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Sibale, Romblon Master Development Plan


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Master Development Plan developed for the Municipality of Concepcion, Romblon.

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Sibale, Romblon Master Development Plan

  1. 1. SIBALE MASTER DEVELOPMENT PLAN Prepared For Mayor Limuel Cipriano and the Municipal Government of Sibale, Romblon Visit us at By Jose F. Rafols, PE Licensed Professional Industrial Engineer Riverside, California SEPTEMBER 11, 2008
  4. 4. CONTENTS Vision and Mission Statement ………… …… 1 Management ………………………….…… ….. 2 Utilities ………………………………… ………….3 Infrastructures …………………………………… 4 Environment ………………………………….….. 5 Museum, Parks & Recreation ………… ………. 6 Telecommunications …………………… ….……7 Transportations …………………………… ……. 8 Cooperatives ……………………… ……………. 10 Health and Social Services ………… …………. 11 Tourisms …………………………………………. 12 Educational Services …………………………… 13 Banking, Investment and Finance …………….. 14 Youth Development and Leadership …….……. 15 Sport Development …………………….……….. 16 Cottage Industries ………………………………. 17 Literacy and Senior Activities ………… ……... 18 Peace and Order ……………………… ……… 19 Summary …………………………………………. 20 Conclusion ……………………………………….. 21 1
  6. 6. VISION Become self-reliance and the model in municipal governance. MISSION STATEMENT To provide community services to the municipality of Sibale sincerely and free of partisan politics, establish formation centers to train town and barrio leaders for the greatest usefulness in the causes of humanity, freedom, and dignity of the individual, to provide recognition for a high standard of accomplishment among citizens of Sibale: to promote and encourage youth participation in the development of the town of Sibale by conducting leadership conferences and workshops; and to engender certain desirable qualities of personality, intellect, and character among its population. Excellence among its council members and relationships will be nurtured, opportunity for leadership training will be provided and relationships for the betterment of Sibale will be fostered. In the conduct of our services, truth shall be our quest, diligence our staff, and world class community services our purpose. VISION & MISSION STEMENT 2-1
  7. 7. MANAGEMENT 3
  8. 8. Organizational Chart MUNICIPAL COUNCIL MUNICIPAL MANAGER SANITATION FINANCE SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT Hired by the Mayor to Implement projects Initiated & approved by the Mayor & The municipal council. Manage functional groups. Prepares budgets, controls revenue receipts,and accounting Cleanliness and sanitation maintenance Network devices, phones , website development Information processing, and technology TAXATION Develop sources of revenue From sales taxes, use tax, Etc. MAYOR Approves ordinances, Rules & policies Promulgate ordinances, Policies and procedures ENGINEERING AUDIT Design, build & maintain Facilities. Bids & Evaluation. Initiate construction projects. Operations auditing for operations compliance TOURISM Plans and initiation tourism projects 3-1
  9. 9. Management FUNCTION OF THE MAYOR APPOINTS MUNICIPAL DEPARTMENT HEADS. ENACTS ORDINANCES, RESOLUTIONS AND ORDERS. PROPOSES ANNUAL BUDGET APPROVES FINANCING OF MUNICIPALITY OPERATIONS. AUTHORIZES CONTRACTS ON BEHALF OF THE MUNICIPALITY. MUNICIPAL MANAGER The governance of the the municipality of Sibale cannot be handled totally by the Office of the Mayor. To effectively manage and control the activities of the various offices, a Municipal Manager is suggested to be added to the staff of the Office of the Mayor to assist the Mayor and the Municipal Council in the management activities. The presence of a Municipal Manager will untie the mayor of some of the day to day activities that are not essential for his control. Hiring and termination of the Municipal Manager is subject to approval by the Municipal Council. 3-2
  10. 10. Management COUNCIL OF ADVISERS Expert advice can come in many ways to supplement the effective management of the municipality. These advice can be sought from the creation of the following ; Council Of Elders – this constitute surviving elected Mayors of the municipality of Concepcion Engineering Advisers – consisting of all kinds of engineering Discipline, .Other Advisers – as approved by the Municipal Council EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Normally members of the executive Council are the heads of the departments such as the Municipal Manager, Chief of Police, Health Services Director, Water Services Manager, Power Services Manager, Information Technology Manager, Finance Services Manager, Budget Officer, Facilities and Industrial Engineering Manager, etc. URBAN PLANNER Sibale management should start using the services of an Urban Planner. The Urban Planner make plans on the proper locations of the various services provided by the municipality. It determines where the roads are to be built, buildings to be constructed, etc. Ray Famarin who works at the City of Paranaque can be a resource person. 3-3
  11. 11. Eminent domain may be required for the expansion of roads and services. Roads should be properly marked and location of service facilities properly identified. By having a layout of the town proper improvements in all kinds of infrastructure can easily be determined. Water Distribution SYSTEM 3-4
  12. 12. Management ETHICS TRAINING All public employees and elected officials performing community service should be required to attend ETHICS training sponsored by the Municipal Government Training Department. It should be a mandatory requirement for employment. Trainers can be sought from the provincial government or national government if no local trainier is available RETIREES ARE PRECIOUS RESOURCE Retirees are precious resource in many aspect of the community development. We have retired engineers, teachers, agriculturist, surveyors, police officers, medical practitioners, fisherman, computer technicians, sanitation workers, etc. By bringing them to volunteer their expertise like in adult education, urban planning, cottage industries training, computer training, school off hours activities, senior activities, etc. all of them contributing their knowledge will assist our officials towards the growth and prosperity of our beloved island Sibale. 3-5
  13. 13. Management VOLUNTEER PROJECT COORDINATOR There are many projects that need to be accomplished, either infrastructure or social projects that can be channeled through community volunteer program. We have many civic, religious and social organizations operating in the municipality. Not only organizations but individuals who have the willingness to donate their time, talent and treasures for the development of the municipality. It is just a matter of resourcefulness and dedication to search and place in a data base so that whenthe need arise they are available to put into action. Volunteerism can come in many forms. HERE’S A VOLUNTEER There are many projects that need to be accomplished, either infrastructure or social projects that can be channeled through community volunteer program. We have many civic, religious and social organizations operating in the municipality. Not only organizations but individuals who have the willingness to donate their time, talent and treasures for the development of the municipality. It is just a matter of resourcefulness and dedication to search and place in a data base so that when the need arise they are available to put into action. Volunteerism can come in many forms. 3-6
  14. 14. TRANSPORTATION 3-6-1
  15. 15. Management SCHEDULE TOWN MEETINGS Town meetings should be scheduled on a regular basis to update the people on the progress of various development in the island either political or social. This town meetings are followed up with Barangay meetings also on a regular basis. The gathering of people on regular basis establish trust and harmonious relationship among each people. The town people should be educated also on the proper use of the environment, health and safety. Education of the population is a continuous task of the municipal government. People should be aware that disposing human waste in the shores of th island is unhealthful. Bacteria that contaminate the waters and therefore contaminate the living matters. And it goes to humans when consumed by them. Resident should be updated on the what is happening in the community, projects and its services being provided as well as how people can contribute to the progress of the community. It is a bipartisan efforts and every citizens concerns. Continuous education is essential in educating residents of the expanding discovery of modern technology and processes. 3-7
  16. 16. Barangay Hall built in every barangay’s to conduct town hall meetings and other official Business.. Water Distribution SYSTEM 3-7-1
  17. 17. Management EXERCISE EMINENT DOMAIN Infrastructures development such as roads and facilities for public use are subject to imposition of eminent domain. Its application can not be challenge in the court of law. When eminent domain is applied to certain private that subject private property will be compensated properly according to existing fair value. The subject of eminent domain should be one of the subject to be taken during town or barangay meetings for people to understand the impact of eminent domain on certain circumstances. By doing so it will avoid future legal battles or lawsuits. It is very important that the local residents should understand about eminent domain. 3-8
  18. 18. Management GOVERNMENT OWNED PROPERTY The municipal government owned considerable amount of property in the island either by acquisition or as provided by law. By acquisition, these are properties where the municipal building were built together with service facilities. This includes land and buildings where the principal facilities are located. Others are land acquired that are needed to build roads and bridges. By law, the mountains and the coastal areas are government owned properties. Under law it has a point of measurement and can be figured out by government geodetic engineers. The exemption are ancestral lands that are governed by traditions and were sold by previous government authorities to private resident. Those residents occupying space in the coastal areas should be paying leases if not titled or property tax if titled. The three miles away from the sea shore, the navigation and the harvest of living matters are under the control of the government. The government can impose ordinances in the use of the sea surrounding the island. 3-9
