Team a genetics, brain structure, behavior presentation graded


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Team a genetics, brain structure, behavior presentation graded

  1. 1. University of Phoenix GENETICS, BRAIN STRUCTURE, AND BEHAVIOR PRESENTATION Student/Group Name(s) Learning Team A Course PSY340 Date May 13, 2012 Assignment Genetics, Brain Structures, and Behavior Presentation Content and Development 7 Points Points Earned 7/7 Additional Comments: All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way. • • • • • • • • Describe the selected illness in detail Explain the neurological damage or changes to the brain as a result of the illness. Explain the behavioral or functional changes that can occur as a result of the illness Determine the national and international incidence of the illness Describe the suspected or known causes of the illness Discuss current treatments or therapies and future research for the prevention or cure of the illness Analyze the role of genetics on the onset of the illness 10-15 slide power point presentation with detailed speaker notes The content is comprehensive and accurate. Major points are stated clearly; are supported by specific details, examples, or analysis; and are organized logically. Readability and Style 1.5 Points The tone is appropriate to the content and assignment. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. Sentences are well constructed, with Great job with your Genetics, Brain Structures, and Behavior Presentation. The presentation covered the main requirements of the assignment. The team did a good job discussing the current therapies used for Parkinson’s disease as well as the areas for future research. Overall, the presentation consisted of 10-15 slides and included detailed speaker notes. The suspected causes of Parkinson’s disease were also discussed and the neurological damage as a result of the illness were covered in a substantive way. Great job discussing the incidence of the illness as well as the role of genetics. Overall, the content was comprehensive in all areas as major points were supported with specific details. Points Earned 1.5/1.5 Additional Comments: The presentation consisted of appropriate tone and clear and concise sentences were provided throughout the presentation. Sentences were well constructed and consistently strong throughout the
  2. 2. consistently strong, varied sentences. Mechanics 1.5 Points presentation. Points Earned 1.2/1.5 Additional Comments: The team provided references; however, please be sure to consistently use in-text citations throughout the presentation. The APA guidelines were followed as well as the rules of grammar and punctuation. The spelling was also correct throughout the presentation. Overall, great job! Intellectual property is recognized with proper in-text citations and a reference page. APA guidelines are followed. The presentation was laid out with effective use of headings, font styles, and white space. Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed. Spelling is correct. Total Points Earned 10 Points 9.7/10 Overall Comments: Great job with your presentation. The team covered the main areas of the assignment in a thorough manner. The therapies used for Parkinson’s were explained in great detail. The rules of grammar, punctuation, and the APA guidelines were followed; however, please be sure to consistently provide in-text citations. Overall, excellent job team A!