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The Book Project


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For their final exam in English writing, I asked my students to make a book, a compilation of their homework and articles.

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The Book Project

  1. 1. The Book Project (Final Exam) By Joei Villarama
  2. 2. For the final exam, you will collect and compile all your homework and make a BOOK. This book will be submitted to me on the week before the final exams.
  3. 3. You can bind your book in different ways. Choose what is appropriate for you based on your design and budget.
  4. 4. You can have a lot of fun with the cover and the binding.
  5. 5. Let your creativity run wild!
  6. 6. What’s on the cover? Title of the book -- make your own title Your English and Chinese name, student number and class number
  7. 7. Table of Contents Page Acknowledgement 1 Introduction 2 Articles and Stories 3 - 22 Works from Other Classes 23 - 29 English Inspiration 30 - 35 First Drafts (original homework) 36 - 42 This is just an example. You can make your own Table of Contents the way you want.
  8. 8. Under English Inspiration, you can put the following: • Articles that you found on the internet that you like and that you find inspiring • Websites and video links that you like and enjoy But make sure you put an introduction explaining why you like the articles, website and video links that you include.
  9. 9. If you want, you can also include some of your English works from other classes that you feel you want to include in your book. If you have an English diary, include your diary entries.
  10. 10. DO NOT WORRY IF YOU LOST OR THREW AWAY SOME OF YOUR HOMEWORK. You can re-write your homework. If you do not remember the topics, ask me.
  11. 11. DO NOT WORRY IF YOUR articles are too short or if you just have a few pages of homework for the book. You can write a daily diary to make your book longer. You can add more pictures and put sentences to label the pictures.
  12. 12. Timetable(Wednesday Class) First Draft Second Draft Start typing your articles and start preparing your book. Final Submission
  13. 13. First Draft Second Draft Start typing your articles and start preparing your book. Final Submission Timetable(Friday Class)
  14. 14. Timetable(Monday Class) First Draft Second Draft Start typing your articles and start preparing your book. Final Submission
  15. 15. Don’t worry about the drafts. You can show me whatever you have. It doesn’t have to be finished. It will NOT be graded. You will show it to me so that I can help you work on it and improve it and make sure you can make the final book as best you can.
  16. 16. Deadlines(Wednesday Class) First Draft – December 3 Second Draft – December 24 Final Submission – January 7
  17. 17. Deadlines(Friday Class) First Draft – December 5 Second Draft – December 26 Final Submission – January 9
  18. 18. Deadlines(Monday Class) First Draft – December 8 Second Draft – December 29 Final Submission – January 5
  19. 19. What you should do NOW • Start typing NOW • Start thinking about your book • Prepare & conceptualize
  20. 20. Feel free to include pictures, drawings and whatever you like in your book. Make sure it is an expression of YOURSELF. Be creative. Be wild. Have fun!
  21. 21. Calculation of Grades Your daily performance will be the average of ALL your homework. Your final exam will be based on the book. The grade will be your daily performance average grade PLUS your book grade. This means that, if your daily performance grade is 60 – you can get 61 – 70 final grade depending on your book 70 – you can get 71 – 80 final grade depending on your book 80 – you can get 81 - 90 final grade depending on your book 90 – you can get 91 – 100 final grade depending on your book So your grade can ONLY get HIGHER if you submit a book. It cannot be lower. It will only be lower if you do not submit a book or if you do not put any effort on the book.
  22. 22. PLEASE NOTE: After I grade the books, they will be submitted to the English Department. I do not know if they will give you back the books. I will also ask some of you to give me an electronic file of your book. I will ask some of you to save your book on a USB so I can save it on my laptop.
  23. 23. Goals of the Book Project • Develop the skill of editing • Develop an awareness of grammar mistakes, Chinglish, bad sentence structure • Ensure that there is improvement in your writing • Practice helping each other • Express yourself and be creative
  24. 24. Get a partner and ask other people to help you check your work. You can ask your classmate or even people from other classes or year levels.
  25. 25. Make a book that you would be proud of and that you would be proud to show your parents and your future children.