  19. 19. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES <ul><li>An industrial engineer is a well rounded professional who performs a variety in productivity </li></ul><ul><li>and facilities improvement task such as: </li></ul><ul><li>Develop facilities layout and improvement of the various offices and service areas for optimum process flow thereby providing efficient services to the community of the various department. </li></ul><ul><li>Develop energy plans to conserve the proper use of energy. </li></ul><ul><li>Develop Master plans for the efficient use of building and government owned buildings </li></ul><ul><li>Develop work layouts and ergonomics assessments so employees can have a comfortable working environment. </li></ul><ul><li>Prepare project feasibility studies for submission to banks and financial institutions for income generating projects that the government is planning to implement. </li></ul><ul><li>Prepare documentations required to various national departments requesting for funding of government provided services. </li></ul><ul><li>Prepare economic equipment justification for budgeted capital projects. </li></ul><ul><li>Conduct space planning for the efficient use of building space and proper allocation or assignment to other facilities that are essential for execution such as a space for a library, museum, etc. </li></ul><ul><li>Develop other plans for the reduction of cost and effectively enhancing services for the will of the resident. </li></ul>INCLUDE AN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER IN THE STAFF 3-10
  20. 20. OFFICES OFFICES 1-Displays of products produced in Sibale 2, Souvenir displays about places of interest at Sibale 3- chairs for visitors 4- Receptionist (handles information inquiries on products, schedule of trips, answers calls about accommodations, guiding visitors to the right office, etc. 1 2 4 3 LOBBY LAYOUT OF THE LOBBY AREA AT THE MUNICIPAL BUILDING 3-11
  21. 21. SA IKAADO IT ATO BANWA MAGBULIGAN KITA! A reminder poster should be posted in designated places to remind resident of their responsibilities and obligations for the development of the community. 3-12
  22. 22. Management RECOGNITION OF ACHIEVEMENT Sibale have produced many professionals, from midwifes, engineers, doctors, journalist, soldiers, accountants, technologists, agriculturists, and many others but does the community have ever acknowledged them and been recognized. In one comment in the Sibale Forum somebody commented that those who expressed their accomplishment are proud people. It should be thought this way. Once achievement in life like having a house of its own through hard work is one cause for celebration, to finish a college education is another way, to finish graduate studies is more to celebrate also. One who become a champion in sports is another cause for celebration or helping someone out of danger is another thing. Therefore this kind of action and accomplishment should be engraved in the annals of history. When someone in the community graduated college or top the government licensure or board examination should be given recognition by the community through the initiative of the municipal government. It is suggested than those who have major achievement be engravedin a plaque and posted in the walls of the Library, Museum or Municipal Building. A certain space in the Municipal Building be assigned to house the pictures and names of people that have made history and name for Sibale. This way visitors and future generations of Sibalenhons will learn of the people that resides and govern the island. 3-13
  23. 23. Leadership conferences will enhance the leadership qualities of government officials and officers of the various organizations. 3-14
  24. 24. Management SIBALE NEWSLETTER One of the media for desiminating information to the public is a Newsletter. People are thirsty for news about what’s going in the island in terms of business, politics, society and many interesting subjects that needs to be explored. As I have mentioned numerous times in this Plan, continuous education of the public is essential for community growth. We have many Sibalenhons who are good writers and one of them is Nicon Fameronag. There are more among ourselves that can contribute articles and insights about the island and how progress can be achieved. The Newsletter can be published monthly depending on the budget. Sources of funds can come from Ads of local businesses. This is also one way of bringing their products to the attention of the public. It all depends on the officials of the municipal to proceed with this projec as it will entail some planning, selection of who will staff the editorial board and where the office will be. Aside from this is how printing will be done. In the end the Newsletter is one medium as information provider to the public and awareness about the islands situation will be enhanced. 3-15
  25. 25. Management “ INTO THE PROCESS OF CONVERSION” The progress in community development will depend on the attitude and acceptance of the people in Sibale. As we adapt to the changes brought by advancement in modern technology it isapparent that people changes in the way of managing their lives. Conversion is an event that result in transformation. Transformation is an act of changing one’s use, function or purpose to another. The act of changing one’s attitude is another form of transformation or conversion. Everyone is given the opportunity to transform and is responsible to what a person believes and to its action. There are may ways to transform, like jealousy to cooperation, negative to positive thinkers or vice versa, individualism to a team player, introvert personality to extrovert, partisanship to impartiality, reserve to vocal advocate, individualism to volunteerism, and many more transformation occurrences in our daily lives. But the thing that we should be concerned is transformation to an attitude that will bring cooperation and active participation in the many endeavors of community development. Let us be an instrument to see that our beloved Sibale is economically independent and self reliant and a model for duplication by other community. The Sibale Newsletter, town hall meetings or other form of assemblies can be a place to educate local resident on the transformation process. As mentioned many times in this Plan, continuing education of local residents is important in understanding the many programs of the municipal government. 3-16
  26. 26. UTILITIES 4
  27. 27. Water Distribution Upgrades Kali ay inggwa gihapon it pending bill sa congress para sa patubi it Sibale. again sa poblacion kailangan nato ka as-built drawing. I wish the Municipal Engineer can request these drawings thru the Provincial Engineering Office of Romblon kung inggwa pati tong sa naunang ruha sa itaas. otherwise, magpahuman sida para inggwa kita it basihan sa ato dapat ahumanon. Or a draft letter to the Mayor be prepared by group of Mechanical or Sanitary Engineers from Sibale pushing the office of the Mayor to follow-up. I know this need a lot of studies, peru dapat ay tunaan ney nato ngasing. who knows this might come into reality so soon or even at a longer period. Do we need deep wells, big reservoir, pumps, etc.? further, i knew buko nato trabaho kali, peru kung puede yang ay ramay-ramay kita adong pag kita ay nabakasyon sa Sibale ay kita ay mapapahidom ag napapahinghing pa it salamat sa sibale web forum ag sibale def. Sibale DEF can do the help? –Flos Famarin 9-10-2007 UTILITIES 4-1
  28. 28. There is a waterfall in Monte that we use to take a bath when we were young possibly it should be explored in building a dam for water distribution. Water DAMS 4-2
  29. 29. An open canal diverting the path of water distribution from the dam to the point of use. Water Distribution SYSTEM 4-3
  30. 30. Explore Water Falls Around Sibale Given emphasis on the water needs of Sibale an exploration team should be organized to take inventory of water falls. These are untapped resources for water that are required for daily subsistence and for the irrigation needs of vegetation. These water falls can support the agricultural needs by rerouting flow of water to a populated area and then reroute back to the main path of the water flow. Below is an illustration: UTILITIES 4-4 WATER FALLS GROWN CROPS GROWN CROPS REROUTED CANAL REROUTED CANAL ORIGINAL WATER PATH
  31. 31. IRRIGATION The water canals built will support the farmers in the irrigation of their farms thereby increasing yield of their harvest. More crops will be produced for local consumption. Again for the surplus crops it can be processed to products than can be preserved, cnned or bottled for wholesale or retail distribution, thus providing additional income to local resident. POWER LINES The grids of power lines should be extended to support the barrios electrical needs. Population growth will be diversified rather than people concentrating the places where utilities are accessible. Power lines can buried to avoid damage from typhoons or strong winds but if not feasible grid lines above ground is always an available option. The expansion of power and water services should always in the strategic plans of the municipality. WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM 4-5
  32. 32. Electric Power Upgrades Kailangan nato ka as-built drawing to identify kung hariin kag mga dapat kumpunihon, apang islan ag apakanduon. natural kag generating machine dapat islan. peru dapat ay ruha ka source, usa sa banwa ag usa sa bakhawan. Action: A group of Electrical Engineers from Sibale working in the Philippines will draft a letter address to the Mayor enumerating suggestions on how to enhance power generation and improving the distribution system. Approximate cost must be established and when it is necessary to be completed. then the Mayor must either forward such request to the National Power Corporation or the National Electrification Administration for their action. If thru a law, then pass it on the office of the Representative of Romblon, Hon. Budoy Madrona. I wish Sibale DEF can do something on this-–Flos Famarin 9-10-2007 ELECTRIC POWER 4-6
  33. 33. Electric Power System Redesign power distribution systems to accommodate residents of Sibale with minimum interruptions. The installation of solar cells on top of the building will increase the capacity of Electrical energy. 4-7
  34. 34. Service Operations TREATING THEM AS INDEPENDENT SERVICE OPERATIONS The following Service Departments should function as independent departments with its own ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE responsible for the effective operations. 1. Electrical Power Services (can be a corporation as semi-private, that is 50% government owned – 50% public) 2. Water Services (as a separate unit that will plan and implement continuous improvements. These departments should have its own functional groups that develop facility plan, budgeting, collection, etc. These Department Heads or General Managers reports to the Municipal Council for accountability. 4-8 USING BIODIESEL TO POWER PLANT The use of biodiesel as fuel for power plants sjpi;d be encouraged. Its use can saved the municipal government energy cost as this item is much cheaper than imported gas or oil. Aside from that it is good to the environment. It is also recommended that motor boats use biodiesel in their operation.
