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Mini Fun Trains & Tourist Trains For Sales & Rent - call now Big Boum

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Catalogue trains & karts

  1. 1. Trackless trains & Trains on tracksTourism – Fun – Leisure – entertainment - Transport… By Big Boum sarl 00961-3- 142888
  2. 2. Big Boum sarlMiddle EastSole AgentBig Boum sarl is thesole agent and distributorof the SPL-TRAINS Austria headquarter in LEBANON and the major countries in the Middle-East . The company is specialized in manufacturing of trackless fun trains and various special sightseeing vehicles. Our slogan:“Quality is superior, Service is supreme, Reputation is first”.The company is audited and ISO 9001-2008 certified for the designing and manufacturing of the sightseeing and touristic trains and vehicles.
  3. 3. The MiniFun train-Type –A- Our Mini Fun trains Type - A -are the finest trains made, very maneuverable and can turn around in a 12 foot area. The environmentally Mini Fun train is powered by a silent motor. This family ride is ideal for indoor malls or outdoor malls, Parks, Zoos and special events. The train is comprised of a locomotive, coal tender, two coach cars and a caboose. It will carry up to 24 children and adults can also hop aboard! The Mini Fun Train is trackless and operates on level, hard surface terrain. Children and adults are immediately attracted to the train because of its esthetic qualities and realistic features, including the stainless steel and brass accents. Have Big Boum - bring this unique Trackless Train to your Mall or Birthday Party! It s Great for parades also!!
  4. 4. The MiniFun train-Type -B-Our Mini Fun trains Type –B- are the finest trains made, very maneuverable and can turn around ina 12 foot area.The environmentally Mini Fun train Type –B- is powered by a silent motor.This family ride is ideal for indoor malls or outdoor malls, Parks, Zoos and special events.The train is comprised of a locomotive and three wagons.It will carry up to 12 adults or 18 kids !The Mini Fun Train type –B- is trackless and operates on level, hard surface terrain.Children and adults are immediately attracted to the train because of its esthetic qualities andrealistic features, including the stainless steel and brass accents.Have Big Boum Train - bring this unique attraction to your Mall or Birthday Party!It s Great for parades also!!
  5. 5. The Mini Fun train Type –A- B- Specs:
  6. 6. Locomotive 1. Max speed: 8km/h for indoor use; 16km/h for outdoor use 2. Dimension: 2950x1140x1900mm 3. Motor power: 4kw 4. Batteries: 1) Option A: 8pcs 6V Maintenance-free batteries RA6-225 2) Option B: 8pcs 6V Lead- acid batteries TROJAN T105 5. Charger: Automatic intelligence charger 6. Charging time: 6-8hour 7. Controller: USA Curtis Controller 1204M-5301 (48V 325A) 8. Tire: 4.00-8 9. Weight: 850kg 10. With front High Beam and Dipped Headlight
  7. 7. 4 Wagons1. Max. speed: same asLocomotive2. Coal car dimension:1500*980*1120mm3. Passenger coachdimension:1500*980*1720mm4. Caboose dimension:1500*980*1750mm5. Weight of wagons :170kg for Coal car; 220kgfor Passenger wagon;200kg for Caboose6. Max. loading capacity:210kg per wagon7. Tire: 4.80/4.00-88. Passengers: 24 smallchildren or approximately18adults and children9. Turning radius: 3m
  8. 8. Driving Cabine
  9. 9. Smoke machineThis option adds tothe realism of ourtrackless train.By simply pressing abutton, theconductor caninstantly generatesmoke. The liquidthat evaporates isglycolbased. It is safe andnon-toxic so you canuse a smokemachine in anindoor application.
  10. 10. The Tourist Road Train Trackless trains are often used for the transport of tourists instead of other public transport modes. These may be seasonal services, linking attractions such as museums and zoos or other tourist destinations with central areas. Often, the train ride itself is a tourist attraction, offering sightseeing long scenic routes as well as a transport service. In many towns, a trackless train is the only vehicle allowed in the pedestrianised streets.
  11. 11. The Tourist Road Train Specs:
  12. 12. LocomotiveDIMENSIONLength:3965mmWidth:1620mmHeight:2210mmMOTORIVECO Sofim 8140.43S diesel engine,common rail, 4 cylinders, Turbo-charged,intercooler, direct injection,Displacement of 2798cc, Rated power of92/3600 KW/(r/min), EURO 3, TUVapprovalCHASSISSupporting structure in steel section withparabolic suspension. Steering wheelprovided with hydraulic power.STEERINGProfessional steering column assembly, 4-direction adjustable (forward-backward, up-down).BRAKESHydraulic drum brakes on wheels; parkingbrake. Pneumatic hydraulic converter forcontrolling wagon brakes.Pneumatic circuit for coach braking.TRANSMISSIONOriginal IVECO transmission, 3 forwardgears with reverse, speed is reduced byusing helical gears.BODYMade of reinforced fiberglass, with ROSHapproval.
