March market ready tips 2011


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March market ready tips 2011

  1. 1. Caleb and Jodi Moore APRIL Moore & Co. Realtors “How can we help you?” APPEAL TO BUYERSSelling a home can be stressful. Getting your home ready doesn’t have to be. Learn the Basics of Staging 4. Disclose everything, 9. Display the kind of plants and Expert Design Tips especially the stuff you are that arent injection-molded tempted not to. and painted in a factory Please Do: 5. Fix all running toilets, or risk somewhere overseas. flushing profits down the 10. Keep your day job. Hire an 1. Set your listing price by drain. agent and assist them in utilizing area comparables, 6. Remember that "outside" is not based upon what you the new "inside." Show off need to buy that ostrich all of your living spaces. To learn more secrets farm. 7. Visit model homes to see 2. Put personal collections how neutrality and of Staging from the away someplace safe, like a bank vault in Zurich. spaciousness are made to pros...Click Here feel so inviting. 3. Invest in a fresh coat of Even if you are not selling 8. Grind a lemon in the paint and get 150 percent soon, these expert tips are garbage disposal – it smells green back on your great and its such great useful. investment. exercise. Spring is upon us and Create a Focal Point: Every room should have a focal point whether were talking staging or everyday decorating. If it is not there architecturally, buyers are moving... create one yourself. What exactly is a focal point? Take note: It is an element 2011 in the room around which the furniture will revolve. If youre selling your home and they are staged well, focal points can mean big bucks. A fireplace, a picture window or a fantastic view are examples of focal points.
  2. 2. Spring April Time in April 1-30 Spring Cleaning Theme 1 1st - Exhibit Opening 8-10 WIldflower Weekend at Tour of the Hawkins Arkansas Reception for Darlene Petit Jean State Park House - Rogers McNeely at the River Valley Arts Center from Now that you are in the spring mode 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. For to clean, organize and prepare your more info call 968-2452. home for potential buyers, get out to see what others are doing around the state. Maybe take home a few fresh ideas! 9 15 15 Spring Community 49th Annual Arkansas Folk 49th Annual Arkansas Folk H appy Wide Yard Sale and Business Sidewalk Sales in Salem Festival in Mountain View Festival E aster! 16 7th Annual Hot Rod 23 PARTY in the Park in 28 Taste of the Valley - held at Russellville, Located at the Historic Train Depot Show and Shine in Russellville City Park from 5:00-8:00pm Russellville Contact River Valley Arts and Blooms Festival in Center for more info - Little Rock 968-2452Please Don’t: private papers out, or, of course, actual dirty laundry.1. Rationalize that a higher 6. Take your prospects on A asking price means you will Complete History of The have more wiggle room. Kopecki Repairs & You could wind up sitting Renovations Tour. idle on the market with a 7. "Clean up" by stuffing all the house full of wiggle room. closets.2. Respond to lowball offers 8. Leave unfinished DIY jobs with a counter — instead, for the buyers honey-do respond with an invitation to list. We are excited to work with re-submit. individuals like you! With 9. Defer yard work. Your3. Refer to a leaky foundation experience, fresh ideas and house only gets one chance dedication...we are ready to help as a central humidifier. to make a first impression. you find your dream home4. Make your house smell like Overgrown shrubs and Give us a call, email or stop a cherry orchard or a broken gutters are the real by the office of Moore and Co. department store perfume estate equivalent of Realtors (103 W Parkway) counter. dandruff. Caleb: 479-857-34095. Air your dirty laundry. This 10. Think licks from Rex the Jodi: 479-970-8303 includes leaving bills and Bulldog will help generate more offers.