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Twitter Information Management


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How to use Twitter to manage information and promote your business

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Twitter Information Management

  1. 1. If you are a professional, Social Media is the opportunity to: • Build trust • Research a business • Explore and share ideas and information • Expand your personal reach • Establish credibility in your field The majority of professionals who take the leap with Twitter, set up an account and immediately ask, “now what?” The following is a short presentation to help answer that question.
  2. 2. Twitter is an excellent tool for networking, prospecting and building relationships...but only if you know how to use the tools available to manage the information. On the right is my Twitter page – a basic example of what you see when you start a Twitter account.
  3. 3. On the right is my Twitter news feed, and for anyone who has an account and who follows more than a few hundred people/organizations, your realize that the existing newsfeed rapidly disintegrates into information overload. In 2011, Twitter acquired a third party software called “TweetDeck” – and in my opinion, it is one of the most important information management tools on the world wide web.
  4. 4. TweetDeck allows you to organize Twitter into information streams based on your interests, such as: • Hashtags • Lists • Collections • Followers • Direct Messages • Conversations This allows you to choose what information you receive and how you interact others on Twitter. It makes the unmanageable, make sense. Download TweetDeck – Click Here.
  5. 5.  Do not “automate” direct messages.  Do not become a “talking head” – engage and if someone asks a question, answer. Its a conversation, not a broadcast platform.  Do not feed the trolls. If it is a legitimate complaint or response, by all means, DO address it, but if it is just an angry person looking to vent, it is better to ignore. They will move on.  Share the love. If you see posts of others that are relevant and interesting, please share. **if you are a business, rule of thumb is to rarely, if ever, sell your product on Twitter. Contests, special offers etc. once in a while are often appreciated, but “deal of the day, tweeted every hour on the hour” is just noise. In social media – your success will come from problem solving and sharing knowledge, not blanket sales pitches.