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Do the acronyms: 3G, 4G, NFC, LBS, QR, AR, GPS sound like a foreign language? Do you wonder how these technologies relate to professional meeting planners? It is estimated that two thirds of the world's population have a mobile phone.

The growth of smartphones is unprecedented. Smartphone usage amongst meeting and conference attendees is generally higher than the other users. Alongside the increasing useage of smartphones comes the unprescedented growth of mobile apps. Attendees are increasingly expecting mobile apps at all meetings they attend. Learn how mobile apps can:

- Improves attendee engagement
- Increase attendance
- Facilitate surveying and polling
- Help onsite management
- Develop do-it-yourself apps
- Review new apps that you can use in your job

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  • SPINCon 2012

    1. 1. Lions & Tigers & Apps, Oh My! Presented By: MeetingApps.com Joseph Lo: jlo@encorewebstudios.com
    2. 2. Mobile Technology Around Us
    3. 3. Meeting Focus SurveyThe three most common reasons for not using a mobileapp for meetings are:1. Not certain of the options available2. Our attendees are not ready (not the right demographic)3. Too costly/no budget
    4. 4. Mobile Apps Takeaways1. A starting point for building a mobile app for your meeting2. How to get your attendees more engaged with apps3. How to create apps for low cost4. Knowledge of new apps that will benefit your job
    5. 5. Apple
    6. 6. Apple
    7. 7. MeetingApps.com
    8. 8. Growth of MobileMobile Stats:• Over 4.6 billion people use at least one mobile device• Mobile internet use will surpass traditional desktopinternet use by 2014 (Mary Meeker)• 10 billion mobile internet devices willbe in use worldwide by 2016(Pew Research Center)• Each day, 850,000 Android devicesare activated
    9. 9. Growth of AppsApp Stats:• App Store: 725,000 Apps, and over 25 Billiondownloads• Google Play (for Android Apps): 600,000 Apps and over15 Billion downloads• Windows has just over 80,000 apps• BlackBerry® has about 70,000 apps
    10. 10. Growth of Apps Chart
    11. 11. Growth of Apps in Meeting Planning• Maritz Research: 64% believe that all presentationswill be downloaded to mobile• Over 200 companies offering meeting apps• Cvent acquired both Seed Labs and Crowd Compass• Crowd Compass: from 20 meeting apps to over 250apps in one year• Expo Magazine: 21% smart phone apps as a toppriority for 2013 vs. 5% in 2012
    12. 12. How Apps Help Your Events• Improves Attendee Engagement• Real Time Distribution of Information• Environmentally Friendly• Polling and Surveys• Onsite Management
    13. 13. App Development• Web App• Native App• Custom App• Multi-Purpose App• Single Purpose / Specialized App• DIY App
    14. 14. Internal Process1. Internal Objectives2. Organize Your Content3. Prepare Milestones4. Interview Developer5. Market the Apps
    15. 15. Choose a Platform
    16. 16. Web vs. Native Picture
    17. 17. Benefits of Web Apps• Web based content• Runs on all platforms• Support one code base• URL access• No approval• Good performance• Inexpensive
    18. 18. HTML 5 Offline Modehttp://eventmobi.com/spincon12/
    19. 19. Benefits of Native Apps• No network connectivity required• More features• Faster performance• Push messaging• Self contained
    20. 20. App Developers• Updatable agenda• Attendee profiles• Speaker and exhibitor info• Interactive Floor Maps• Push messaging• Attendee to attendee messaging• Social media integration• Surveys and evaluation
    21. 21. Developer Chart
    22. 22. Networking• Attendee Matchmaking• Location based networking
    23. 23. Gamification ComponentGamification incorporated into their apps:Build your own games:
    24. 24. Speaker ToolsHelp speakers deliver truly interactive sessionsNearpod Meeting Projectorfy Mobile Remote JumiOne Mgr Pro Mouse Mouse
    25. 25. WayfindingWayfinding apps:• Core Apps Follow Me• Sherpa Solution• Event Navigator• Insiteo• Point Inside• Here 2 There
    26. 26. Polling and SurveyConsider these apps for audience response:• PollDaddy • Push One• TouchPoint • iSurvey• Opinionmeter • Vision Tree• Survey Gizmo • Zwoor Survey• Poll Everywhere • Quicktapsurvey• Projectorfy
    27. 27. Costs• Custom Development Costs• Licensing Costs• DIY App: Monthly Costs• Budget• Sponsorship
    28. 28. Apps for EventsPaid DIYs:
    29. 29. Do It Yourself Apps for EventsFree DIY Apps:
    30. 30. Do It Yourself Apps for Events Bizzabo
    31. 31. Do It Yourself Apps for Events Bizzabo
    32. 32. Do It Yourself Apps for Events Bizzabo
    33. 33. Do It Yourself Apps for Events Bizzabo
    34. 34. Do It Yourself Apps for Events Bloodhound http://spincon.getbloodhound.com/
    35. 35. Do It Yourself AppsFree Ad Supported: Monthly Cost:• Infinite Monkeys• AppMakr • Bizness Apps • Swebapps • GenwiFree Web / Blogging Tools: • App Press• Tumblr • My App Builder• Weebly • TapLynx• WordPress • AppBreeder
    36. 36. Future of Apps• NFC: Near Field Communication• Radio frequency tocommunicate with other devices• Data can be exchanged withcontact or close proximity
    37. 37. How Apps Help You!• Increase productivity• Greater mobility• Information at your finger tips• Save time and money• Prevent stress
    38. 38. For Meeting PlannersTravel Alerts – Flight Track Pro
    39. 39. For Meeting PlannersLocalization - Word Lens
    40. 40. For Meeting PlannersExchange Money, Call Cab, Explore the City
    41. 41. For Meeting PlannersSite Inspections – AutoStitch
    42. 42. For Meeting PlannersSite Inspections – Photosynth
    43. 43. For Meeting Planners Evernote
    44. 44. For Meeting Planners Remote Desktop
    45. 45. For Meeting Planners Super Planner
    46. 46. For Meeting Planners Presentation Apps
    47. 47. For Meeting Planners Presentation Apps
    48. 48. For Meeting Planners Presentation Apps
    49. 49. For Meeting Planners Presentation Apps
    50. 50. Thank You!Slides: http://www.encorewebstudios.com/spincon12 Joseph Lo: jlo@encorewebstudios.com