  36. 36. Circumferential Road Expansion An as-built drawing must be established to identify kung hariin kag makipot, kag dapat yaparan, kag dapat pakandu-on adong indi magpanas pag nauyan, ag iba pa. Let us address this project to our brothers who are Civil Engineers from Sibale. A letter must be prepared and sent to the office of the Mayor to have action on this project by making follow-up on the House Bill pending in Congress regarding this project. Perhaps this is already in the office of the Department of Public works for investigation and budgetary purposes. We need to push on this thru the office of the Mayor to the office of the Congressman so the bill can be deliberated, discussed and approved. Again let us help by recommending what is the approximate cost para pag nag budget sinra sa Congress ay inra maiiba. Again i toss this subject to Sibale DEF. –Flos Famarin 9-10-2007 INFRASTRUCTURES 5-1
  37. 37. INFRASTRUCTURES Circumferential Road Expansion showing segments in construction. 5-2
  38. 38. INFRASTRUCTURES Coastal Road connecting Barrios. Mobility of goods and people are essential factors of A progressive community. 5-2-1
  39. 39. INFRASTRUCTURE The road should look like this when completed with overflow road for tourist stops. It should be designed 40 ft. wide, 2 lanes asphalt paved or concrete.. 5-3
  40. 40. INFRASTRUCTURES ONE SUGGESTION Further, the volume of vehicles will determine the design of roads whether one-way traffic or two-way traffic road. For one way traffic, we can design 5.0 Meter Right of Way (ROW) with at least 3.0 meter carriage/drive way and 1.0 meter planting strip each side. A provision of rotunda for every non-passing sight distance will be required for manuever and counter flow. Budgetary Cost at P4,000.00 / lm road. For two-lane traffic, ROW should be 8.0m at P6,500 / lm road. Should we really push for it, my suggestion is to request(borrow) bulldozer from the regional DPWH office or we can invest on a second hand dozer with ripper. By: Rogel 9/13/2007 5-4
  41. 41. INFRASTRUCTURES THE BAYANIHAN SPIRIT In order to accomplish this big task of building the circumferential road is to avail of the volunteer help from people in the various barangays. The segments of the circumferential road is divided into: Segment 1- Poblacion to Calabasahan; Segment 2 - Calabasahan to Sampong; Segment 3 - Sampong to Bakhawan; Segment 4 - Bakhawan to Masudsud; Segment 5 - Masudsud to San Vicente; and Segment 6 - San Vicente to Poblacion., Each barangay should have a project leader or coordinator who will monitor the construction works. At the end of each segment a monument will be built to honor those people who put time and treasure. The names are engraved in the monument that will served as a testimonial of the people who sacrificed to complete this project. The municipal government in its support will furnish all the construction materials required for this project. 5-5
  42. 42. INFRASTRUCTURES PIER EXTENSION Pier extension is required if we want to accommodate large ships to dock in Sibale. This extension will support the transportation needs of our citizen who travel from Manila and going through multiple transfers to reach Sibale. Aside from this it will be advantageous to our products and goods to be shipped to other potential businesses and not to be reliant only in Pinamalayan. More so it will encourage more tourism to the island. 5-6
  43. 43. INFRASTRUCTURES Redesign pier to extend to a certain depth to accommodate ships to dock. NEW PIER EXTENSION 5-6
  44. 44. INFRASTRUCTURES Redesign pier to extend to a certain depth to accommodate ships to dock. NEW PIER EXTENSION 5-7
  45. 45. ENVIRONMENT 6
  46. 46. Planting Trees Buko naku sigurado kung niong opisina de gobeyerno ka naghuhudot it kali. ka ako yang pangamuyo sa atong tanan, magtanom kita sa mga lugar nak ing e-estaran it tubi tuyar it kag ato nababan-awan it kag kita ay mga musmus pa. Halimbawa yang ay tinigban pa amantaw. o di kaya ay tinago pa binaruto ag pa hamtik. again talahurong Municipal Engineer we need an as-built drawing of sibale na makikita nato tanang mga sapa it Sibale. riin nato nabay-a kaling mga puno? buligi ninro ako sa paghula kung riin ngani. Inggwa baga it environmentalist or agriculturist nak taga Sibale puede siguro sidang makabulig. kali ay ideya yang naku. Tan-a Sibale DEF mag home work para reli, buko man ninra trabaho, pinakang bulig yang. –Flos Famarin 9-10-2007 ENVIRONMENT 6-1
  48. 48. ECOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Taking care of the environment of Sibale Island is the responisibility of every citizen. It is therefore necessary that an Ecology Program Development be presented to the population. ENVIRONMENT <ul><li>Recycling – this maybe ongoing but need to explore on recycling plastic bottles, newspaper, etc. </li></ul><ul><li>Dumping Sites – a designated place to dump garbage should be assigned. Disposal of waste anywhere should be prohibited to maintain cleanliness and maintenance of habitat in sea and land. </li></ul><ul><li>Public toilet facilities – should be kept clean and well maintained. Citizen should be educated to properly use public toilet. The use of salt water for cleanup should be encourage to save fresh water. </li></ul><ul><li>Toilet in every home – As much as possible every house should have its own toilet and shower facilities. </li></ul>6-3
  49. 49. ENVIRONMENT MORE ON DUMPING SITES Discipline among citizens of Sibale is required to protect the environment like dumping of garbage. Garbage should be placed in municipality approved containers and picked up by Sanitation workers on scheduled basis. Garbage disposal containers are placed in designated places and are made of materials that are thief proof or can not be sold. No garbage should be dumped on the sea or beaches or in any public areas. A central dumping site will be assigned and developed by the municipal government. The dumpsite can be equipped with encinerator to burn the garbage materials. Another options for the isposition of garbage is to have every households build its encinerator through which their garbage are burned. 6-4
  50. 50. ENVIRONMENT THE USE OF SALT WATER Water from the sea can be used in cleaning public toilets and other public facilities. These will conserve in the use of water for household use. Toilets in private homes can also use sea water for cleaning and flushing. The toilets should have toilet bowl made of heavy plastic. Saline pumps for pumping salt water are available. PVC pipes are suitable for running salt water as they are non-corrosive. THE USE OF GAS The use of gas to run motorcycles is bad to the environment. This emission generates gaseous elements that are harmful to the health of residents of the island. The use of gas should be discouraged. Use of electric powered vehicle should be encouraged. 6-6
  51. 51. ENVIRONMENT HAZARDOUS WASTE As tecnology advances many of the local residents are getting access to electronic equipment like cell phones, televisions, radio, computers, i-pods, etc. Most uses batteries that are drained out of use and need to be disposed. Local officials should pass an ordinance urging residents to properly dispose of non-working cell phones and other electronic gadgets. These equipment when dispose in andfills and water emits harmful toxins that is also detrimental to the health of the community. Old cell phones can be crashed into scrap metal which can be sold to scrap dealers. Ordinances to be passed states that it is illegal to throw electronic gadgets in the gaebage and into the sea. Throwing these electronic gadgets to the sea will emit toxins which can be transferred to sea living creatures and when consumec by humans becomes detrimental to their health. Proper disposal is a good policy. Heavy metals found in circuit boards of electronic equipment contains arsenic, lead and mercury. Residents should be concerned that these chemicals can be released into the air, groundwater and sea if trashed into lands and sea. Certain awareness of the impact of these toxic waste should be included in townhall meetings. 6-7
  52. 52. ENVIRONMENT Backyard Poison - Garbage Burning 'Backyard burning' of common household trash and garbage emits substantial amounts of poisons and toxins into our environment. The smoke is a known health and environmental hazard. EPA emission tests show one burn barrel emits up to 80 times more pollution and up to 11 times the dioxin per pound of garbage burned than a municipal waste incinerator that serves tens of thousands of homes. Residential trash burning is now the nation’s largest source of dioxin emissions. You can help keep poison out of our air, food, water and soil by finding cleaner waste disposal options. State rules prohibit burning items that can be locally recycled. Common household trash such as synthetics, plastics, metals, and packaging release potent chemicals when burned. Even common paper products such as junk mail, cardboard, newsprint, and magazines contain chemical dyes, coatings, pigments and chlorine. Emissions include particulate matter , carbon monoxide, acids and toxins such as vinyl chloride, heavy metals, dioxins and furans to name a few. Inhalation may cause immediate irritation or asthmatic attack. Exposure increases the long-term health risks for respiratory problems, cancers, birth defects, developmental abnormalities and other serious health problems for burners and persons downwind. These may occur many years after exposure. An ordinance against backyard garbage burning should be enacted to avoid exposure of chemicals to the environment. 6-8
  54. 54. MUSEUM, PARKS & RECREATION HISTORICAL SITES DEVELOPMENT Our island is reach in natural resources. While there are many untapped areas that are potential places for our citizen to enjoy the natural beauty it is essential to develop and maintain its existence. <ul><li>Tinigban Falls – see next page. </li></ul><ul><li>Grotto And Way Of The Cross – see next page </li></ul><ul><li>Old houses – explore the potential of historic old houses and aplly eminent domain in the acquisition of these property. These are historical significance that should be emboldened in the history of Sibale. </li></ul><ul><li>Natural Rocks and Quarry – explore natural rocks and quarry, place signs and its scientific significance for tourist information. </li></ul>7-1
  55. 55. Tinigban Falls Restored to its original beauty it will look similar to this with gardens and parks around it. Tinigban falls  with cooled running water is located in Suyor, northern section of the town of Concepcion in Sibale Island. A Spaniard who chosen to stay in the island constructed a palatial house near this place and where the Spaniard uses to take a bath.  The front wall was chiseled and a life size mirror was placed so the owner could see himself while taking a bath. This falls used to be the source of spring drinking water and women wash clothes on the side. 7-2
  56. 56. Grotto & Way Of The Cross The big rock below the Sibale Academy use to house a multitude of images of the Virgin Mary during the Spanish Times. Restoration of this site into a pilgrim place will provide a place to celebrate Holy Week, serene place for relaxation and for families to enjoy. It can become a pilgrim site. 7-3
  58. 58. TELECOMMUNICATIONS An enhanced WI-FI capability in the island should be another given priority so thatmore people in the island can connect globally. The municipal government should be in the forefront by establishing a computer café. This can be done by maximizing utilization of existing computing equipment after office hours by designating one area in the municipal building for this purpose. Charges for the use of the computing equipment is added revenue to the municipal government. 8-1 ENHANCED WI-FI CAPABILITY SATELLITE CONNECTIONS Television and cell phones get their signals from satellites that are orbiting around the earth. Ordinary electronic signals cannot penetrate in other areas because of obstructions brought by mountains and other high terrains. A ground support facility is required to get access to this satellite inorder to get more channels and improve receptions.
