SXSWi 2011


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Here is an overview of what Gannetteers learned, saw and did at SXSWi 2011.

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SXSWi 2011

  1. 1. SXSWi 2011๏ 20,000 attendees (almost 40% increase over 2010)๏ 1,000 talks over 5 days by 2,000 speakers๏ Ten different locations๏ Every hour there were 25 – 35 sessions
  2. 2. “The reason we’re at SXSW, and the reason everyone else is here, is that it’s the most concentrated influx of exciting, fun, early adopter, tech people who are willing to try out anything at least once.” - Seth Priebatsch – SCVNGR
  3. 3. Some Gannetteers in Austin, 2011o Erik Bursch, USA TODAYo Tim Carlson, USA TODAYo Laura Cochran, Gannetto Glenna DeRoy, USA TODAYo Jodi Gersh, Gannetto Chad Graham, Arizona Republico Joe Long, Cincinnati Enquirero Matt Rodbard, Metromixo Matt Rogers, Gannett Digital, Indyo Kathleen Sullivan, Gannetto Chris Sweigart, 11Alive, Atlantao Linda Vo, Gannett There were others we did not have an opportunity to connect with…
  4. 4. Examples of Panels Attendedo What Digital Tribes Can Learn from Native Americanso Believe Me or Your Own Eyes: Eye Tracking Entertainmento Advanced Integration of Social Media Analyticso Marketing Budgets Have Gone Social—Is It Working?o Changing News Rooms and News Consumerso Why Everything Is Amazing & Nobody Is Happyo Why Journalists Need to Think Like Geeks
  5. 5. More Panels We Attendedo Getting ‘Em Online & Off-Their-Asso The Last Broadcast: Entertainment is Social- Whats Next?o NPR’s API: Create Once, Publish Everywhereo TV Networks Extending Interactivity for Fanso Bloggers vs. Journalists: It’s a Psychological Thingo Hacking the News: Applying Computer Science to Journalismo How Social Media Fueled Unrest in the Middle Easto Long After the Thrill: Sustaining Passionate Users
  6. 6. Business HappensWithin months post-SXSW, many mergers andacquisitions are announced. Business gets doneat SXSW.
  7. 7. Some companies we met with o DoubleDutch o Foodspotting o intersect o Picplz o Sulia o TextPlus o Mass Relevance o Hipmunk o Twitter
  8. 8. SXSW Snippets:some things we heard and saw
  9. 9. Journalism
  10. 10. Problems legacy media is facing(newsrooms established prior to the Internet):• They must now deliver across all platforms.• They must now engage audience through social media.• They must no longer do it alone (have to partner and collaborate).• They have to utilize new tools and continually evolve.
  11. 11. 1. Articles have been transformed into “Streams” a. Constantly updated b. Integrated with Facebook, allows for people to follow a story2. Start streams/stories early3. Allows producers, reporters and crowd to constantly edit and contribute4. Every story gets a stream URL5. Every update also gets a stream URL
  12. 12. Story is a product of language.In the past, our only languagewas words and text. Today, ourlanguage includes video,graphics, pictures, charts, etc.
  13. 13. Tips on CreatingShareable Content – Keep it simple — but be specific – Think visual – Respond in real time – Create a question – Make room for the user – Be willing to iterate – It’s not about you The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman
  14. 14. Gamification
  15. 15. “The gamification of news can be a powerful tool for marketing andreader engagement, but it must be done in a way that rewards all types of readers, based on their level of involvement.”
  16. 16. Gamify the news byrewarding 3 types of activities 1. Reward activity 2. Reward curiosity 3. Reward involvement
  17. 17. Competitive vs. CooperativeA. Difference between “competitive” and “cooperative” games 1. Competitive a. Balance of skill and chance b. Winners and losers (better and worse performers) 2. Cooperative a. Can be used to achieve a collective goal b. Benefits the common goodB. Some solutions are not scientific, they’re socialC. Teams are more sustainable 1. Sponsor people who need motivation from others 2. Team points add accountability –“If we want to make lasting change, we need our friends to change with us.” - James Fowler
