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  1. 1. Educational Path Giuseppe “Joe” Di Donna
  2. 2. General Information  Education in Italy is free and compulsory from 6-25 years of age, and is divided into five stages: kindergarten (scuola materna), elementary school (scuola elementare), middle school (scuola media), high school (liceo) and university (università). Italy has both public and private education systems. Italy has a large selection of universities.
  3. 3. Elementary School (Scuola Elementare)  I have started Elementary School at 6 years old care of Scuola Elementare Gino Capponi – Milan – Italy.  After 5 years, I obtained the Diploma di Scuola Elementare
  4. 4. Middle School (Scuola Media)  I attended courses care of Scuola Media “Zaccaria” – Milan – Italy.  After 3 years, I obtained the Diploma di Scuola Media Inferiore
  5. 5. High School (Liceo Classico)  I attended courses care of Liceo Classico Edmondo De Amicis – Milan – Italy  After 5 years I have obtained the High School Diploma in Classical Studies (Maturità Classica)
  6. 6. 1976 High School Diploma in Classical Studies
  7. 7. University  I have attended many courses in Medicine and Surgery care of the Università degli Studi di Pavia for some years (4). Because I belong to a medical family (father and grandfather) I have passed some exams (Biology and Genetics, Social Psychology, Microbiology, Mental Hygiene, Chemical, Anatomy, Biochemical, etc.), but I haven't obtained the final degree because I have changed my educational path.
  8. 8. University  I attended courses care of Università degli Studi di Milano  On 1987, I have obtained the Master of Arts (Laurea Magistrale) in Political Sciences, specialized in Social Political, orientation in Sociology.
  9. 9. University Degree
  10. 10. University Dissertation (Tesi)  Dissertation of research about: “Woman’s image within the nowadays’ advertising- panorama” with the tutoring of Stefano Draghi Professor of Methodology of Sociological Research. Prof. Stefano Draghi
  11. 11. PhD in Social and Political Sciences  On 2010, I have started my PhD programme for the University of Lausanne (CH) care of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (SSP).
  12. 12. PhD in Social and Political Sciences  The theme of my research is “History of the Italian promotion in Switzerland 1919-1943”.  My professor is Gianni Haver. He is Professeur de Sociologie de l’Image care of UNIL – SSP.
  13. 13. Professional Association  Member of Swiss Marketing Association.  Swiss Marketing is the professional association for marketing experts. It concentrates the specialist knowledge of almost 4,000 technical managers from a wide range of industries.  Swiss Marketing has a broad presence in Switzerland where it is firmly established in 35 regional clubs, the association’s living cells, where knowledge and experience is shared at the managerial and technical levels.
  14. 14. Letters of recommendations
  15. 15. Letters of recommendations
  16. 16. Articles
  17. 17. Articles
  18. 18. Congresses
  19. 19. Congresses BiTS Communication & Media Conference September 12, 2012 "Social Media Optimization for SuperClubs Breezes Resorts and SPAs” “Integrated Marketing Communications for luxury hospitality ” “Journée de la recherche 2012”