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Culture evolves whether planned or not. Ours is intentional.

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Hbw culture

  1. 1. HBW cul.ture (n) shared beliefs & values of a group
  2. 2. it matters because… a great culture attracts great people A great culture helps people deliver their best work
  3. 3. culture happens anyway so… why not create a culture we all can love!
  4. 4. why not build a dream company? a place we are proud to call ours!
  5. 5. the world has dramatically changed!
  6. 6. some still think… money matters most
  7. 7. some still think… money matters most the internet hasn’t been invented yet
  8. 8. some still think… money matters most The internet hasn’t been invented yet awesome people are lucky to have a job
  9. 9. news flash… we don’t
  10. 10. at HBW, we try to be different how you ask? This is about who we are and also, who we want to be!
  11. 11. at HBW, we try to be different we are building a company you will love!
  12. 12. what is our culture you ask? again, great question you’re really good at this!
  13. 13. we are obsessed with our mission & values
  14. 14. we solve for the delight of our clients yes, we just used the word “delight”
  15. 15. we choose to be awesome why wouldn’t we, right?!
  16. 16. we invest in mastery and value we constantly look for better ways
  17. 17. HBW mission “pursue something so important that even if you fail, the world is still better off.” -tim o’reilly
  18. 18. HBW mission the most respected distribution in any industry, period the premier provider of the best guidance, advice & service to our families, businesses, community & nation
  19. 19. vision our vision is simple and clear at HBW… financial security for all Americans…
  20. 20. HBW values   people first, compassion, integrity, character, discipline, performance, perseverance, and patience quick question:
  21. 21. delighting our clients yes, we used the word “delight” again!
  22. 22. delighting our clients we want to transform how advisors engage, attract & “delight” their clients
  23. 23. delighting our clients we want to create an experience people love and appreciate that “wow” experience
  24. 24. ours is a noble cause
  25. 25. ours is a noble cause we provide important solutions for people to achieve their American Dream and support their causes.
  26. 26. ours is a noble cause congruently we provide awesome solutions to advisors to assist them in helping clients and themselves achieve all their dreams
  27. 27. how have we done so far? our commitment to our mission has earned us the love and respect of many loyal clients & advisors
  28. 28. how have we done so far? our commitment to our viability has allowed us to stay in business, prosper and grow during unbelievably challenging economic
  29. 29. balancing mission and viability is challenging this desire to seek balance is also what makes us different…
  30. 30. balancing mission and viability is challenging …and sometimes creates conflict
  31. 31. we know balance is achieved through focusing on…
  32. 32. we know balance is achieved through focusing on… creating a client experience like no other
  33. 33. we know balance is achieved through focusing on… creating an advisor experience like no other
  34. 34. we know balance is achieved through focusing on… delighting clients, partners and advisors
  35. 35. we know balance is achieved through focusing on… delighting our partner companies and carriers (overkill perhaps? not
  36. 36. delighting clients and partners is Job #1 therefore: we only want to work with clients and partners that we expect to delight. hence, we shouldn’t work with clients or advisors we are not confident that we can delight.
  37. 37. we believe in teaching, not selling we believe that success comes from educating clients and advisors, not exploiting them we believe that power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it
  38. 38. we choose to be awesome we trust ourselves and our partners/advisors we don’t make policy for minor mistakes in the past we don’t penalize the many for the mistakes of a few but, we do protect against
  39. 39. we have a three-word policy that drives almost every decision use good judgment
  40. 40. what is good judgment? team > self (favor the team over yourself) company > team client > company (acting in a client’s best interest is in our best long-term interest)
  41. 41. so…how do we get “there”?
  42. 42. with openness and trust we are unreasonably picky about our peers. “the single most important factor in business or any other relationship is with whom you choose to associate. you care about who your kids play with, you should care as much about who you play with.”
  43. 43. we place high value on five attributes of an HBW candidate, employee, partner or
  44. 44. are you humble? c.s. lewis said that “humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.” in good times, humble people tend to share the credit and in bad times, tend to shoulder the responsibility.
  45. 45. are you effective? gets things done, makes things happen, moves the needle, has measureable results, adds value. are predisposed to doing, taking ownership and responsibility, are resourceful, engaged, creative.
  46. 46. are you adaptable? we recognize that change is constant and inevitable. every client, partner and advisor is in an ever-changing environment as our world seemingly spins faster and faster.
  47. 47. are you remarkable? a quality about them that makes them stand out from the crowd; smart, creative, kind, resourceful, effervescent, a uniqueness that makes them special.
  48. 48. are you transparent? open and honest with others and themselves. trusting and trustworthy. an open book, not secretive, sneaky or subversive. someone you know will tell you how it is without having to concern yourself with some agenda.
  49. 49. we align with people with humble effective h.e.a.r.t. adaptable remarkable transparent these are the people who will help us create a company we love.
  50. 50. we align with people with h.e.a.r.t. we take this so seriously, we would rather not be in business than work with people who lack
  51. 51. we invest in mastery and market value we want to be as proud of the people we build as the company we build. we believe in investing to increase each of our individual partner’s and advisor’s market value. how? ongoing learning, broad
  52. 52. constant innovation! we are on a never ending quest for better ways to improve every aspect of our business. the enemy of “great” is “good”. we do not except good as our status quo and continue to fight for “great”. we would rather fail trying than fail doing nothing.
  53. 53. this simple belief system is embedded in everything we do
  54. 54. this is how we achieve remarkable outcomes
  55. 55. from hiring to partner alignment
  56. 56. we simply won’t compromise
  57. 57. because compromising on culture is debilitating to long-term growth
  58. 58. so we don’t
  59. 59. neither should you
  60. 60. just know we are inspired by: raymond berry Hubspot our partners our home office team mason conner our partner companies, carriers and vendors the current economic environment
  61. 61. thank you for your valued time