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Sons of anarchy. jodi p


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Sons of anarchy. jodi p

  1. 1. SONS OF ANARCHYA Family of Toxic Secrets Sons of Anarchy
  2. 2. JACKSON TELLERJackson questions the extremes of club life. Secrets have surrounded Jackson all his life. Notonly must he keep secrets from the one he loves but he must also keep toxic secrets for his survival.
  3. 3. GEMMA TELLERGemma Teller: The Matriarch, the manipulator, the protector of the family. Holds toxic family secrets to keep her son close and protect the family.
  4. 4. ENMESHED The Teller family is extremely enmeshed . The Intenselybonded Teller family must rely on loyalty and dependence upon other family members to remain loyal for the survival of the “family” unit. Without this loyalty the family would be broken. The enmeshment is a necessity for the families survival.
  5. 5. CLAY MORROWThe step father and president of the motorcycle club which call themselves a family.
  6. 6. “FAMILY” CONSISTING OF MEMBERS OF THE MOTORCYCLE CLUB.The extended members are considered family….the sons of anarchy.
  7. 7. JACKSON TELLER AND GEMMA TELLERToxic secrets are held from Jackson by his mother, the only function of these secrets are to keep him close to his mother.
  8. 8. TARA KNOWLES: JACKSON’S FIANCÉPediatric doctor that shares her life and son with Jackson Teller. Jackson andTara share toxic secrets with each other as well as from each other. Tara is the next in line for the matriarch position.
  9. 9. JACKSON’S STEPFATHER WANTS TARA DEAD: SHE KNOWS TOO MUCH.Each family acts as a system: A conflict between two family members will effect other family members.
  10. 10. ROLE EXPECTATIONS CREATED BY SOCIETY. The roles within this family unit cannot be assumed by society. The roles offamily of the Sons of Anarchy are carefully put in place. This family thrives on toxic secrets which breakdown the family in every way possible.