  60. 60. TRANSPORTATION Travel to Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro from Manila is now possible by car. Therefore it is essential that those SIBALENHONS, TOURISTS AND VISITORS who wants to visit Sibale can make travel comfortable. A terminal should be established so that those traveling by car can have a facility to park their cars while they are in Sibale. Also, the Ambulance that is parked somewhere can be parked in the terminal and can be accessible in case of emergency. This terminal is the gateway to Sibale. A place to wait if they missed boat trips to Sibale because of weather conditions. Funds for construction can come from the mergers of various boat owners and can be a partnership with the Municipal Government of Pinamalayan. Passengers will be required to obtain a ticket when boarding a boat. Boat operators should post schedule of trips. With the convenience in travel more visits by relatives and friends to Sibale is expected to increase. Trade between the island of Sibale and Mindoro will flourish. The next page shows the Proposed Boat Docking Terminal. A BOAT DOCKING TERMINAL IN PINAMALAYAN 9-1
  62. 62. A boat docking terminal with lodging and amenities of a resort. This will support the tourism industry of Pinamalayan by providing this facilities. This can be a venue for business meetings and conferences while serving as the gateway to Sibale.. 9-2-1
  63. 63. TRANSPORTATION BOAT SCHEDULING The boat that was recently acquired can be equipped for multiple uses with sound systems and used for touring the island. A tour guide should be trained in order to pinpoint the significant areas of interest as they move around the island. Not only for potential tourist but for local people who would be interested in touring the island. MAKE TRAVELING TIME OF 30 MINUTES AS A GOAL The average time to travel to Sibale by pumpboat is one to three hours depending on the motor speed. As more Sibalenhons migrated to different places in the world, these Sibalenhons have their roots and desire to come back and visit Sibale. One obstacle is the facilities supporting this movement of people from Pinamalayan to Sibale. Comfortability and convenience in transportation will motivate people to return to their roots every year. It is also suggested to have boats comfortable seats and protection from water. 9-3
  64. 64. TRANSPORTATION COMMUTER BOAT Convenience in sea transportation is essential in the development of the island. More people will travel in a speedy boat that will take one hour of travel from Pinamalayan to Sibale. It will also encourage our kababayan from Manila and other places to take vacation in their hometown because of availability of sea transportation. Commuter boats will be use for people transportation only. It is to be equipped with air conditioning and enclosed to be free from wetting. It should be one of the goal of the island governance to provide this kind of transportation to its people. SAFETY EQUIPMENT All water transportation plying from and to the island should be equipped with safety equipment in the event of an accident or a disaster. One of them is the communication equipment and rescue type of equipment. 9-4
  65. 65. A sample air conditioned commuter boat that plies between Sibale and Pinamalayan TRANSPORTATION 9-5
  66. 66. One of the many boats plying Pinamalayan and Sibale. 9-6
  67. 67. TRANSPORTATION TRAVEL CONNECTION Arrangement should be made with Bus Companies in Pinamalayan to have access on boat scheduling to Sibale. A schedule of departures and arrivals should be posted in the Bus Terminal. Contact person should be available in Pinama;ayan if someone in Manila is asking for travel information to Sibale. Sibale should also have a contact person and phone number to get information for avaliability of transportation if no schedule is available. The Bus company can direct travelers to local lodging or hotels in the event that no schedule of trips is immediately available. 9-7
  68. 68. COOPERATIVES 10
  69. 69. Cooperatives ECONOMIC PROFILE Concepcion is an unspolied island paradise now open for investments in eco-tourism and resource-based industries. At present, about 98% of the island is agricultural, with most areas planted with coconuts, the town's principal product. Coconuts are harvested every quarter of the year, producing approximately one metric ton of copra per hectare. Aside from copra, bananas and other fruits are sold in the markets of neighboring islands and in the nearby province of Oriental Mindoro. Livestock raising - cattle, carabaos, hogs and goats - is a secondary source of income for the residents. Fishing is a year-round activity 10-1
  70. 70. Cooperatives COOPERATIVES The concept of Cooperatives should not be overlooked. In all kinds of business sound management is always the source of successful operations. Again, the municipal government should be in the forefront in organizing cooperatives and to encourages producers to participate. There are many products that can be developed in Sibale and potential for exports. Someone have to organize them to form a profitable operation. Such products are products from bamboos, i.e, baskets, furniture, etc., salt production, agricultural products, sea weeds production and many more. Forming a Sibale Corporation to market all these products will bring revenues to the island of Sibale. 10-2
  72. 72. Health and Social Services HEALTH SERVICES The welfare of the citizens of Sibale should always be taken into consideration. The municipal government through the Office of Health and Social Services should schedule medical check ups. It has to maintain a place for emergency services, be medical or dental. A HOSPITAL OF ITS OWN The establishment of a 10 bed Hospital should be included in the overall plan of the Municipality’s health improvement plan. It should be staff with a resident doctor and nurses. Sibale already produced some graduates in Medicine and can avail of their services. 11-1
  73. 73. The future Hospital of Sibale. 11-1-1
  74. 74. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES Thee Director of Health Services should be a member of the Executive Council to report the needs and issues regarding health services of local resident. Also, as a resource in the frmulation of health related ordinances and its enforcement. MEMBER OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL AMBULANCE BOAT For emergency services of medical needs and the unavailability of facilities in Sibale, the health services department should be equipt with ambulance boat with comunicatons equipment to transport sick people from the barrio to the major facilities in Mindoro. Such ambulance boat can be requested to the National Health Services by sending them justification letter for its needs. 11-2
  75. 75. TOURISMS 12
  76. 76. Main Tourist Attractions MAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS The mountains and the forest offer mountain trekkers new challenge. The lush foliage will take the breath away from first time mountaineers. The beaches offer wonderful dive spots. Tropical coral reef systems surround the island. Old folk believe they share the forest and coves with enchanted beings. MT. BANDERAHAN – American soldiers in the early 20th century climbed the island's mountain and planted an American flag. The flagpole, hewed in a big stone, is a landmark sought out by mountain climbers. Each of the island's nine barangays has its own cove with a palm-fringed white sand beach front. The entire island is ideal for swimming and scuba diving. The island's coast is a divers delight. Notable are the beaches along Tongo point and Banderahan point. The island's interior hills, stretching five to nine kilometer, offer good trails for hiking and climbing. The island hills are also a favorite of motor-cross biking enthusiasts. TINIGBAN FALLS – The fall site is an exotic rock formation amid lush greenery. An Old Spanish encomendero once built a mansion here, embedding a mirror into a huge rock so he could have a full view of the waterfalls from his bathroom. (shown in the section for Museum, Parks & Recreation) MATUDTOD CAVE – Ancient skeletal remains and artifacts were found in this cave. (Should be explored and place signs as a tourist attraction) QUEBRADA – Quebrada beach facing the town of Concepcion scalloping the cove with its white sand and wonderful rock formation. (Build cottages for accommodations ). 12-1
  77. 77. TOURISM SPIRIT OF SIBALE The boat that was recently acquired can be equipped with sound systems and used for touring the island. A tour guide should be trained in order to pinpoint the significant areas of interest as they move around the island. Not only for potential tourist but for local people who would be interested in touring the island. <ul><li>ACCOMMODATIONS </li></ul><ul><li>The number of returning Sibalenhons are ever increasing every year. Sibalenhons </li></ul><ul><li>who migrated to other domestic places and foreign countries will eventuall plan to </li></ul><ul><li>come back and visit their roots. These people may not have any more relatives living </li></ul><ul><li>in the area and therefore looking for place to stay is a problem. To accommodate this </li></ul><ul><li>the needs the following are the options: </li></ul><ul><li>Maintain a pool of houses that are to be offered for occupancy at a certain price. </li></ul><ul><li>The house should comply with the requirement that each rooms to be rented will have running showers, toilet and air conditioning. </li></ul><ul><li>A number published to call for reservations. </li></ul><ul><li>Meals should be arranged. </li></ul><ul><li>Tours provided by Tour guides, optional. </li></ul>12-2
  78. 78. INFRASTRUCTURE The road should look like this when completed with overflow road for tourist stops. It should be designed 40 ft. wide, 2 lanes asphalt paved or concrete.. Each segment of the circumferential road should provide a break area for stops for viewing the beautiful sceneries It is one of the places that tourist would like to take pictorials of their visits. 12-3
  79. 79. San Vicente beach is one of the potential places where a resort can be developed. It’s market are Sibalenhons who will come and visit their roots and hve no accpmmodations available. 12-4
  80. 80. Honeymooners strolling at the San Vicente beach. One of the potential destination of people seeking a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere during their stay. 12-5
  81. 81. One of the cottages planned at the San Vicente beach. 12-6
  82. 82. Mount Banderahan American soldiers in the early 20th century climbed the island's mountainand planted an American flag. The flagpole, hewed in a big stone, is a landmark sought out by mountain climbers. Mt. Banderahan should be explored to determine improvements to enhance its historical importance and become one of the tourists atttraction of the island. 12-7
  83. 83. A place for tourist to watch and relax at Concepcion Bay with some dining for honeymooners or family social activities or as for fishing activities. Lights are all solar powered. 12-8
  84. 84. Boating for those vacationers at Sibale Concepcion Bay is one of the activities that they will enjoy during their vacation time. Of course it will have a use fee which is needed for maintenance of these boats. 12-9
  85. 85. This boat docking pier is built somewhere in Sampong to ferry in tourist to the barrio. Similar docking pier like this can be built in other areas and modified to add visitors waiting area.. 12-10
  86. 86. The beautiful Sampong beach where the boat docking pier is built . This beach is one that can be developed for torurist and vacationing Sibalenhons. Cottages can be built for accommodations together with some amenities like social hall, swimming pool, etc. Activities to include fishing, snorkling, boating, etc. This needs to be part of the planning of the Visitors Bureau. 12-11
  88. 88. EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Employees of the Municipal Government should be trained in the modern method of office methods and procedures. This is especially in the use of computers. Government institutions are now mostly computerized and therefore it is essential that people involved in community services be trained in the proper use of this technology. We have Sibalenhon’s that graduated in Computer Engineering and Sciences. There services can be sought. Probably scheduling 2 weeks vacation from their work of income can assist them in Sibale. TRAINING OF MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES 13-1
  89. 89. EDUCATIONAL SERVICES We have experts in their fields that retired in Sibale. Their services can be sought in many ways, like training in agriculture, office management, use of computers, etc. Explore the potentials of retirees and how they can contribute their services. Maintain a pool listings of retirees and their expertise. They are useful in seeking their assistance and encouraging to participate in the development of Sibale. Retirees does not want to be sitting idle. They want to share their talents and experiences for the good of the community. THE USE OF RETIREES 13-2
  90. 90. EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Maximizing the use of existing facilities should be in the minds of the school administration. In cooperation with the administrators of the National High School and Sibale Academy, these facilities can be utilized as night school while a new facilities is being looked upon. As a night school, those training classes can be held in these facilities. Training our youth for a job in the future can be part of this classes. These training can be in computer applications, assembly and repairs. Also, providing adult classes is also in the agenda. And who will initiate? Again by the Municipal Government. THE USE OF HIGH SCHOOL FACILITIES 13-3
