Joseph Benedetto - Alfred Transcript - Pre-Graduation


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Joseph Benedetto - Alfred Transcript - Pre-Graduation

  1. 1. Official Academic Transcript from Alfred UniversityStatement of AuthenticityThis official academic transcript has been delivered to you through eSCRIP-SAFE, the Global Electronic TranscriptDelivery Network, provided by SCRIP-SAFE International, 136 Commerce Blvd, Loveland, OH 45140, 1-877-204-6176.SCRIP-SAFE has been appointed and serves as the designated delivery agent for this sending school, and verifies thissender is recognized by the accreditation source identified below.This official academic transcript was requested, created, and released to the recipient following all applicable state andfederal laws. It is a violation of federal privacy law to provide a copy of this official academic transcript to anyone otherthan the named recipient.This PDF document includes: the cover page, the official academic transcript from the sending school, and the academictranscript legend guide.The authenticity of the PDF document may be validated at by selecting the Document Validation link. Aprinted copy cannot be validated.Questions regarding the content of the official academic transcript should be directed to the sending school. Foradditional information regarding this service, visit School Information Alfred University Registrars Office One Saxon Drive Alfred, NY 14802 Telephone: 607-871-2123 School Web Page: Accreditation: Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA)Student Information Student Name: Joseph Benedetto Numeric Identifier: A00254690 Birth Date: 19-OCT Student Email: schoolcounselorjoe@gmail.comReceiver Information schoolcounselorjoe@gmail.comDocument Information Transmitted On: Mon, 30 April 2012 Transcript ID: TRAN000003233745 Save this PDF document immediately. It will expire from the eSCRIP-SAFE server 24 hours after it is first opened. Validate authenticity of the saved document at This document is intended for the above named receiver. If you are not the identified receiver please notify the sending school immediately. Transcripts marked "Issued to Student" are intended for student use only. Recipients should only accept academic transcripts directly from the sending school.
  2. 2. Alfred University Saxon Drive Alfred, NY 14802-1205 Record of: Joseph Benedetto 778 Hawthorne Place Official Academic Transcript Webster, NY 14580 Date Issued: 30-APR-2012 Date of Birth: 19-OCT Student No: A00254690 Issued To: Joseph Benedetto Level: Graduate 1058190A Page: 1 Course Level: GraduateFrom Alfred University to on 04/30/2012 03:01 PM TRAN000003233745 From Alfred University to on 04/30/2012 03:01 PM TRAN000003233745 Only Admit: Fall 2010 SUBJ NO. COURSE TITLE CRED GRD PTS R Current Program _________________________________________________________________ College : Graduate School Institution Information continued: Major : Counseling PSYC 641 Introduction to Family Therapy 3.00 A 12.00 PSYC 646 Consultation and Prevention 3.00 B+ 10.50 Comments: Term: Ehrs: 15.00 GPA-Hrs: 15.00 QPts: 49.50 GPA: 3.30 Passed the qualifying examination for the abuse reporting training on March 14, 2011. Spring 2012 Passed the qualifying examination for the IN PROGRESS WORK degree of Master of Science in Education in COUN 668 Internship-School Counseling 12.00 IN PROGRESS Counseling on July 30, 2011. COUN 695 Topics in Coun/Internship Sem 3.00 IN PROGRESS In Progress Credits 15.00 SUBJ NO. COURSE TITLE CRED GRD PTS R ********************** TRANSCRIPT TOTALS *********************** _________________________________________________________________ Earned Hrs GPA Hrs Points GPA TOTAL INSTITUTION 47.00 46.00 160.50 3.48 INSTITUTION CREDIT: TOTAL TRANSFER 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Term: Fall 2010 Graduate School OVERALL 47.00 46.00 160.50 3.48 COUN 601 Foundations-Cultural Diversity 1.00 A 4.00 ********************** END OF TRANSCRIPT *********************** COUN 602 The Profession of Counseling 3.00 A 12.00 COUN 606 Human Development: Lifespan 3.00 B+ 10.50 COUN 626 Assessment in Counseling 3.00 B+ 10.50 COUN 636 Principles of Counseling 3.00 B 9.00 COUN 637 Introduction to Group Dynamics 1.00 P 0.00 COUN 656 Counseling Pre-Practicum 1.00 A 4.00 Term: Ehrs: 15.00 GPA-Hrs: 14.00 QPts: 50.00 GPA: 3.57 Term: Spring 2011 Graduate School COUN 604 Foundations-School Counseling 3.00 A 12.00 COUN 605 Career Develop/Life Planning 3.00 A 12.00 COUN 616 Mental Hlth/Exception/Disabil 3.00 B+ 10.50 COUN 638 Adv Counseling Theory/Practice 3.00 B 9.00 COUN 642 Multi-Cultural Counseling 3.00 B+ 10.50 COUN 657 Practicum in Counseling I 2.00 B+ 7.00 Term: Ehrs: 17.00 GPA-Hrs: 17.00 QPts: 61.00 GPA: 3.58 Term: Fall 2011 Graduate School COUN 639 Group Counseling 3.00 B+ 10.50 COUN 658 Practicum in Counseling II 3.00 B+ 10.50 COUN 671 Research and Statistics 3.00 C 6.00 ******************** CONTINUED ON NEXT COLUMN ******************* Lawrence J. Casey, Registrar This PDF document may be validated. A printed copy cannot be validated. See attached cover page for additional information.
