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Email Marketing Workshop Jan 2013 NYC


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Join Joe and Ajax Union at the

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Email Marketing Workshop Jan 2013 NYC

  1. 1. Online Marketing Company Find out more about Ajax Union: Follow Us On Twitter: Like On Facebook: Connect On Call Ajax Union: 800-594-0444
  2. 2. Joe Apfelbaum – Internet Marketing Guru Friend Joe on Facebook: Follow Joe on Twitter: @joeapfelbaum Connect With Joe on Linkedin:
  3. 3. Did You Know? • Subject lines with 30 or fewer characters performed above average in opens, clicks, and click-to- opens. (Source: Adestra July 2012 Report) • 64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line. (Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey) • 14% of all opens and clicks on a mobile device occurred from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. The second-biggest peak, at 12% share, occurred between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. (Source: TailoredMail 2012 Email Marketing Trends)
  4. 4. Did You Know? 40% of B2B marketers rated the leads generated by email marketing (house list) as high quality.
  5. 5. Set Your Goals What Are YOUR Email Marketing Goals?
  6. 6. Email Marketing Seminar Overview • Build Your List • Optimize • Send • Measure • Integrate
  7. 7. Build An Email List• Make sure your website has an opt-in registration to your join your email list• Ask for a co-sponsored email from an online content site• Get leads from lead directories and databases• Use sites like LinkedIn, JigSaw, Lead411 and other lead directories to find leads• Manage a template email that your sales team can use to send to contacts found in lead directories.• Should you buy a list?
  8. 8. Send Email To Segments The more thoroughly you can segment your lists and personalize your message, the better your response rates will be.
  9. 9. Email Marketing Seminar Overview • Build • Optimize Your Content • Send • Measure • Integrate
  10. 10. Optimize Your Subject LineTo increase your chances of getting your email read:• Include your company’s name in your subject line.• Short, catchy subject lines (45 to 55 characters maximum).• Include your email offer in the subject line (e.g. “Come to Ajax Union’s Seminar”;• Help readers feel like they know you by keeping your subject line formatconsistent.• Send emails from the same person, so prospects recognize the sender’s name.• Avoid spam filters by omitting punctuation or words in all caps.
  11. 11. Optimize Your Email Message• Keep a consistent voice• Make sure all links are correct• Always have someone proofread your email• Create an effective email layout• Spread out your emails – don’t harass your list!
  12. 12. Optimize Your Call To Action• Eye-catching; first thing readers see• Easy to understand• Above-the-fold• Link to the proper landing page• Have a simple registration form
  13. 13. Dissecting an Email Message
  14. 14. Email Marketing Seminar Overview • Build • Optimize • Send • Measure • Integrate
  15. 15. Choose an ESPFive Things to Consider When Choosing an Email Service Provider.• Make sure the provider’s application is intuitive and easy to use.• Research ESP prices so you can accurately estimate your costs.• Can you keep your send lists organized and maintained through youraccount? Find out!• Will they manage responses, remove opt-outs from future lists, andprovide tracking reports?• What type of lead nurturing software do they offer so that you can managecontacts as they move through your email marketing and into your salescycle? WE RECOMMEND:
  16. 16. Best Time To Send Your Email According to Mailchimp, subscribers are likely to open email after 12pm, and the most active hours are 2-5pm.
  17. 17. Best Day To Send Your EmailAccording to Mailchimp, most emails are sent betweenMonday and Friday, with the highest volume on Tuesday andThursday. More subscribers open email, however, onWednesday and Thursday.
  18. 18. Email Marketing Seminar Overview • Build • Optimize • Send • Measure • Integrate
  19. 19. Analyzing Your Results • Open rates measure the number of recipients who opened your email. • The clickthrough rate (CTR) measures the number of contacts that responded to your email by following your call-to-action or clicking on various links within your email. • Your bounce rate measures the number of emails that did not make it into an inbox. • A hard bounce is when the email address you are using does not exist; • A soft bounce is when the receiving server is having technical difficulty delivering your email.Beware of complaints and spam filters!
  20. 20. Analyze Reports Keep what works; ditch what does not!
  21. 21. Email Marketing Seminar Overview • Build • Optimize • Send • Measure • Integrate
  22. 22. Integrate Marketing StrategiesEmail Marketing is only a slice of the pie… use these other marketingstrategies in conjunction with email for faster, more effective results!• Social Media• SEO• Blogging• Online PR• Google AdWords• Video Marketing• Much, Much More!
  23. 23. Seminar Recap • Build and segment your contact list for better results • Craft strategic content and offers that increase your response rates • Choose the right email service provider • Measure your email marketing success • Leverage your email content across multiple marketing channels Questions/Comments/Concerns?
  24. 24. SPECIAL BONUS!
  25. 25. Email Marketing WEBINARJoin Joe Apfelbaum for a free, follow-up webinar on Email Marketing! WHEN: Wednesday 1/30, 12 p.m. - 12:30 p.m. EST HOW: Register for this complimentary webinar through the email you receive directly after tonight’s seminar! (Or visit WHY: It’ll give you the chance to hone in on those email marketing strategies and take a closer look at business optimization techniques! To register, please visit
  26. 26. RankZen Tool Ajax Union Has Developed A Keyword Tracking Tool Check it out FREE: RankZen will: • Help you identify which keywords you should be tracking • Allow you to track and save your domain • Report to you what position your URL is holding • Highlight your organic competitors, and much more!
  27. 27. Thank you! Find out more about Ajax Union: What Strategies Are YouGoing to Implement TODAY?