  91. 91. EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Most colleges and universities in America are situated in small town and cities. Why? Because they can study in a quiet environment where there are not much interruptions and distractions. Education cost so much specially in the city where you have to spend for board and transportation. Teaching can be done locally using the same caliber of teachers that they have in the city. They follow the same standards as dictated by the Board Of Education. Again, help from retirees can be sought in its start up. Accreditation will be required to establish the university which with proper documentation will not be a problem. With so much graduates in the 2 high schools potential students should concentrate in learning the career of the future at home. The education and training learned will be a plus when they go to the big cities to explore higher education or looking for job opportunities. The institute is not limited to high school graduates at SIBALE BUT WILL ACCOMMODATE THOSE FROM NEIGHBORING ISLANDS and other places. As the institute become popular in the program that it has established more students will sought a small town atmosphere. Of course the institute will have its own dormitory and faculties for after school classes. The institute will be able to offer special programs like Agricultural Chemistry, Marine Biology, Computer technology and Engineering, etc. It will established itself as a quality source of education and training of future professionals. AN EDUCATIONAL INSTITTION OF ITS OWN 13-5
  92. 92. An educational institution with a heart to transform professionals through quality training and education. It will produce graduates that will enhance their quality of life and become assts to the community where they decide to practice and reside. 13-6
  94. 94. BANKING & FINANCE Credit unions are finance through memberships. Since this is the only financial institution available in Sibale more people should be encourage to join the credit union. The credit union is one place to save money and get financing for worthwhile projects. The municipal government should initiate micro credits for those who are willing to produce goods for business. Money are paid after the harvest or after the disposal of their goods. And the cycle repeats by itself. UPGRADE THE CREDIT UNION 14-1
  95. 95. BANKING & FINANCE <ul><li>There are many ways to generate revenues to support services of the municipal </li></ul><ul><li>government: </li></ul><ul><li>Property taxes from privately owned properties </li></ul><ul><li>Lease from those occupying government owned properties.. </li></ul><ul><li>Licenses for operating a transportation facilities. </li></ul><ul><li>Licenses for harvesting the living matters in the ocean sorrounding the island where the harvest is sold for profit. </li></ul><ul><li>Sales tax from those who own stores and stalls. </li></ul><ul><li>Sales from the harvest of fruits, vegetables and others that are planted in government owned properties. </li></ul><ul><li>Sales tax from transportation tickets. </li></ul><ul><li>Subsidies from the provincial government. </li></ul><ul><li>Income from other services such power & water. </li></ul><ul><li>Government owned properties should be inventoried and identified as to who are </li></ul><ul><li>occupying them. People who lives in there does not know that they are squatting in </li></ul><ul><li>government properties. By way of ordinances they may be required to pay lease for using </li></ul><ul><li>the land or sequestered them. </li></ul>REVENUES 14-2
  96. 96. BANKING & FINANCE <ul><li>Funding for some infrastructures and other projects may be provided through: </li></ul><ul><li>Donations from Civic and Religious Organizations in the island. </li></ul><ul><li>Donations from Sibalenhons working and living abroad. </li></ul><ul><li>Donations from Associations of Sibalenhons, local and international. </li></ul><ul><li>Funding from the Department of Agriculture for food production projects (send justification letter) </li></ul><ul><li>Funding from the Department of Tourism, for tourism projects (send justification letter) </li></ul><ul><li>Funding from the Department of Public Works for infrastructure projects (send justification letter) </li></ul><ul><li>Funding from other government Departments such as Social Services, Health Services, Education, Security, etc. (send justification letter) </li></ul><ul><li>Funding through the sponsorship by Congressman of the Lone District of Romblon and approved by Congress. </li></ul><ul><li>Funding acquired by lobbyist from Domestic & International organizations like Rotary International, Lions International, Silahis International, etc. </li></ul>PROJECT FUNDING SOURCES USE OF LOBBYIST A lobbyist maybe hired to generate funds for a worthwhile projects. Generally they will charge at least 5% of the funds generated from lawful source. 14-3
  97. 97. BANKING & FINANCE <ul><li>Exploring income generating projects is vital and healthy for the government of the </li></ul><ul><li>Municipality of Sibale. Some are: </li></ul><ul><li>Biodiesel Production Plant – the market for alternative fuel has been in the process for sometimes because of the increasing cost of oil which mostly are imported. </li></ul><ul><li>Vacation resorts – as more Sibalenhons are migrating to places outside of the island they will come back time from time to time to visit their roots. Since some of their roots may also have been displaced by migration they need accommodations and facilities that will satisfy their needs during their stay. Areas that potentials are shown in the Tourism Section of this Plan. </li></ul><ul><li>Consolidating the cottage industries – Demands for native products in foreign countries are increasing and the need to explore and expand its operation will be advantageous to the livelihood of local residents. </li></ul><ul><li>Transportation - The potentials are explored in the trasnportation Section. </li></ul>POTENTIAL INCOME GENERATING PROJECTS OTHER INVESTMENT POTENTIALS Exploring investment to existing companies by buying stocks, bonds and securities is another income potentials for the government of Sibale. 14-4
  99. 99. Mt. Banderahan <ul><li>SIMC is the corporate office of business endeavor of the Municipality of Concepcion. </li></ul><ul><li>It’s corporate structure will be based on the majority holdings of each stockholders. </li></ul><ul><li>But this endeavor can be initiated with the Municipality of Concepcion with a directive </li></ul><ul><li>from the Officers of the Municipal Council. </li></ul><ul><li>The following are the subsidiaries of this corporation: </li></ul><ul><li>Cottages and Resort (Tourism) </li></ul><ul><li>Transportation (commuter boats) </li></ul><ul><li>Cottage Industries </li></ul><ul><li>Banking </li></ul><ul><li>Agri-business </li></ul><ul><li>Maritime Business (Fishing and by-products) </li></ul><ul><li>Fruit Wine Processing </li></ul><ul><li>Biodiesel Plant (in partnership with other municipality) </li></ul><ul><li>Investment (chaneling other available funds to stocks and bonds) </li></ul>SIBALE INVESTMENT AND MANAGEMENT CORPORATION (SIMC) 14-1-1
  100. 100. BANKING & FINANCE <ul><li>Sibale Investment and Management Corporation (SIMC) will be the prime mover of most the </li></ul><ul><li>business endeavor in the Municipality of Concepcion. </li></ul><ul><li>This project is being spearheaded by the municipal government of the Municipality of Concepcion which will be holding 30-50% of the capital stock. </li></ul><ul><li>The initial capital stock is P1.5M with a total shares of 1.5M at P1 per share. </li></ul><ul><li>We will encourage all resident to invest on this venture as well as fellow Sibalenhons in foreign lands. It is one of the potential endeavor that will bring development in their livelihood. </li></ul><ul><li>Rafols and Associates will prepare the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, plus designing the stock certificates to be issued. With the coordination with the incorporators in Sibale, upon completing the said Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws and approved by the incorporators they can proceed with the processing for incorporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission. </li></ul><ul><li>Those that does not financial capabilities can acquire shares of stocks by performing works and converting their hours into equivalent shares of stocks during the first 6 months of activation. </li></ul><ul><li>Upon getting approval from SEC for incorporation, the incorporators will decide which line of product line will be started to implement. </li></ul>SIBALE INVESTMENT AND MANAGEMENT CORPORATION 14-1-2
  101. 101. BANKING & FINANCE <ul><li>7. The project will be posted at to solicit funds from Sibalenhon in Manila and in foreign land. </li></ul><ul><li>Lands that will be occupied by the project an be solicited for shares of stocks. Crops harvested from these becomes an income to the SIMC. </li></ul><ul><li>Stock certificates wil be designed by Rafols & Associates and will be emailed to the Secretariat of the Corporation for filling in the names and signatures of the President and the Secretary of the Corporation. </li></ul><ul><li>Each stockholder will be issued certificates of shares invested o the corporation. </li></ul><ul><li>Management of the corporation will be governed by the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. </li></ul><ul><li>The corporate office will be located in Manila with the operational offices located in Sibale. The corporate office will handle all the domestic and international marketing of the corporation. </li></ul>SIBALE INVESTMENT AND MANAGEMENT CORPORATION (Continued) 14-1-3
  102. 102. BANKING & FINANCE A 35 bottle package of purified drinking water PURFIED DRINKING WATER A 500 mL bottle size of purified drinking water Most people are now conscious of what kind of water they are drinking. This is one product line that Sibale Investment and Management Corporation can explore. 14-1-4
  103. 103. BANKING & FINANCE The image above shows our strategy, which is to use amounts that are convenient through the whole process .For example, we start with a 1.4L (48 oz) bottle of vegetable oil. Some fryers hold a maximum of 1.5 liters, so the 1.4 liters is the perfect size. After the oil gets used, it can be stored back in the same bottle. When ready for conversion, it can be mixed with a 0.25 L (12 oz) bottle of methanol (and lye) and placed in a 2L flask. No partially empty bottles are left over. BIODIESEL PRODUCTION CONCEPT 14-1-5
  104. 104. BANKING & FINANCE In partnership with the Municipal Government of Pinanmalayan and Sibale Investment a Management Corporation (SIMC) this business endeavor has a potential of growth due to the demand in alternative Fuel in the country. BIODIESEL PRODUCTION PLANT 14-1-6
  105. 105. BANKING & FINANCE <ul><li>Our group is willing to provide voluntary services for the improvement and progress of our </li></ul><ul><li>beloved Sibale such as: </li></ul><ul><li>We can assist in the research of potential income generating projects that the municipal government will undertake. </li></ul><ul><li>We can prepare the draft of the Incorporation and by-laws of the income generating projects that is approved by the municipal government. </li></ul><ul><li>We will assist your local industrial engineer in developing ideas and proposals for your projects. </li></ul><ul><li>Master Plans and Layout drawings in AUTOCAD can be developed and sent online through connection with your local industrial engineer. Your local industrial engineer should have the training and expertise in reading AUTOCAD drawings. </li></ul><ul><li>Will coordinate with fellow Sibalenhon engineers (mechanical, civil, sanitary, chemical, etc.) in developing the plans for construction. </li></ul><ul><li>Any engineering projects that require technical and financial advice. </li></ul>RAFOLS & ASSOCIATES PARTICIPATIONS 14-1-7
  106. 106. BANKING & FINANCE <ul><li>The use of lobbyist or consultants will enhance the possibility of obtaining funds for selected </li></ul><ul><li>projects. These are the people that will look for opportunities in the folllowing areas: </li></ul><ul><li>Will make contact with government officials that have access to the projects. </li></ul><ul><li>Will arrange trade exhibits or look for places where the opportunity to exhibit products produe in Sibale. </li></ul><ul><li>Provide marketing strategies on producs produce in Sibale. </li></ul><ul><li>Arrange for trade missions to visit places that are successful in producing such kind of products. </li></ul><ul><li>Make contacts with exporters and arrange or presentations of the products. </li></ul><ul><li>Locate other potentials of sources of funds to support the projects. </li></ul><ul><li>With the services they are providing they will ask for a fee. Nevertheless the fee can be </li></ul><ul><li>negotiated that only when they be able to generate funds that the fee shall come from those </li></ul><ul><li>funds at the rate agreed upon. Normally 5-10%. </li></ul>USE OF LOBBYIST OR CONSULTANTS 14-1-8
  108. 108. BANKING & FINANCE CULTURATION OF SIBALE SEA CUCUMBERS 14-1-10 Sea cucumbers are prized locally and abroad for their nutritional, medicinal and commercial uses. The supply of sea cucumbers in Sibale is on the wane because of over exploitation, and local fishermen and authorities lack the training in finding ways to manage this critical fishery resource, one of which is training fishermen on how to culture them. As one of the income generating resource for local fishermen it is essential that his promising industry be preserved. The establishment of the SIMC will provide funding for the culturation of sea cucmbers. A sea cucumber culturation facility now exist in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Some local authorities should investigate this resource facility. The University of the Philippines Fishery Dept. provide materials in establishing a culturation facility. Sea cucumber culture is an attractive business venture because of high value of the beche de mer. The market for sea cucumbers in Asia is huge and few companies have already tapped into this eco-friendly aquaculture system. Sea cucumber culture is an eco-friendly aquaculture system because sea cucumber culture does not require artificial feed and antibiotics. More over the sea ranched sea cucumber juveniles doesn’t need any complicated structures or constant attention. Sea cucumber juveniles can be cultured with shrimps as the sea cucumbers function on different tropic or nutritional level in the same environment. Sea cucumbers are benthic detritus feeders and reduce the bacterial load and improve the water quality.
