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APA 2013 Planning in the Shadow of Gotham (S639)


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This session considers how cities plan and succeed in the shadow of larger cities. The focus of the presentation was on the interrelations ship between San Jose and San Francisco economically and socially. It was presented at the 2013 Planning Association National Conference in Chicago.

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APA 2013 Planning in the Shadow of Gotham (S639)

  1. 1. Planning in thePlanning in theShadow of GothamShadow of GothamJoseph HorwedelJoseph HorwedelCity of San JoseCity of San Jose
  2. 2. APA Divisions20 divisions established to advance theplanning practice.They give members opportunities todiscuss ides, contribute to national policywork, build partnerships and developconference sessions.$25 per year per division.
  3. 3. City Planning and ManagementDivisionMission to “advance the practice ofcity planning and management in thelarge-city setting."• a focus upon planning agencymanagement,• an orientation toward big cities, and• an emphasis upon the practical over thetheoretical.Supports the New Director Institute each year.
  4. 4. OurFairCity
  5. 5. City boundaries are invisible tocompanies and residents
  6. 6. Existing within many GothamsExisting within many Gothams
  7. 7. Change in Share of Regional Population60%25% 25%
  8. 8. Office Space Near TransitAlthough only 28% ofthe region’s officespace is within a halfmile of rail, most jobsare at most a few milesfrom rail stations.(Map produced by Mark Shorett for SPUR)
  9. 9. Jobs Near TransitLess than half of regionaljobs are within a half mileof regional transit and aquarter mile of frequentlocal transit.(Map produced by Mark Shorett for SPUR)
  10. 10. Regional Workforce MobilityOur workersmovebetween thethreePeninsulaCountiesdaily.
  11. 11. Cities that can’t attract youngprofessionals and immigrantswill shrink
  12. 12. Talent battlesStamen Designs researchestimated that the busestransport roughly 7,500 techemployees a day, Mondaythrough Friday, and concludedthat the unmarked buses ferry athird as many commuters asride on Caltrain, a commutertrain that travels between SanFrancisco and San Jose.Business Insider Oct 12, 2012
  13. 13. We are strong still in attracting thebest and brightest
  14. 14. Investing in the future• Updating San Jose’s General plan• Creating fiscal and organizational stability• Promoting community quality of life• Participating in economic development,environmental sustainability, affordablehousing, etc.
  15. 15. Complete NeighborhoodsPilot project withWalkscorelooking ataccess to freshfood in 5 minutewalk
  16. 16. Being Neurotic Always Helps
  17. 17. Serving our customers6 months 20121.7 million squarefeet approvedConstructionvaluation of $65.4million.3 months 2013.45 million squarefeet approvedConstructionvaluation of $24.7million.Goal is to walk into plan review meeting and walk out with a permit.•Our staff and project design team review plans and resolve issues.•Decision makers are required in the room.
  18. 18. Tech Companies Served by Expedited Permit Process in 2012
  19. 19. Planning in thePlanning in theShadow of GothamShadow of GothamJoseph HorwedelJoseph HorwedelCity of San JoseCity of San Jose