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Lta visual presentation


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Published in: Technology
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Lta visual presentation

  1. 1. Presentation Rubric Date: 7.25.2012 Group: Team A Assignment Week 3 Learning Team Name(s): Jody Marvin, Fabi Michel, Rhiannon Armstrong, Stephen Lorenz Course Visual Ambiguity Presentation Content-4 Possible -Presentation content clearly follows the written paper upon which it is based: Visual Ambiguity -Topic is relevant and addresses assignment specifications: How the visual system resolves ambiguities, analyze the role of perception in cognitive psychology, discuss the importance of visual perception in cognitive processes. -Content presented is comprehensive, accurate, and believable -Key points are noted -Topic is researched adequately Points Earned: 3.5 Team A, This presentation started with a nice definition and discussion of visual ambiguity. I would have liked to see a more comprehensive discussion of the ecological approach; bottom up/top down processing etc. Just looking for a bit more content related to how the visual system resolves ambiguities. Otherwise, I thought that you had nice discussions of the importance of visual ambiguity, attention, perception, and cognition.
  2. 2. Organization/Structure-1.5 Possible Points earned: 1.4 -Presentation is well-organized, clear, and effectively structured -It is integrated rather than being a disjointed series of individual presentations Introduction didn’t make it clear to me what the presentation was going to be about. Conclusion-good in summing up. Otherwise, nice job integrating everything. It flowed well. Looked good. Clear, nice structure. -There is an introduction to explain the purpose of the presentation Use of Presenter Notes-1 possible Presenter notes are informative and expand on the slides within the presentation. Points Earned: 1 Overall, good job with content on your presenter notes. The presenter notes is where we put most of the content in an online presentation-good job. Adherence to slide limit-0.5 possible Points Earned: 0.5 -The presenter(s) used between 8-12 slides 10slides made up the “meat’ of the presentation. Good
  3. 3. Comments / Grade Total Possible: 7 Total Earned: 6.4/7 Points. LTA-see comments in this presentation. Nice job overall!