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#Citylearning4.0 #digcompedu


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Workshop materials for vocational further education college staff on a blended learning journey - referencing EU standards for teachers and learners digital literacy

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#Citylearning4.0 #digcompedu

  1. 1. An overview of digital learning in UK FE and 10 practical steps to embedding digital practice in your teaching and learning. Tools for curriculum managers and subject specialists. Switch on your phones
  2. 2. This is not a presentation you can interact with the content here – power of Google Apps And use to shorten URL
  3. 3. This is not a presentation - you can jump into this where you want ! You are going to add some things as we go along Learning is a collaborative activity Or say it #citylearning4.0 on twitter ! Perhaps a bit more than 10 things you can do now -
  4. 4. European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators: DigCompEdu The six DigCompEdu areas focus on different aspects of educators’ professional activities: Area 1: Professional Engagement Using digital technologies for communication, collaboration and professional development. Area 2: Digital Resources Sourcing, creating and sharing digital resources. Area 3: Teaching and Learning Managing and orchestrating the use of digital technologies in teaching and learning.
  5. 5. European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators: DigCompEdu contd Area 4: Assessment Using digital technologies and strategies to enhance assessment . Area 5: Empowering Learners Using digital technologies to enhance inclusion, personalisation and learners’ active engagement. Area 6: Facilitating Learners’ Digital Competence Enabling learners to creatively and responsibly use digital technologies for information, communication, content creation, wellbeing and problem-solving.
  6. 6. Curation Social Media Creation Collaboration Creative Commons Artificial Intelligence Open Knowledge Open Educational Resources
  7. 7. Learning 2.0 CurationCollaborating Sharing and Amplifying Voting Networking User generated content Architecture of participation Tagging and Bookmarking SteveWheeler,Universityof Aggregation With thanks to Steve Wheeler University of Plymouth
  8. 8. Google Moonshot 2015 Reaching out into community Gamification Global communities Task orientated Industry engagement Learner generated content Crowd sourcing and collaborative learning Challenges of training are challenges that big global corporates see too
  9. 9. Industry 4.0 PWC Model
  10. 10. What is new in learning … New technologies New pedagogies New science of learning It can be daunting – always remember … Optimism is a choice ! As are high expectations ! No longer “it wouldn’t work for our candidates/ centres because…
  11. 11. ● Research strategies for collecting and curating information ● Presentation applications and skills ● Access to digital information ● Graphic and content design ● Multimedia and video production ● Social engagement and collaboration ● Programming and databases
  12. 12. NME Horizons Report
  13. 13. Future Proofing – What would be useful advice for Trailblazers – List of things that will have impact on education and all sectors • Blended Learning • Greater use of video and video streaming • Augmented Reality, • Virtual Reality, • The internet of things and mobile learning • Apps for learning , • Learner Analytics and impact of big data • Predictive assessment • Comparative Judgement in formative and summative assessment • Open badges and new forms of digital certification. • Consumer Technologies > 3D Video > Drones > Electronic Publishing > Quantified Self > Robotics > Telepresence > Wearable Technology • Internet Technologies > Bibliometrics and Citation Technologies > Cloud Computing > Networked Objects > Semantic Applications > Syndication Tools • Social Media Technologies > Crowdsourcing > Online Identity > Social Networks
  14. 14. Who are the unseen competition ? Who are getting it right but you might not notice ! QA Powered by Canvas eating up IT apprenticeship market
  15. 15. Based in Scotland delivering globally – if you can deliver Art online you can deliver most things
  16. 16. Competition can come from a classroom A College lecturer opened up his photography class to world and made history
  17. 17. Can’t get to school ? It is no longer a lonely experience with peripatetic teacher visiting you. You can be in an online class with a teacher and classmates you can see -
  18. 18. What are challenges Scotland v UK Scotland UK No such central drivers Focus on making better use of Google Apps, Microsoft FELTAG Further Educations Learning Technology Action Group and push to increase blended learning for Colleges and vocational learning - a broad alliance Understanding how much we can assess in different ways But not as yet the promised digital standards for learning and teaching Some large UK apprenticeship providers coming over the border Some very large apprenticeship providers - delivering and supporting large employers Opportunity to redefine core/essential skills
  19. 19. Pedagogy More tools used around the system Are you making the most of Blended Learning Essentials • • • collaborating • • • researching
  20. 20. Pedagogy • Have you thought about accessing the free support from the Open University OEPS Project ? – learning materials on understanding open learning straight into your VLE ? • • In College space emergence of Blended Learning Consortium ?
  21. 21. Pedagogy Where are the MOOC’s being used ? Do you promote courses from EdX, Coursera and Future Learn as staff and learner development opportunities ? Where are you in developing and exemplifying staff digital skills ? Do you value and develop Learner’s digital skills ? Do you make the most of Windows 10 , Google Apps , the network , the VLE , Mahara , Microsoft 365 , Do all learners have an Eportfolio or somewhere to showcase their own work ? Are you using technology effectively for internal verification ?
  22. 22. Pedagogy How much learning happens out of the classroom ? How much can you open up to centres, learners and the community ? How much can you deliver directly into the workplace ? How quickly do you learn from centres and workplaces ? Where are you with Communications / Numeracy / Digital Literacy or is this not your challenge ? ( it really is everyone’s challenge) Are you using Khan Academy well ? How about Citizen Maths ? Or
  23. 23. Open Educational Resources • Do you and your centres know about #OER and where to find these ? See update-for-warsaw-policy-forum-june-2017
  24. 24. Learners, where do you want to go – today Education that is: • On demand • Self Paced • Personalised to learning style and pace • From any location • Relevant to career and life now and for the future • Reflects global learning and local needs – more collaborative • Meeting and listening to experts – high value but good value • Did I say - Collaborative • In all subjects and in smaller packages
  25. 25. 10 Things You Can take away This is not exhaustive list of 10 things you can have a look at today and that you can take into your teaching practice - as we go along you can add some !
  26. 26. I've been plugging this for a while most teachers with a power point will be able to cope with Most staff should of course have a reflective blog, that would make using Lumen5 even more compelling.
  27. 27. If you have staff who are a bit more adventurous get everyone using you can create engaging learning materials and port them straight into your virtual learning environment.
  28. 28. Discover Open Knowledge and how to access open research vating%2Bwith%2BOpen%2BKno wledge/74628081 And what it actually means knowledge/
  29. 29. Discover 23 Things - nice self paced lessons for staff who want to learn about useful ways to embed digital practice in your teaching things-list/ Lesson one is about setting up and running a reflective blog - my own at since 2001
  30. 30. Badge your brilliance - some really useful chunks of learning - for you and learner development
  31. 31. onlab/common-digital-competence- framework-for-teachers on/eur-scientific-and-technical- research-reports/european- framework-digital-competence- educators-digcompedu
  32. 32.
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Get ready for open textbooks
  35. 35. How about checking out your information fluency
  36. 36. YouTube Support set up some channels ! Become a creator
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Alternatives -
  39. 39. Make a list of your own favourite apps for teaching and learning Artificial Intellegence is on its way - DuoLingo Photomath I’m not running those industy4.0 clips but they are here if you want them
  40. 40. Add your own contribution to Citylearning4.0 Citylearning4.0 Get involved ! That must be more than 10 things you can do now ! ?
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