  110. 110. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP Our youth is the future of our beloved Sibale. They should be nourished with new knowledge and technology. They become more educated in our political system and therefore participation in the growth and prosperity of the island should be transformed and enhanced in their minds. Maybe there is some town and barrio youth organization that are now existing but what are they doing now. A youth development program should be one of the program that the municipal government should encourage and implement. This can be done by having an annual gathering of youth with workshops and sports activities attended by successful Sibalenhons in their respective professional work. It can be a so called Sibale Youth Day participated by the youth from the town and from the different barrios. This could be under the Community Building and Development Services of the Municipal Government. HOLDING ANNUAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP CONVOCATIONS KABATAANG BARANGAY CONVOCATIONS The existing Kabataang Barangay can plan an annual leadership convocations coupled with cultural and sports activities tailored for the youth. As mentioned above a weekend full day activities with invited guest speakers among the Sibalenhon professionals. 15-1
  111. 111. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP Allow the youths to present programs in music, cultural folk dances and other talent shows. This will enhance development of musical talents that can be sent for competition in local or national. It is also a base for entertaining the townpeople on weekends. Like parading in towns while singing favorite songs for 2 hours. Others is to have a monthly stage presentations of talent shows by barangays. We have a many resident who have talents in guitar playing, choral renditions, folk dancing, etc. The development of such entertainment program will bring encourage more talented individuals to show up and enhance their valuable assets. It will bring more recognition to the island as we produce more talented residents in this industry. Try and visit the Escudero Resort in Lucena, Quezon and observe the musical rendition on a Carabao driven carriage while entertaining visitors of the resort. ENTERTAINMENT AND CULTURAL PROGRAMS 15-2
  112. 112. Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Sibale hosts 6th RDL-CLEAR Writing Workshop From March 26 to 28, 2009, Romblon’s literary fever will notch a few degrees higher as the Concepcion National High School (CNHS) in Sibale hosts the 6th RDL-CLEAR Writing Workshop on the Three Romblon Languages—Asi, Unhan, and Ini. The writing workshop is an annual pilgrimage for young Romblomanon writers. RDL-CLEAR has tapped Kusog Sibalenhon, an association of Sibalenhons engaged in cultural, economic and welfare programs for the island of Sibale, to organize the workshop. Kusog, in turn, has joined hands with the Concepcion National High School (CNHS) to co-host the activity. OFW Journalism Consortium The OFW Journalism Consortium is an organization of media practitioners and OFW (overseas Filipino workers) advocates. We publish stories and send to recipients almost every month. WORKSHOPS INITIATED BY NICON FAMERONAG 15-3
  113. 113. Venue Available? Sponsoring Organization sent Notification to the Visitors Bureau of the Forthcoming Event Visitors Check and Notify Sponsoring Organization. Sponsoring Organization make arrangements with co-hosting facility Sponsoring Organization Providing Transportation? Sponsoring Organization Approve venue Yes No Participants Arrived at Sibale Port Yes Sponsoring Organization Check with Visitors Bureau Visitors Bureau Notify Boat Owners On pariticipants Arrival in Pinamalayan Sponsoring Organization Check with other means Are they embarking In Pinamalayan? No Yes Sponsoring Organization Providing Accomodations? Sponsoring Organization Provide list of participants to the Visitors Bureau Visitors Bureau Make arrangements with Host Families that are in the Pool List or Government Guest Houses No Yes Yes HOSTING AN EVENT IN SIBALE 15-4
  114. 114. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES ARRIVAL IN PINAMALAYAN Visitors arrived in Pinamalayan By Bus Visitors check boat Schedule posted in Bus Terminal Visitor Bureau have arrangements with Bus Terminals to post boat Schedule. Are ther Boat Waiting? Proceed to embark Visitor call Visitor Bureau for Boat Schedule No Yes Boat Availabe ? No Yes Phone Number posted At the Bus Terminal Visitors check with Bus Dispatcher for lodging houses 15-5
  115. 115. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES ARRIVAL AT SIBALE Visitors arrived at Sibale Port Welcome Banner posted By Sponsoring Organization Or by Visitors Bureau In Groups for Special Event? Visitor Bureau Rep takes Visitors to designated Government Guest Houses Visitor Picked up by Host Family No Yes Accomodations Arranged By Sponsoring Org. ? No Yes Welcome Committee on Hand to place lei and Band. Welcome Message By Rep of Municiapl Officials 15-6
  116. 116. BANKING & FINANCE <ul><li>The Visitors Bureau being the best contacts in various support for special events in Sibale </li></ul><ul><li>should have an inventory of available support services when the need arises such as: </li></ul><ul><li>Welcome Committee – should have standby dancers when needed. </li></ul><ul><li>Tour Guides – a volunteer number should have been trained and available when needed. </li></ul><ul><li>Catering – on standby when the need arises. </li></ul><ul><li>Souvenirs – have a souvenir shops for locally produce products that visitor can buy and bring home as souvenirs of their visits. </li></ul><ul><li>Accommodations – should have a pool of residents that meets the standards of the municipal government as a temporary place to stay during their visits. </li></ul><ul><li>Other services that can be provided to make the visitors stay fun and enjoyable. </li></ul>AVAILABILITY OF SUPPORT SERVICES 15-7
  117. 117. SPORT DEVELOPMENT 16
  118. 118. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP Harnessing athletic superiority should be one of the program of the Municipality such as in swimming, Boxing, basketball, track & fields, volleyball, etc. Developing teams for local and national competitions should be one of the program that needs to be developed and encouraged. Motivating our younger generation can start with a local meet like Barangay Meet. Barangay Meet are composed of teams from the various Barangays that compete on a designated date at a designated place. It can be an annual event. The individual or team champion can be sent to regional meet or provincial meet for competition and possibly international competition. An example is the baseball team, The Little League, one that came in a town somewhere in Luzon and became champion and became the representative of the Philippines to compete in the USA. Soon they became champion that bring glory and fame to the team and to the town. This, who knows may happen to the island of Sibale through the sport development program. MOVING INTO SPORT SUPERIORITY 16-1
  119. 119. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP A commission on Sports should be structured and start formulating training programs of the different sports. Each sports activities should have a tem responnsible for training and development. A timetable is being assigned for each sport activities.. Funding to support these activities should be included in the annual municipal budget. The Commission on Sports should identify and build facilities where to conduct training and where to hold competitions. The Commission on Sports should identify local and national competions where the team or individual champions can be sent and participate. It will bring more recognition to the island as we produce more talented residents in this sport. DEVELOPMENT OF SPORTS PROGRAMS 16-2
  120. 120. This is a result of an effective Sport Development Commission. 16-3
  122. 122. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES There are so many fruits in the island that go to waste because people does not know what to do about it. Demand for these products here and abroad are tremendous. A wine making project should be explored. Mangos, ube, guava, etc. can be fermented and produce into wine. A team of advisers in the municipal should visit Silang, Cavite where fruit wine making is flourishing. FRUIT WINE MAKING 17-1
  123. 123. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES Step 1. Put 3 to 4 pounds of fresh, peeled mango into a straining bag, tie the bag and place it into a primary fermentor. Use a potato masher or your hands to mash the fruit . Step 2. Measure out 3 and a half quarts of water into a sauce pan and bring the water to a boil. Add 2 and a half pounds of sugar and stir until the mixture is a syrupy consistency. Step 3. Allow the syrup mixture to cool until it is a little warmer than room temperature. Pour the syrup mixture over the mango in the fermentor. Step 4. Measure out 1/4 teaspoon of tannin and add to the fermentor. Also add 1 1/2 teaspoons of acid blend, 2 campden tablets and 1 teaspoon of yeast nutrient into to the mixture. Step 5. Cover the fermentor and store for 1 day at room temperature. After this time period, add ½ teaspoon of pectic enzyme and cover again and let sit for 12 more hours. Add 1 teaspoon of Montrachet or Champagne wine yeast to the fermentor. Step 6. Squeeze the straining bag 2 to 3 times a day for 10 days. After the tenth day, drip drain the bag into the mixture and squeeze to get all the juice out. Discard the bag and pulp. Step 7. Allow the wine to set overnight and siphon it into the secondary fermentor. Do not stir before pouring. You don't want to stir up the sediment on the bottom of the fermentor during this process. Step 8. Attach the airlock to the secondary fermentor. After letting it sit for 30 days, siphon the wine off the sediment (called racking the wine) and return the wine to the fermentor. Rack the wine again once every 2wo months for 6 months and let it sit for 10 days before racking it into bottles. HOW TO MAKE MANGO WINE AND OTHER FRUIT WINES Things You’ll Need: 3 to 4 lbs fresh mango ♦ A straining bag ♦ Primary and secondary fermentors ♦ 3 ½ quarts water ♦ 2 ½ lbs sugar ♦ 1/4 teaspoon tannin ♦ 1 ½ teaspoon acid blend ♦ 2 campden tablets ♦ 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient ♦ ½ teaspoon pectic enzyme ♦ 1 teaspoon of Montrachet or Champagne wine yeast ♦ Siphon ♦ Airlock 17-2
  124. 124. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES Although there are potential uses of shells that come out from the sea shore, the use of it in rosary making is of great importance. By pioneering into it, rosaries can be used by our local people who prays the rosaries. Other than that, with innovations in processing and packaging, these rosaries can be exported to different countries. ROSARIES FROM SHELLS 17-3 BAMBOO STICKS AND BY PRODUCTS Bamboos have variety of uses. Not only in house building but also in making handicrafts, baskets, torch handles, chpstick, tooth picks, etc. There are tremendous by products that can be produced from bamboos. Other than that, with innovations in processing and packaging, these by products can be exported to different countries.
