Allstar Martial Arts Academy June July 2010 Newsletter


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Allstar Martial Arts Academy\'s News and Announcements - June/July 2010.
9128 Forest Hill Blvd., Wellington, FL 33414 561-790-5422

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Allstar Martial Arts Academy June July 2010 Newsletter

  1. 1. Allstar Martial Arts Academy’s News and Announcements Allstar Martial Arts Academy • 9128 Forest Hill Blvd. • Wellington, FL 33411 561-790-5422 Become our fan on The Allstar Alert School’s Out! Keep Fit & Healthy this Summer! June/July 2010 School’s out and summer is for the whole family to you keep water handy if in full swing! Many of us have fun and stay in shape you plan on being outside enjoy the more relaxed over the summer. for long periods of time. schedule that summer brings. For some, summer Since it can get hot during If you will be spending a is just as active and busy as the day in the summer, lot of time outside, make the school year. Make sure it's best to schedule your sure you use plenty of sun your summer includes outside exercise and block and other protection plenty of exercise and activities during the from the sun as well, like physical activities to keep morning or in the evening, hats and sunglasses, to Inside this issue: you and your child fit and when the sun is not so protect yourself from healthy — lifestyle habits Allstar Birthdays 2 that benefit our children high or hot. burns and skin cancer throughout their lifetime. threats. Allstar Leadership 3 Drinking plenty of water is Encourage your kids to important any time of the The summer is one of the Current Patterns 3 play outside instead of year, but it's particularly best times to get fit and watching TV or playing important during the stay healthy as a family. Take advantage of the Board Breaking 4 computer or video games. summer when you're Playing sports with the sweating more than usual, warm summer months to especially if you and your resolve to be active, eat Karate Kid 5 kids, like tossing Frisbees, family are spending time healthy and take care of playing soccer or pitching playing outside. Make sure yourself and your family's Practice Patch 6 baseballs are great ways health and fitness. NEW Black Belts 7 Upcoming Events—Important Dates! June 2010: 7/19 through 7/24 Allstar August 2010: 9/18 Testing Ceremony 6/19 12:00 p.m. Makeup Martial Arts Academy is 8/9-8/13 Allstar Summer 9/20 Awards Ceremony Testing CLOSED. Schedule your Camp 9:30am-1:30pm 9/21 through 9/25 FUN makeup classes at your 6/25 Parent’s Night Out, 8/21 Board Breaking WEEK-wear your Allstar T- convenience. 6:30-9:30 p.m. Drop off Workshop 1-2:30 p.m. Shirt to class! the kids for a night of 7/26 through 7/31 BUDDY Registration required. (All WEEK at Allstar Martial action, dinner, and movie. ages welcome.) Arts. Bring a buddy to class We will announce any $30 8/27 Parent’s Night Out with you AND you can wear additional July 2010: September 2010: events that your Allstar T-Shirt in class! 7/12-7/16 Allstar Summer Your buddy can see how much 9/6 Studio CLOSED for may come up! Camp 9:30am-1:30 pm fun you have! Labor Day
  2. 2. Allstar Birthdays June/July!!!! Happy Birthday to YOU! Dylan Smith June 1 Nidiyan Rajendran July 6 Christofer Theodoropoulos June 7 Justin Nichols July 6 Gianna Striano June 7 Gavin Wall July 8 Sebastian Merchan June 7 Katie Richert July 8 Hannah Cooper June 13 Austin Stickley July 14 Gabriella Gonzalez June 14 Dylan Gunawardene July 14 Alex Hovannesian June 14 Reese Collier July 15 Henry Konsker June 21 Daniella Pena July 17 Rudi Larkin June 23 Anand Sharma July 17 Cameron Raichbach June 28 Jack Yan July 18 Jack Elm July 2 Jordan Kahn July 18 Hunter Lucia July 2 Nicholas Urbina July 27 Marissa Mangini July 4 Do you want to have the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER??? Give your child the ULTIMATE The Birthday If you would like more birthday party experience with Child gets to information, please let us know! an ALLSTAR MARITAL ARTS cut his/her You can visit us on ACADEMY BIRTHDAY PARTY! cake with a We will provide you with a fun, REAL allstarmartialartsacademy to exciting and unique way to SAMURAI view some great Allstar Martial celebrate your child’s birthday. SWORD Arts Academy Birthday Party (with the pictures. Call or email to instructor’s request a party date. 790-5422 We lead action-packed martial help). arts games, with the birthday child as the “Assistant Instructor”. The party guests Every guest gets to BREAK A REAL WOODEN BOARD at the end of the party! have a blast learning how to kick and punch on the target pads and bags. Page 2 The Allstar Alert
