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Fabulous Food


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Fabulous Food

  1. 1. Fabulous Food
  2. 2. First, pick a nicerestaurant
  3. 3. ConversationLuke: What do you want for dinner tonight?Dan: I don’t know. Would you like to go out?Luke: That sounds good. We can eat out.Dan: Which place do you want to go?Luke: Well, I’m flexible. You decide.Dan: We can go to the Grandma’s Kitchen. That’s a good place. The red-cooked chicken with tea flavor is great.Luke: Great. Let’s go there.
  4. 4. Conversation Strategy Shall we… What about… We could try… I’ve got an idea… Let’s try…
  5. 5. Then, wait in theline Can I help you? Waitress: Luke: A table for two please. Waitress: Here is your number. You have to wait in the line. Luke: Ok.
  6. 6. May I help you?How can I help you?What can I do for you?
  7. 7. Next, sit at thetable you ready to order now? Waitress: AreDan: Yes. We’ll have …Waitress: Sure. Anything to drink?Dan: Do you have orange juice?Waitress: Sure. In a minute.
  8. 8. Finally, paytheWaitress! Dan: billWaitress: Can I get you anything else? Desserts? Fruits?Dan: No, just the bill please.Waitress: It’s 50 yuan.Dan: Here you go.
  9. 9. Main foods Rice Porridge Boiled Dumpling Fried Rice
  10. 10. Staple Foods noodles vegetables desserts
  11. 11. Popular Dishes Kung Pao Chicken Dongpo Pork Fried Potato Strips
  12. 12. Cooking Methods red stew steam boil barbecue roast stir-fry
  13. 13. More Zhejiang Cuisine West Lake Fish in Vinegar Sauce (西湖醋鱼) Beggars Chicken (叫化鸡) Hangzhou-Style Duck Pickled in Soy Sauce (杭州酱鸭) Old Duck Stewed with Bamboo Root & Ham (笋干老鸭煲) Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea (龙井虾仁) Stewed Spring Bamboo Shoots (油焖春笋) Sauted Shrimps (油爆虾) Red-Stewed Duck (卤鸭) Fried Stuffed Bean Curd Paste (干炸响铃) Steamed Pork with Rice Flour in Lotus Leaf (荷叶粉蒸肉) Fish Ball in Light Soup (清汤鱼圆) Fried Eel Slices (生爆鳝片) Braised Sliced Pork with Preserved Vegetables (干菜焖肉) Fried Sweet and Sour Pork (糖醋里脊) Stir-Fried Spring Chicken with Chestnuts (栗子炒子鸡) Sauted Broad Beans with Ham (火腿蚕豆) Sizzling Rice in Tomato Sauce (番茄锅巴) Fried Pigeon with Spiced Salt (椒盐乳鸽) Cold Chicken Cooked in Wine (糟鸡)
  14. 14. Soft Drinks & Beverage Coca-Cola Sprite Minute Maid
  15. 15. Soft Drinks & Beverage Tea Milk
  16. 16. Talk aboutit What’s your daily diet? Are you a picky eater? Are you allergic to any kinds of food? What kinds? How many times a day do you eat? Do you have any bad eating habits? What are they?
  17. 17. Role-PlayPractice 场景一:团购预约 Ask for a reservation
  18. 18. 场景二:大众点评(public’s review)
  19. 19. Thank you