  125. 125. Some more samples of native products that can be made and processed under a shade of a tree, backyards or Inside the living rooms. With innovation there will be more attractive designs that can be developed. It is just a matter of education and discipline among our people. 17-4
  126. 126. A few samples of native products that can be made and processed under a a shade of a tree, backyards or Inside the living rooms. A strict quality standards are required for marketability. There are abundant raw materials in Sibale to process these products. 17-5
  127. 127. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES <ul><li>Recipe file created June 26, 2001. You must be very patient to make this wine. It takes a long time to clear. Using very ripe fruit will improve the clearing time. Add some starch enzyme if you have it. Ingredients </li></ul><ul><li>3 pounds bananas 1 1/2 cups light raisins 5 cups granulated sugar 2 lemons 2 campden tablets 1 teaspoon nutrients water 1 package wine yeast </li></ul><ul><li>Peel and slice bananas. Chop 1/10 to 1/2 of the banana peels. Place both in a large saucepan with 6 cups water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 30 minutes. Strain out pulp. </li></ul><ul><li>Put sugar, raisins, campden tablets and the juice of the lemons into primary fermentor. Pour hot banana liquid over sugar mixture and stir to dissolve. Make up to 1 gallon with cold water. Let sit overnight. </li></ul><ul><li>The next day, add nutrients and yeast. Leave for 5 days, stirring daily. There will be heavy foaming during fermentation. </li></ul><ul><li>On the fifth day, siphon into secondary fermentor before stirring, being careful not to disturb the sediment on the bottom. If necessary, make up to volume with water. Attach airlock. Siphon the wine off the sediment after three weeks. Return wine to fermentor. </li></ul><ul><li>For a dry wine, Rack every three months for a year. </li></ul><ul><li>For a sweet wine, add 1/2 cup sugar dissolved in 1 cup wine at each racking until fermentation does not start again when sugar is added. </li></ul><ul><li>Continue racking wine every two to three months until it is clear. Bottle. </li></ul><ul><li>Variation </li></ul><ul><li>Use brown sugar (or demerara sugar) in place of the granulated sugar. </li></ul><ul><li>For a spiced wine, add one or all of the following: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>1 ounce bruised ginger root 1 ounce whole cloves 1 - 4 inch cinnamon stick </li></ul></ul><ul><li>If you want to leave out the banana peels, add 1/4 teaspoon tannin. </li></ul>BANANA WINE PREPARATION 17-6
  128. 128. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES Seashell necklaces can be made with natural shells, or by using manufactured replicas. Shells used in jewelry making need to be sturdy enough to withstand a small power drill bit. The drill bit should range in size from 1/64&quot; to 1/8&quot;, depending upon the size of the shell used. Consider the weight of the shells when selecting pieces for jewelry making. Shell necklaces can also be adorned with traditional beads, sea glass, or shark's teeth. HOW TO MAKE SEA SHELL NECKLACES SALT PRODUCTION Salt processing is another product that can be easily produced. Salt water is placed in a shallow container about an inch deep and let it exposed to sunlight. The water content of the sea water will evaporate in time and what remains is a slurry of salt. Continuing to expose to sunlight will completely removed the water from the salt. Even on small scale production this will support the supply of salt in the island. On a wider scale there is considerable demand for exportation. 17-7
  129. 129. BANKING & FINANCE Local resident can make salt by exposing them to sunlight. Water from the salt water evaporates to the atmosphere. Domestic needs can be supplied and the surplus can be packaged for commercial use. This can be done In small scale production to large depending on the demand. SOLAR SALT PRODUCTION 17-8
  130. 130. Some samples of shells that can be found in the island shores. These shells can be collected and sold as decorative shells. With innovation artist can paint and sold as souvenirs from the island. It is just a matter of education and discipline among our people. 17-9
  131. 131. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES Products and goods to be distributed and marketed should have a properly designed packages to contain information on product nutrients and specifications. People are now educated on what the product contains like percent of cholesterol, grams of sodium content, etc. Perishable goods have shorter shelf life when not frozen. When frozen it can have a shelf life of more than 6 months. A “Made in Sibale” or “{Product of Sibale” added in the labels will provide visibility on where the product was produce and grown. Depending on the kind of produce or goods being packaged, normally eggs are packaged on molded continers at 12, 24 & 30 eggs per package, or agricultural products in corrugated carton containers and some baked products on plastics. But whatever packaging being used product information and specifications shoiuld be printed and sometimes the shelf life. Canned and bottled products normally have product information printed on high quality paper and pasted on th the can. We know that with cooperative efforts we can produce quality products in Sibale. PACKAGING OF PRODUCTS 17-10
  132. 132. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES All of these cottage industries products can become reality through education. Educating the people how to make it and market it is essential to give them motivation. Education will build trust and loyalty fo the development of the island and for their families financially. Again, the retirees who have expertise in cottage industries can be of help. A MATTER OF EDUCATION MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION These products need a place for storage prior to shipment. And in order to find a place into the market place will require the expertise of a marketing consultant. A distribution center should be established in the island to store perishable goods while waiting for disposal. In the meantime local people should also avail of the products The umbrella organization, Sibale Corporation will be responsible in managing these activities. 17-11
  133. 133. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES The function of the trade mission is to represent the different products produced in Sibale. It looks for sources of financing or potential customer locally and abroad. It searches for places where they can bring the products for exhibits The umbrella organization, Sibale Investment and Management Corporation will be responsible in creating the Trade Mission. CREATE A TRADE MISSION 17-12 CANNING AND BOTTLING EQUIPMENT ON WHEELS As part of the cottage operation a portable canning and bottling equipment that will be transported to the various Barangay business operation facilities on a scheduled basis can be acquired and maintained by the Sibale Investment and Management Corporation. Other products produced by each Barangay units are collected for storage in the central distribution facilities. The canned and bottled products produced by each Barangay units are stored. Those perishable products are stored in a controlled environment. The manner of compensating to the producers of these products is subject to the management of Sibale Investment and Management Corporation.
  134. 134. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES 17-13 WORLD KNOWN COFFEE Sibale can start engaging in the agriculture of coffee beans. Variety like Arabica or Robusta which is popularly known to coffee drinkers can start planting and producing ground coffee. It has been found by science researchers that coffee is good to the brain. It helps avoid the occurrence of Alzheimer disease. These varieties of coffee can be started in government owned lands like Mt. Banderahan or Mt. Amantaw. Initiatives of this kind of programs always starts from the government. Without the initiatives from government officials any proposed program will not materialized. Therefore it is imperative that action from government officials are required. When the private sector sees this as potential for business operations then they will be encouraged to start growing coffee in their own agricultural property. Sibale can be the prime supplier of coffee to coffee business in Manila and exported to foreign countries. Quality coffee in South America are grown in mountainous region. Farmers picked them up and collected in sacks and are hand carried down the terrain. If they can do that in South America then why can’t we do it in Sibale where the terrain are not as stiff as in South America. Our people should start to become innovative and work hard to gain recognition in all the projects that we encouraged them to perform.
  137. 137. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES A number of adults in Sibale were not able to complete elementary or high school education. Adults can be motivated to attend classes in English or story writing. The local library can plan for these classes. Other classes can be in arts like painting or sculptor, discipline and ethical behaviors. Other than that, are in information technologies, like understanding how cell phones works, computer classes, how websites works, etc. Each of these classes can be sponsored using retirees and volunteers. Let us share our talents for the growth of our fellow Sibalenhon. ADULT EDUCATION LIBRARY PROGRAMS The local library should be expanded to accommodate additional programs to be implemented. Such programs to include after school activities for our young elementary school and high school children. For elementary school children it could be story telling, tutoring in math and sciences, etc. For high school, the same program like math and science tutoring, computer classes, etc. Again, these programs can be implemented using retirees and volunteers. 18-1
  138. 138. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES Our seniors should be enjoy an active life in community development and growth. For those who have the knowledge and experience they can contribute them to the community through volunteering their services in their field of expertise. Some can be teachers in body conditioning such as yoga, tai chi and other martial arts. Others can be leaders in promoting fundraisings for a worthwhile projects in the community. While others can enjoy the fellowship of other senior members or in social activities such as , hiking, ballroom dancing, bingo games, billiard games, mahjong games and other card games where they play for fun and not for profit. And other activities that are appropriate for seniors . SENIORS PROGRAMS 18-2 MAKE SIBALE RETIREMENT FRIENDLY Many of our balikbayans are searching for place to retire and spent the rest of their lives in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Sibale island is very ideal for this. Designate an area by the beach that could be potential for leasing the property. Allow them to build their dream house and after 30 years lease period the property built becomes the property of the municipal government.