  3. 3. Alfred University Transcript Guide ACCREDITATION Repeated Courses Alfred University is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of I or E in the R (Repeat) column indicates a course that is I (included) or E the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The programs of the (excluded) from the GPA. When a course is repeated, the more recent grade, School of Art and Design are accredited by the National Association of along with its grade points and credit hours, is the one included in the GPA. Schools of Art and Design. These programs of the Inamori School of Engineering are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Calculation of Grade Point Average Technology: Electrical, Ceramic, and Mechanical Engineering, Glass The grade point average (GPA) is obtained by dividing the total number of Engineering Science, and Materials Science and Engineering. The grade points earned by the total number of credit hours attempted in courses Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accredits the that might have earned grade points (GPA-Hrs). The grade point average for programs of the College of Business. the "full course" plan in use from 1972 to 1975 is calculated by first converting the alphabetic or alpha-numeric course credit values to semester ACADEMIC CALENDAR credit hours, as described above. Until September 1970 the University operated on two 17-week semesters. From September 1970 to August 1978, the University was on the 4-1-4 COURSE NUMBERING SYSTEM calendar: Two 14-week semesters plus one 4-week (January) "Allenterm" in Through August 1958 undergraduate courses were numbered between 1 and each academic year. In September 1978, the University adopted the present 100; graduate courses were numbered between 101 and 200. The following academic year calendar of two 15-week semesters (inclusive of exams). course numbering system, which was adopted in September 1958, is still in use:From Alfred University to on 04/30/2012 03:01 PM TRAN000003233745 From Alfred University to on 04/30/2012 03:01 PM TRAN000003233745 UNIT OF CREDIT The unit of credit is the semester credit hour. From September 1972 through 001-099 Courses of a remedial nature that do not count as credit toward June 1975 the unit of credit may have been either the semester hour or the any degree. "full course". One full course was the equivalent of four semester credit 100-199 Courses without prerequisites primarily for undergraduate hours. Alphabetic and alpha-numeric characters were used to designate the students in their first year of study. amount of course credit. These may be converted to semester credit hours as 200-299 Courses with or without prerequisites primarily for follows: undergraduates in their first or second year of study. Course: CQ H- -H HH Q3 FL Q5 C3 Q7 C4 Q9 C5 C6 C7 C8 300-399 Courses usually having prerequisites and offered primarily for Sem Hrs. 1 2 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 14 16 undergraduates in their third or fourth year of study. 400-499 Advanced courses primarily for undergraduates in their fourth GRADING SYSTEM year of study. Undergraduate: Prior to September 1962, grade points were assigned for 500-599 Graduate courses. With permission, undergraduate seniors in each semester hour on a 3.0 scale with "A" receiving 3.0 grade points and good standing may enroll in 500-level courses. "D+" 0.5 points. From September 1962 to August 1994 grade points were 600-699 Advanced graduate courses open only to graduate students. assigned for each semester hour as follows: A 4.00 points C 2.00 points B+ 3.50 points D+ 1.50 points TO TEST FOR AUTHENTICITY: This transcript was delivered B 3.00 points D 1.00 points through the eSCRIP-SAFE® Global Transcript Delivery Network. The C+ 2.50 points F, Z* 0.00 points original transcript is in electronic PDF form. The authenticity of the PDF document may be validated at by selecting the Effective September 1994 grade points are assigned for each semester hour Document Validation link. A printed copy cannot be validated. on the following scale: A 4.00 points C 2.00 points This document cannot be released to a third party without the written A- 3.67 points C- 1.67 points consent of the student. This is in accordance with the Family Educational B+ 3.33 points D+ 1.33 points Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. ALTERATION OF THIS B 3.00 points D 1.00 points DOCUMENT MAY BE A CRIMINAL OFFENSE! B- 2.67 points F, Z* 0.00 points C+ 2.33 points Graduate: A 4.00 points C 2.00 points B+ 3.50 points F, Z* 0.00 points B 3.00 points *The grade of Z, which was defined as an Administrative F, has been discontinued. The Z was assigned when a registered student was not graded by the instructor. Until 1995 the Z was also given as a final grade when a course graded “Incomplete” was not finished. Grades Not Included in Calculation of Grade Point Average: AU Audit NC No Credit CH Challenge Exam NR No Report HP High Pass P Pass I Incomplete W Withdrew IP In Progress XX Missing Grade