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Driven Solutions Overview


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    This comprehensive Windshield Protection warranty covers the car owner from all cracks, chips and stars on the front windshield glass.

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Driven Solutions Overview

  1. 1.
  2. 2. About us  Established in 1948  Driven Solutions is a provider of ancillary products • Car Club • Vehicle transport • Travel Insurance • Credit protection • Travel Protection • Theft protection • Concierge Services • Expert Opinion℠ • RV Tech support • Lease Wear & Tear Over $2 billion dollars paid out to customers & dealers
  3. 3. About us  Operate 2 internally-owned, 24x7 call centers, leveraging proprietary membership system  75% bilingual staff (English, Spanish and French)  Customer –centric philosophy  Custom-tailored programs Our Brands:bout us
  4. 4. Cost Claim’s Fee’s Partners
  5. 5. Network  Supporting clients and customers 24/7 – Providing the best emergency service the industry has to offer – drives everything we do, from our call centers to our towing network to the technology that powers them.  Prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certification for the highest information security practices; PCI compliant and certified level 1 – Recertification in December 2011.  Contracted network of 32k towing and service providers in the US and Canada  Two fully redundant Data and Call Centers in Dallas, TX and London, ON– Not outsourced like competitors  We service over 10 million customers This presentation and the information contained in it are the confidential and proprietary work product of Dominion Automobile Association © 2009
  6. 6. Scope of servicesClass 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7 Class 86,000 lbs or 6,001 to 10,001 to 14,001 to 16,001 to 19,501 to 26,001 to 33,001 lbs less 10,000 lbs 14,000 lbs 16,000 lbs 19,500 lbs 26,000 lbs 33,000 lbs and over We are the only company in the Canada & U.S. to provide service to all vehicle classifications
  7. 7. Industries Automotive Insurance Affinity Logistics  OEM’s  Towing & Labor  Banking  Network Mgmt.  New & Used  Brokers &  Independant  Tow  F&I Aftermarket Agencies Consumer Lending  Repair  Retail & Reseller  Storage Warranty  Auto Lending Arrangements  Transport  Maintaince  Products  Accident  On Demand  Loyalty Products  Municipalities  One-Call Accident Scene  Fleet (Light & Heavy)  Claims Mitigation  Goverment  Secondary Towing
  8. 8. Products Our emergency road service is a 24/7/365 days a year product. After all, emergencies dont take a holiday. We offer both standard and custom programs for vehicles of every weight and classification: cars, trucks, vans, RVs, buses, motorcycles and commercial tractor-trailers. Our core roadside assistance service offers several major benefits including:  On Demand  Towing  Travel Insurance  Winching  Legal defense  Battery Jump Start  Destination Assistance  Lockout  Theft Protection  Tire Change  iPhone applications  Fuel Delivery
  9. 9. Products: Customizable iphone app Branded in your company logo / colors Location tracking via GPS / Google Maps Direct contact to any call center Accident / Claims reporting feature (w/ photos)
  10. 10. Products Insurance Services We’ve managed accident scene towing and removal throughout North America – assisting our clients customers for over 45 years. Our disciplined approach to network management has resulted in significant savings over the past decade.  Turnkey private label solutions  Fast, 24/7/365 tow network across U.S. and Canada  Dedicated case managers internally managed  Closed-loop process both personalized and automated services  Secondary towing services  On-Demand products and pricing  FNOL – Accident scene services
  11. 11. Products Tires and wheels are where the rubber hits the road. Literally. Thats why Driven Solutions is here to be your customers tire and wheel protection provider. Our Tire & Wheel Protection package provides comprehensive coverage of the owners vehicle in the event of tire damage resulting from a road hazard.  Road Hazard  Deductibles  Cosmetic tire and wheel coverage  Custom  Sign and Drive roadside assistance  Reimbursement programs
  12. 12. Products The car key of today has blossomed into an elaborate key fob with multiple buttons and functionality. Now, each key fob includes a complex computer chip that makes replacing a lost or stolen key very expensive. Thats why Driven Solutions has developed our Key Fob Replacement Plan which provides a no-cost guarantee to replace your keys, giving you peace-of-mind from this very expensive loss. Key Replacement with Motor Club Benefits:  Key replacement for your lost, stolen or destroyed keys  Lost keys will be disabled from starting your vehicle  Lockout Protection  24-hour Emergency Roadside Service
  13. 13. Products Our Paintless Dent Repair warranty uses expert body workers and specialized tools to gently push dented metal back to its original form. This dent repair warranty seamlessly erases door dings caused by shopping carts and the carelessness of other people. What dent repair warranty provides:  Procedure permanently removes door dings and minor dents without harming the manufacturers finish  No sanding, painting or body fillers  Repairs are fast & guaranteed
  14. 14. Products Windshield Protection. This comprehensive Windshield Protection warranty covers the car owner from all cracks, chips and stars on the front windshield glass. This patented windshield repair process bonds glass together, restores windshield strength and prevents small cracks from spreading.  Repairs cracks  Fixes stars  Mends chips  Improves appearance
  15. 15. Questions? Throughout the years, Driven Solutions has gained a reputation for nimbleness. We are quick to listen and fast on the uptake. This has enabled us to tailor our ancillary roadside, automotive protection, travel club, credit card and insurance products to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Joseph Licciardi, Vice President Driven Solutions Office: (214) 570-3038 Mobile: (561) 319-3766 Email :