  139. 139. A community center that will service the needs of the community from seniors literacy programs, Youth leaderships programs, sports development, training, social activities, etc.. 18-3
  140. 140. A row of retirement homes in one of the designated beach areas by the Municipal government. The leases for the property is 20 – 30 years and the property built into the leased areas become the property of the Municipal Government. Water Distribution SYSTEM 18-4
  141. 141. PEACE AND ORDER 19
  142. 142. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES During my stay in Sibale I have not encountered violence and other violent activities. Resident of this island are peace loving people. Services of police officers are not needed in this place. The leaders of each barangay community has the responsibility of maintaining peace and order. MAINTAINING PEACE ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES Do we have many illegal activities going in Sibale? What are these illegal activities? 1. Dynamite fishing 2. Prostitution 2. Robberies 3. Kidnapping 3. Smuggling 6. Drug Trafficking Does our local police force have the capabilities to apprehend those illegal activities? Do they have speed boats to run around 19-1
  143. 143. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES Thee Chief of Police should be a member of the municipal council to be part in the promulgation of ordinances. If not he needs to be informed of the ordinances as his department is the one enforcing this ordinances. MEMBER OF THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL PATROL BOAT In the enforcement of ordinances regarding illegal activities in the shoreline and sea boundaries of Sibale, the police force should be equiped with patrol boats and communications equipment to pursue violators. Needless to say the absence of this facility only makes them vulnerable to those engaging in illegal activities. FIREARMS When policing in towns and barrios firearms should be left in the barracks of the Police Department. Sibale does not policeman carryng guns when they are in duty. Also, make it not permissible to have police officers to drink alcoholic beverages or wines while on duty. 19-2
  144. 144. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES All moving vehicles in the island is required to be registered and this authorization is the license to operate such vehicle (boat, motorcycle, etc.). Such vehicle should have a license plate bolted to the side or rear of the vehicle. Annually this vehicles need to be registered. It is for the safety of the public to make sure that the vehicle are working in good condition and trustworthy. It is also a way to monitor how many vehicles are operating in the island. Without registration these vehicles without a license plate will be considered colurum and will be subject to heavy fine or penalty. Beaches or coastal areas will have a designated place where registered vehicle will be allowed to park. A NO PARKING SIGS will be posted in some areas of the coastal areas. It is the responsibility of the peace and order to keep watch of these unregistered vehicles. Nonoperational vehicles will not be allowed to park in any government controlled areas. Nonoperational vehicle should be parked in the property of the owner otherwise it will be towed and stored in storage areas where the owner will be charged for warehousing fees. That is why peace and order officers should request from their National Office its own motor boat which will served as the patrol boat that will check on unregistered vehicle as well as abandoned vehicle around the island.. LICENSE TO OPERATE 19-3
  145. 145. A motorized patrol boat to be used by the local police in ensuring that illegal activities and Boat parking regulations are properly implemented. Used for official police work and all official Business. 19-4
  146. 146. SUMMARY 20
  147. 147. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES Officials in the Municipality of Sibale envisions a vibrant and active economy in the island of Sibale by promoting ambitious goals and objectives. Part of this is the upgrading and construction of infrastructures necessary for the effective movements of people and goods. The completion of the circumferential road will bring many benefits to the island. Cottage industries has to be developed thereby creating jobs and incomes to local residents. These native products built with quality are in demand in foreign countries. Engage in investment of potential income generating business to support the master plan of the island. Divest funds in stocks, business and other potential sources of financial stability. Upgrade the services in health, education and peace and order by providing the necessary facilities and equipment. A community college of its own will alleviate the high cost of education in big cities. An ambulance motor boat and a patrol boat will assist in emergency care and surveillance of the shores of Sibale. Make transportation between Sibale and Pinamalayan a comfortable ride. Establish a docking station and lodging in Pinamalayan for those that are stranded due to natural causes, like typhoons and storms. Expand the water services by tapping on the Water Falls in Gobon and explore some waterfalls in other areas of Sibale that have not been discovered. Construct water Dams to collect waters that flow from these falls and build water canals for distribution. Protecting the environment by promulgating ordinances on the proper disposal of garbage and hazardous waste. ENVISIONING THE FUTURE 20-1
  148. 148. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES Continuous education of local residents on the ongoing projects, new technology, ethical behavior and personal discipline to help in governance and community development. . Expand the Power Services to extend installation of power lines to cover a wide range of services. Improve the waste water treatment and require each household to have its own toilet and sewage system. Establish a telecommunication ground support station to beam to satellite inorder to provide access to telivion signals and telecommunication capabilities on information technology. Explore the production of fruit wines (mango, banana, etc.) and provide facilities for small scal bottling and canning. These products only requires refrigeration to extend the shelf life of the product. Shelf life is much better for frozen products. These processing into fruit wines will eliminate the waste of agricultural products that can not be consumed and left in the fields to disintegrate. Build water houses as one way to alleviate shortage of accommodation when Sibalenhons from other lands come back for vacation. Create a pool of houses that will be available for rent when there is an influx of tourist in Sibale or when there is special event celebrated in Sibale. Include in the plan to establish a community college in Sibale. We have many professionals and retirees who can be tapped for their expertise like computer classes,,etc Have a motor ambulance ready to transport people to hospital in the big island available.. This kind of facilities should be provided by the National Health Service Department. Other potential improvements and projects are contained in the body of this Master Plan. ENVISIONING THE FUTURE (CONT’D) 20-2
  149. 149. INFRASTRUCTURES Poblacion (not to scale) 1 – Municipal Bldg. (exist) 2 – Barangay Halls(proposed) 3 – Old Library (exist) 4 – Tinago Bridge (exist) 5 – Tinigban Falls (improvement proposed) 6 – National High School (exist) 7 - Civix & Convention Center (proposed) 8 – 10 Bed Hospital (proposed) 9 – Sibale Community College (proposed) 10- Sibale Academy (exist) 11- Immaculate Conception Grotto (restoration to original form) 12- Fishing Warf (flattened area by filling opening with concrete) (proposed) 13- Vacation Resort (maintained by Sibale Inv. & Mgt. Corp.) 14. Pilgrim Site (site of spring water) (proposed) 15- Central Elem. School (exist) 16- Old Municipal Bldg. (exist) 17- Artesian Well (exist) 18- Seawall (exist) 12 17 16 18 20-3
  150. 150. Bakhawan Sampong Masadya San Vicente Poblacion Caabasahan San Pedro Masudsud Pinamalayan MINDORO Agbatang Dalajican 19 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 21 22 23 24 24 25 27 19– Curcuferential Roa (proposed) 20– Barangay Halls(proposed) 21– Doacking Station & Lodging (proposed) 22– Biodiesel Plant (proposed partnership with Pinamalayan) 23– Commuter Boat ( maintained by Sibale Inv. & Mgt. Corp.) on schedule 24– Copra Warehouse (maintained By Sibale Inv. & Mgt. Corp.) 25- Dam from the Water Falls east of Masudsud. 26– Bottled Water Plant (maintained By Sibale Inv. & Mgt. Cirop 27– Dumpsite for electronics & Toxic Materials 28- Distribution Center of Native Products, cottage industries, fruit wines, etc. maintained by Sibale Inv. & Mgt. Corp) 26 28 20-4
  151. 151. Bakhawan Sampong Masadya San Vicente Poblacion Caabasahan San Pedro Masudsud Agbatang Dalajican 32 30 29 29– Power Plant (Expansion to service various Barangay Units) 30– Artesian Wells (for Barangay units not serviceable by the Water System. 31– WIFI Cell (upgrade to cover computers) 32- Small Scale Industries (canning of fruit juice, fruit wine bottling, Etc.) maintained by Sibale Inv. & Mgt. Corp. 33- Small Scale Cottage Industries (handicrafts making, shells crafts, etc.) maintained by Sibale Inv. & Mgt. Corp. 34- Pier (Expansion to accommodate large ships) – proposed. 31 Power Lines 34 20-5
  152. 152. TELECOMMUNICATIONS 21-1 Some of these projects can be accomplished through the assistance of the National Offices of the functions directly supervised such as the Health Services, local police and environmental services. The major infrastructures like the circumferential road can be through the assistance of the Representative in Congress which is the Congressman from the lone district of Romblon. A bill maay be required that is why it needs to write the congressman for endorsement. Tourism projects help can be sought to the Department of Tourism for assistance. Transportation projects can be sought through the Department of Public Transportation for assistance. Establishment of a University is through the Department of Education. Proposed income generating projects can request investors from foreign Sibalenhons by purchasing shares of stocks. Inventory of government owned properties should be surveyed and make them productive or assigned them to projects that needs implementation. Educate the local residents about eminent domain of how private properties can be affected by construction of infrastructures and how they can be compensated. Encourage local residents to participate in these projects by volunteering or contributing their expertise for the development of the island. Be aggressive in contacting elected officials to support these master development plan. PLAN IMPLEMENTATION
  153. 153. CONCLUSION 21
  154. 154. TELECOMMUNICATIONS 21-1 Most of the projects contained in this Plan can be implemented through the initiatives of the officials of the municipal government of Sibale. There is no else in the community who will be willing to take the task to motivate our people to pursue this grand projects of ours except the municipal government if we they want progress in our island and improve the quality of life of our people. The most important aspect of community development is education. Continuous education of our people to understand how the municipal government are being managed and how the various programs are being implemented. Many services provided by the municipal government are not being understood by the public therefore a forum or town hall meetings are essential to disseminate these information. The projects and programs mentioned in this plan can only materialize when officials will aggressively pursue it. Without their will and desire to implement these projects it will only remain good in paper. It is there essential that partnerships between the officials of the municipal government bond together and work together to realize this Plan. For any major undertakings, time and money is the essence, but with will and desire it will prevail.