It's all about the Like - says no one anymore


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Presented at KipCamp; Kiplinger Social Summit, OSU, November 13, 2012.

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It's all about the Like - says no one anymore

  1. 1. It’s all about ‘Likes’ -says nobody anymore *hopefullyPresented by Jodi Gersh, Director of Social Media & Engagement, Gannett, @jodiontheweb
  2. 2. Social media metrics1. Do you have a social media strategy?2. What are you trying to accomplish?3. What really counts?4. Can you benchmark and measure?
  3. 3. start with your goalsGetting more fans on Facebook is not a goal, it is a success criteria.o Goal: – increase the reach of your content to new audienceso Tactics: – add a Like button and box to your website – daytime editor will post socially friendly news stories every morning at 9am – buy targeted Facebook promoted posts to specific audience groupso Measures: – number of fans per week – referrals from Facebook to dotcom site
  4. 4. social media goals at Gannetto Promote our journalismo Enhance our reportingo Increase engagement with consumers and readerso Elevate the profiles and social influence of our journalistso Support customer concerns and issueso Align with marketing and sales efforts
  5. 5. metrics to review & analyze o Total Reach o Activity o Engagement
  6. 6. Total ReachThe number of people who couldhave seen your content
  7. 7. ActivityMessages sent out from yoursocial channels
  8. 8. EngagementDefined by how a brand and consumer connect and interact within their networks of relevance.Engagement is measured by takeaway value, sentiment or feelings, and resulting actions following the exchange. Source: Brian Solis
  9. 9. mentions, clicks & referrals, OH MY o Are you listening? –What are you hearing? –How are you responding? o Are you converting users? –What does conversion look like?
  10. 10. why I don’t like Likeso One word EDGERANKo Facebook’s algorithm is stacked against us.
  11. 11. edgeranko Feed is optimized to show users the posts they are most likely to engage with, where engagement is defined as clicking, liking, commenting, or sharing the post.o Posts that are more likely to be engaging tend to appear higher in feed. Some of the strongest factors that influence this are how engaging an individual post has been for other users who have seen it, and how engaged a user has historically been with other posts they’ve seen from that page.o If a page has a piece of content that it feels will be very engaging e.g. A great photo, an announcement, etc. then using paid media to “boost” that post to fans in newsfeed can be an effective tool to increase engagement with fans.
  12. 12. converged mediaDo you think about paid, owned and earned on social media?o Paid mediao Owned mediao Earned media
  13. 13. benchmarkso Can you define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?o How do you determine where you should be?o How do you determine your competitors?o How do you determine your share of voice?
  14. 14. Can webenchmark social media?
  15. 15. free* toolso Facebook – Facebook Insights – Edgerank checkero Twitter – Twitter Web Analytics – Twitter Counter – Tweetreacho All – Add This
  16. 16. not free* toolso Facebook – Pagelever – Edgeranker checkero Twitter – Radian6o All – Simply Measured – Spredfast – Argyle
  17. 17. In closing…Go follow me so I know I am doing a good job! @jodiontheweb Thank you!
  18. 18. sources and referenceso Social Marketing Analytics: A New Framework For Measuring Results In Social Media nalytics_Demystified_Altimeter-Social-Media_Analytics.pdfo Radian6 – Future of Analytics – 5 steps for Measuring Social Media