Successful Email Marketing 11.17.08


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Successful email marketing powerpoint presentation.

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Successful Email Marketing 11.17.08

  1. 1. Successful Email Marketing Email marketing continues to be one of the most important and cost effective ways to communicate with customers & prospects. In this seminar you will learn how to integrate customer contact info and other data into a central marketing database, and how to design an e-newsletter that’s inexpensive and easy to publish through the use of web based templates. Learn how to create e-newsletters that WIN the “inbox” Jody Birnbaum survival test.
  2. 2. Successful e-newsletters establish powerful e-newsletters relationships with prospects and clients by delivering specific and timely benefits. A well designed e-newsletter is the perfect way to: Stay on the radar of your clients & prospects Spread the word about you and your business Establish you as an expert in your field Capture the email addresses of your web visitors
  3. 3. Benefits of using a web based email marketing service: ESP’s and ISP’s CAN-SPAM laws List hosting & management Technical & support staff Proper protocols Results & tracking Templates are preformatted
  4. 4. Reports …
  5. 5. Metrics Measures used to indicate progress or achievement.
  6. 6. Contact management ... where it all begins. Where are all of your contacts? Industry software Microsoft Outlook Other CRM software Google, Yahoo & AOL Imports & Exports CSV & Mapping Fields Spheres of Influence
  7. 7. Target Marketing = a higher ROI The most successful marketers know where their customers are coming from Proper list hygiene is essential to your success Implement a CRM system that works for your company Keep it simple & easy
  8. 8. Cast a wide net. Add a sign up box to your website a.s.a.p. Capture visitor emails thru an ESP link or your webmaster.
  9. 9. Your email database will grow quickly as your valuable information information is forwarded to friends and associates by your subscribers. This is This what’s known as “viral marketing”, and is a powerful tool in getting what’s “viral marketing”, your message into the hands of potential new customers. Some of the people who should be on your list: Some of the people who should be on your list: Clients Prospects Professional organizations Associations Banker/CPA/Legal advisors Vendors Investors Civic and Community leaders Media Friends & Family
  10. 10. Design for Marketing Success Keep files of your logo & graphics handy. Take photos of your events & products. Title & organize your photos in marketing folders. Use a combination of graphics, photos & text.
  11. 11. Design for skimming & scan-ability Your readers are in a hurry. Make it easy for them to find the key info quickly. Know what you are promoting. Anticipate the “hot buttons” of your readers. Play with your words, not with your food!
  12. 12. Use headlines that grab attention. Write for the light reader. Convenience & economy rule.
  13. 13. Make them laugh. A little bit of humor lasts a longer time. Be memorable.
  14. 14. Zero in on specifics.
  15. 15. Every picture tells a story, don’t it?
  16. 16. Telling a story … … with just a few words.
  17. 17. Telling a story … … with a few more words. Go ahead, have some fun … … be a shameless self promoter, it’s good for business.
  18. 18. Think like a “marketeer” all year ‘round. Noteworthy Dates in 2008 Martin Luther King Day 01.21.08 Super Bowl Sunday 02.03.08 Father’s Day Sunday 06.15.08 Ash Wednesday 02.06.08 Summer Solstice 06.21.08 Valentines Wednesday 02.14.08 July 4th Friday 07.04.08 Presidents Day Monday 02.18.08 Labor Day Monday 09.01.08 Palm Sunday 03.16.08 Rosh Hashanah Tues. 09.30.08 St. Pats Monday 03.17.08 Yom Kippur Thursday 10.09.08 Good Friday 03.21.08 Columbus Day Monday 10.13.08 Easter Sunday 03.23.08 Halloween Friday 10.31.08 April Fools Day 04.01.08 Thanksgiving Thursday 11.27.08 Passover Sunday 04.20.08 Hanukkah Monday 12.22.08 Admin Prof Week 04.21.08 Christmas Thursday 12.25.08 04.25.08 New Year’s Eve Weds. 12.31.08 Mother’s Day Sunday 05.11.08 Memorial Day Monday 05.26.08
  19. 19. Content must be current.
  20. 20. Delivery should be timely.
  21. 21. Good newsletters have a future. Establish relationships with users. Continually deliver benefits. A sales force that doesn’t tap into your payroll. Drive more traffic to your website. Tantalize the taste buds.
  22. 22. If you believe that the key to long term success is the ability to attract, If you believe that the key to long term success is the ability to attract, retain and grow your customers … then a successful email marketing retain and grow your customers … then a successful email marketing campaign must be in your 2008 strategic plan. campaign must be in your 2008 strategic plan.
  23. 23. Resources Web Books Maximum Marketing Minimum Dollars by Kim Gordon The Top 50 Ways to Grow Your Small Business Permission Marketing by Seth Godin Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers Small is the New Big by Seth Godin Riffs, Rants & Remarkable Business Ideas For additional information please contact Jody Birnbaum or 847- 514-7166 847- 514-