  13. 13. WagonsDIMESIONLength:3940mmWidth:1810mmHeight:2410mmCHASSISIn reinforced powder-coated steel,parabolic suspension, 4-wheelsteering system, which ensures all thecoachesfollow the exact path taken by theLocomotive. Floor in aluminumtread plate; Leather seats andbackrests paddedwith sponge.BRAKESHydraulic drum brakes on wheels;Pneumatic hydraulic converter forcontrolling wagon brakes. Pneumaticcircuitfor coach braking. If not connectedwith Locomotive, the wagon willbrake itself.BODYMade of reinforced fiberglass withROSH approval.CAPACITY20 adults or 25children
  14. 14. Security OptionsLocomotive Doors• Bell• Rotary light for locomotive• Battery• MP3 player system• Leather Seat with E-mark approval SafetyBelts• Adjustable Steering system• Bus Combination Electric systemincluding dashboard• Storage Box• Front windscreen wiper and water spraysystem• Inner reading light• Side mirrors and inner mirror• Fan for LocomotiveEmergency Alarm button for coach• Inner lights for coach• Sound system for coach• Leather seats• Foot board for coach• Rotary light for last wagon• Open coach without doors would bewith chain as standard protectionequipment
  15. 15. Tourist Road train The Tourist Road train will target the special events, big weddings, Municipalities festivals, Christmas , Easter and special events, Pedestrian streets … (Available starting Jan.2012)
  16. 16. Mini rail Train - specs Main Specification 1. Design: Steam Train Mini Design 2. Power axle: One axle for power, another follow 3. Whole size(mm):8255*500*625 4. Loading: 12passengers according to 2adults and 2children per wagon 5. Speed: 0~2.5KM/H 6. Power: Battery 48v 20A.H、DC-AV Inverting Power Supply 7. Brake :Brake shoe, and Controller brake 8. Noise: <75dB 9. Emergency brake Deceleration: 0.5m/s2 10. Min. Curve Radius: 3.2M 11.Max. climbing capacity: 15% 12.Gauge: 200mm 13.Seat type:On the wagon Power system: AC frequency conversion Drive Wagon 1、Gauge: 200mm 2、Entire steel wheel 3、Brake shoe braking 4、Axle distance:200mm
  17. 17. Mini rail Train - specs
  18. 18. Mini rail Train - specs
  19. 19. Sightseeing Rail TrainThe sightseeing rail trainis comprised by one unitarchaized SteamLocomotive,one unit coal car, andthree units archaizedpassenger wagons. Thereis nopassage between thewagons. On the wagonsthere is location forwheelchair. Andin the last wagon, therewill be the stand placefor the signaler. In eachwagonthere will thebroadcastingequipments.
  20. 20. Sightseeing Rail Train
  21. 21. Sightseeing Rail Train - specs 1.Type:archaized Locomotive + coal car + 3-5 passenger wagons 2.Total length: 40m 3.Design speed 15km/h; max. running speed of 12km/h; rated speed of 10km/h. 4.Downhill brake distance 15m, flat road less than 8m. 5.With broadcasting system 6.The passenger wagon is open type with roof, the front two units passenger wagons each for 40passengers; the last passenger wagon is 36passengers and 2 wheelchairs. 7.Steel frame chassis, with Aluminum floor 8.All seats facing forward, with safe armrests. 9.Roof by FRP material 10. Complete train weight: less than 5ton; 11. Distance between two seats 860mm; width of seats 1800mm for 4adults 12.With of train less than 2200mm, height of train less than 3200mm. Specification: 1.Gauge: 762mm 2.Min. curve radius: 40m 3.Traction uphill gradient <30‰ 4.Traction downhill gradient <35.6‰ 5.Traction slope length: uphill <210m,downhill <350m
  22. 22. History between 2002 – 2006Big Boum trains in Events…
  23. 23. Golf kartsTourism – Fun – Logistic - Transport…By Big Boum sarl00961-3-
  24. 24. GID - 2A/2B/2C/2DGID-2A GID-2BUSD 4370.00 USD 4556.5036V 6PCS EV6-225 48V 6PCS EV8-200maintenance-free battery maintenance-free battery3KW 3KWCurtis 1243 Curtis 1266 8units -16units - 24unitsGID-2C GID-2DUSD 4906.00 USD 5200.0048V 6PCS EV8-200 48V 8PCS EV6-225maintenance-free battery maintenance-free battery4KW 4KWCurtis 1268 Curtis 1268
  25. 25. GID - 4A/4B/4C/4DGID-4A GID-4BUSD4831.00 USD5157.0048V 6PCS EV8-200 48V 6PCS EV8-200maintenance-free battery maintenance-free battery3KW 4KWCurtis 1266 Curtis 1268 4units 12units 18unitsGID-4C GID-4DUSD7134.00 USD4645.0048V 8PCS EV6-225 36V 6PCS EV6-225maintenance-free battery maintenance-free battery4KW 3KWCurtis 1268 Curtis 1243
  26. 26. GID - 4BA/4BBGID-4BAUSD5280.0048V 8PCS EV6-225maintenance-freebattery 4KWCurtis 1268GID-4BB 8units 16 units 24unitsUSD4475.0036V 6PCS EV8-200maintenace-freebattery3KWCurtis 1243
  27. 27. GID - 6GID-6USD6100.0048VT105X8PCS4KWCurtis 1268 4 units 8 units 12 units
  28. 28. GID – 6BGID-6BUSD5760.0048V 8pcs EV6-225maintenance-free battery4KWCurtis 1268 4 units 10 units 16 units
  29. 29. GID – 8BGID-8BUSD6545.0048V 8PCS 6V 225AHMaintenance free batteries4KWCurtis 1268 4 units 8 units 12 units
  30. 30. GID – 2TA / 2TBGID-2TAUSD5440.0048V 6pcs EV8-200maintenance-free battery4KWCurtis 1268GID-2TBUSD4608.0036V 6pcs EV6-225maintenance-free battery 6 units 14 units 22 units3KWCurtis 1243
  31. 31. GID – 4T2GID-4T2USD5950.0048V 8PCS EV6-200maintenance-free battery4KWCurtis 1268 4 units 10 units 14 units
  32. 32. GID – 4T4GID-4T4USD5790.0048V 8pcs EV6-225maintenance-freebattery4KWCurtis 1268 4 units 12 units 16 units
  33. 33. CALL US NOW