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441 settings manager

EECS 441 - project intro

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441 settings manager

  1. 1. Settings Manager Garrett Hamers Joe Finkel Nicholas Richter
  2. 2. What Is It? ● An interface to quickly select and apply a configuration of phone settings (Wi-fi, brightness, ringer volume…) ● Create their own configurations
  3. 3. Foreseeable Challenges *Collaboration *Android API *The variety of phones and devices (possibly difficult to adjust settings on multiple kinds of hardware)
  4. 4. Milestones Week Garrett Nick Joe October 7 Presentation Presentation and SRS Doc Presentation and SRS Doc October 21 Build clay model Design UI Design UI October 28 Start Back End Start UI Start UI November 4 Half of Back End Continue UI Assist with Back End November 11 Continue back end Continue UI Begin to connect UI and back end November 18 Finish building functionality Finish UI and Connect Finish Connecting November 25 Test Test Test December 2 Fix bugs Fix bugs Fix bugs December 9 Fix bugs Fix bugs Fix bugs