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Ajax union capabilities deck 2013


Published on for more information about the Ajax Union Online Marketing products and services.

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Ajax union capabilities deck 2013

  1. 1. Got a business? We can help. 2013 CAPABILITIES DECK • 800.594.0444
  2. 2. Who We Are Ajax Union is a boutique marketing firm with offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Founded in 2007, we offer a comprehensive suite of marketing and business development services uniquely designed to meet your needs. 2013 Capabilities Deck • • 800.594.0444 We were #178 on the 2012 Inc. 500 list of the country’s fastest-growing companies. Our founders, Joe Apfelbaum & Zevi Friedman have been featured on Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, and much more! We have 70 full-time employees in NYC boasting a wide range of specialties, from blogging and social media to web development and Pay-Per-Click. We have educated more than 10,000 businesses about internet marketing and business development strategies.
  3. 3. What We Can Do For You We offer an array of services that can help grow your business! • Search Engine Optimization • Social Media • Pay-Per-Click • Business Blogging • Email Marketing • Video Marketing • Press Release Distribution • Reputation Management • And more! 2013 Capabilities Deck • • 800.594.0444 Each approach is like a single slice; they work faster and more effectively together!
  4. 4. How We Can Help You Grow Ajax Union’s Recipe for Success 2013 Capabilities Deck • • 800.594.0444 1. We learn about your business 2. We identify your goals 3. We execute our proven strategies 4. We track everything we do and show you how we do it
  5. 5. Five Reasons To Work With Us 2013 Capabilities Deck • • 800.594.0444 • Affordable, High-Quality Work • 100% Ownership • 100% Transparency • Flexible Contracts • Diverse, Holistic Approach
  6. 6. What Our Clients Are Saying 2013 Capabilities Deck • • 800.594.0444 Matt Wiener Awesome press releases, amazing blog content, and high rankings on Google… what more could we have asked for? A friendly staff and great prices make them worthy of a daily steal. Simply put, Ajax Union is the best Internet marketing company I’ve ever used.
  7. 7. What Our Clients Are Saying 2013 Capabilities Deck • • 800.594.0444 I love Ajax Union! The social media staff understand the feel and soul of my brand — they understand my voice and manage my Facebook page just as I would. I’ve worked with companies in the past that couldn’t match our tone or make our brand accessible to a wide audience, but Ajax Union has done it! Brigitte Mizrahi
  8. 8. Jacob Time Email Marketing Success Story 2013 Capabilities Deck • • 800.594.0444 Jacob Time began our email marketing plan in September 2011 with the objective to compile and manage a valuable email address list to reach out to potential leads about current offerings. The goal for the plan also included in-depth evaluation and strategies to increase the open and click rates of each email in conjunction with generating brand awareness. • Ajax Union expanded Jacob Time’s email marketing list to 10,000+ addresses. • Ajax Union continuously strategizes to increase open rates for various email campaigns, and reports the trends of open and click rates for their specific brand.
  9. 9. Unnecto PR Success Story 2013 Capabilities Deck • • 800.594.0444 Unnecto began the online PR program with Ajax Union in December 2011 in order to have high- quality press releases crafted and distributed for their unique mobile phone company. • Ajax Union’s goal was to create brand awareness, boost SEO efforts, and receive valuable coverage. • Ajax Union was able to get Unnecto was featured on the two major tech sites and
  10. 10. Our Products Innovative Online Products for Marketing & Networking 2013 Capabilities Deck • • 800.594.0444 On-Site Search Engine Optimization, Simplified Networking, Reimagined Search Engine Rankings, Explained An SEO Press & Reputation Solution
  11. 11. Giving back to the community NYC Business Events & Mentoring Opportunities 2013 Capabilities Deck • • 800.594.0444 We host weekly events that help business owners and entrepreneurs across NYC connect with one another and discuss potential opportunities.
  12. 12. Thought Leadership We host seminars, lead webinars, write eBooks, and more! 2013 Capabilities Deck • • 800.594.0444 Check out our events: Watch a marketing webinar: Read a featured eBook:
  13. 13. Want more Ajax Union? We want to work with You! 2013 Capabilities Deck • • 800.594.0444 • Check out our video on Fox. • Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+. • Browse our customer testimonials and case studies. • Sign up for our educational events and webinars.
  14. 14. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals. To find out more, feel free to email us at or call 1-800-594-0444 to speak to a marketing professional.
  15. 15. Ready to start growing your business? Let’s talk. Brooklyn Office 2233 Nostrand Ave, Third Floor Brooklyn, NY 11210 (718) 569-1020 Manhattan Office 41 E. 11th Street, Third Floor New York, NY 10003 (800) 594-0444