of staying in unified Germany:<br />To gain further knowledge of ophthalmology<br />To further his studies of science and languages<br />To observe conditions of the German nation <br />To associate with famous German scientist and Scholars<br />To finish his novel Noli Me Tangere<br />Madame Lucie Gerdolle- who taught Rizal the various languages that he needs to know. <br />Rizal on German Women<br />On a letter he wrote to His sister Trinidad, Rizal described the German women to be:<br />Serious <br />Diligent<br />Educated<br />Friendly<br />Not gossipy<br />Not frivolous <br />Not quarrelsome<br />Rizal noted that the women in the Philippines are more concerned of what their clothing than of what they know. <br />