  18. 18. A warning about “gamification”o A layer of fun only works if the core activity is something the user cares about.o “Gamification,” as it is usually discussed, is pretty much just sugarcoating.o Human behavior is driven by psychology, and there are certain timeless motivators.o Use these motivators to inform game mechanics.
  19. 19. Focus on intrinsic motivation. Don’t start at the candy coated shell.To sustain passionate users, provide aservice that is trustworthy and of value. Delight is good, but it decreases over time, so do not move away from your core purpose in favor of delightful motivators.
  20. 20. Innovation & Design
  21. 21. The Thank You Economy At its core, social media requires that business leaders start thinking like small town shop owners.(Business leaders) are going to have to allow thepersonalities, heart, and soul of the people who run alllevels of the business to show. Unless you are building a new company from the ground up and can install caring as your businesses’ cornerstone, you have to be willing to embark on a complete cultural overhaul so that, like a local mom and pop shop, every employee is comfortable engaging in customer service, and does it authentically.Letting the consumers decide for themselves that they really want to know you, versuspersuading them that they should, can make a very big difference in the relationshipthat ensues. If your view of social media is so tunnel-visioned that all you care about are the number of fans or retweets or views you’re garnering, you’re missing the whole point.
  22. 22. Who owns thevirtual space around you?
  23. 23. Social TVInnovation isn’t forced on people, they want it.For TV, the new water cooler is Facebook/TwitterConsumers have active and passive states. Itsnot just the TV show, but the brand... And howdoes the brand engage in both states.
  24. 24. Today brands, media and audiences are equal participants in an ecosystemwhere each party is both a content creator and distributor.
  25. 25. If Web 2.0 was the moment when the collaborative promise of the internet seemed finally to be realized - with ordinary userscreating instead of just consuming -Web 3.0 is the moment they forget theyre doing it. Tim O’Reilly
  26. 26. 10% of PepsiCo’s overall spend isfor social media. They teamedwith Foursquare for a Brisk can.Partnership with Foursquare (freecan with check-in) increased salesby 140%. Estimates that socialmedia has grown by 30% year-over-year across all brands (500total).
  27. 27. Establishing ROI via social is verydifficult. Altimeter studies note that 66% of brands are measuringengagement, but only 22% of themhave been able to tie those metrics to conversion. At the same time,48% of the companies said they are heavily focused on ROI this year.
  28. 28. Commandments of SM Analytics• Social media isn’t just engagement – It’s a data source to mine.• Raw numbers are never as important as the conclusions you draw from them.• Know your audience. Focus on the eyeballs you need to be in front of and know where they are.• Talk to your non-customers as much as your customers.• Unite social media workflow with Sales/CRM. Connect user profiles to social media accounts.
  29. 29. “Ask better questions” -Jason FallsDont ask ‘Is Jodi a social mediaexpert?’ Ask ‘Can Jodi come up with socialstrategies that will help my business?’Ask questions that turn the conversationover to the consumer. Share the power ofthe conversation.
  30. 30. Governments aren’tafraid of informed people, they’re afraid ofsynchronized groups of people.
  31. 31. Is Influence the abilityto drive action or isInfluence the ability tochange someonesmind and drive action?
  32. 32. Collaborative Consumerism[Collaborative consumption is based on the concept that some persons will pay for thebenefit of having access to product as opposed paying more to own it outright] My generation • I am a buyer • Own features , own failures C generation • I am a sharer • Experience benefits *Think ZipCars
  33. 33. The mediapresence at SXSW
  34. 34. CNNCNN Grill
  35. 35. AOLAOL Loft
  36. 36. Guardian UK
  37. 37. Other Sponsors Pepsi Co StagePepsi Max Lot Free Rides w/Chevy
  38. 38. Thank you. @jodiontheweb