  3. 3. Allstar Students are our Future Leaders Allstar Martial Arts Students who students, he/she learns how to teach their best behavior, and always try show an interest in assisting others, and manage the group. The students their hardest in everything they do! leading others, and helping others are will learn how to properly and invited, by their instructors, to join effectively teach a full class of Leadership Team, we commend the the Leadership Team. students. hard work and effort you put forth in your classes each week. Keep up the This is an invitation only class that This step by step training in great work! meets once each week on Wednesdays Leadership Development benefits “A leader is at 6:20 p.m., where students will your child throughout his/her If your child is one who further develop their leadership lifetime. Leadership qualities interested in knows the skills. Public speaking is a hurdle that enhance a student’s character and attending the way, goes the is best overcome at a young age. The serves him/her inside our classroom Leadership Class, way, and Leadership Class eases the students and outside of our classroom. but has not been shows the into public speaking, and in a short invited by Mr. Leadership Team Members are role Lord, please let us way.” time, the fear is overcome. As the student becomes more and more models and ambassadors of Allstar know. John C. Maxwell comfortable in front of a group of Martial Arts Academy, are always on What is a Taekwondo Pattern and Why do we do Them? In taekwondo, “patterns” are a memorization of the correct pattern The current patterns are: series of rank specific movements movements, and helps them to placed together in a certain order. become accustomed to shifting Beginners—Do San, 24 moves. The purpose of the pattern is to stances, maintaining balance, and (White, Yellow, and Advanced Yellow Belts) enable the student to go through executing moves with power and many fundamental movements in a force. Intermediate—Yul Gok, 38 moves series, to develop sparring (Green, Sr. Green, Advanced Green, Sr. Adv. techniques, improve flexibility of The students are taught that the Green, Blue, Sr. Blue Belts) movements, master body shifting, patterns are a series of movements build muscles and breath control, that are executed precisely and develop fluid and smooth motions, forcefully, as if you were defending Advanced—Hwa Rang, 29 moves and gain rhythmical movements. yourself against an invisible (Adv. Blue, Sr. Adv. Blue, Red, Sr. Red., Adv. attacker. The movements include Red., Sr. Adv. Red) That’s a mouthful, right? In short, rank specific blocks, kicks, and the pattern helps a student become punches that all are used during Black Belts — Po Eun, 36 moves proficient in their techniques, helps sparring, and all could be used to keep their mind sharp through the against any attacker. Every Student is a Representative of Allstar Martial Arts Academy Every student is a representative of great pride in the martial art we are expected to arrive on time, in their Allstar Martial Arts Academy. As learning, in our Academy where we proper uniform, tied up, and belt on. representatives of our Academy, we learn, and in the instructor(s) who Please do not expect your instructor expect our students to look and act teach us. Please do not disrespect to “fix” up your child for you. If you their best at all times — especially your art, dojang, or instructor, by need a lesson in tying the belt, let us when wearing an Allstar Martial Arts arriving to class in a messy, wrinkled, know. If you need a new uniform, Academy Uniform. We all should take or too small uniform. Every student is they are readily available. The Allstar Alert Page 3
  4. 4. Board Breaking Seminar Helps Allstar Students Perfect Their Techniques The Board Breaking Seminar held on green is easier than the blue...and so This is where the Board Breaking June 5, 2010 helped students perfect on. Seminar comes in especially handy. their breaking techniques. During During the seminar, students are each Testing, students break real The real wooden boards that the provided with 8 real wooden boards wooden boards using a rank specific students are required to break at that they are taught to break using technique. Students practice their their testing, are sized according to effective techniques, with speed and breaking techniques during class using the rank, age, and size of the precision. This seminar provides re-breakable practice boards. The student. The wooden boards are no students with so much confidence in practice boards vary in strength harder to actually break than the themselves, that the real wood board required to break them. The colors practice boards the students are will not pose a threat to them on test of the boards correlate to the belt used to breaking in class; however, day, physically or mentally. rank system, in that the white board the wooden board APPEARS harder to is easier to break than the yellow, the The next Board Breaking Seminar will students and causes some of them to yellow is easier than the green, the be held on Sat., 8-21-10. second guess their confidence level. Page 4 The Allstar Alert
  5. 5. Allstar Martial Arts Movie Day—a “HIT” at The Karate Kid Movie A group of Allstar students watched The movie had a great message, as Our instructors teach our students The Karate Kid movie together, on well — that martial arts should be respect, discipline and self control — Sunday, June 13, 2010. Allstar used to build a more peaceful world. and that martial arts should be used Martial Arts Academy T-shirts filled The movie drove home this message as a last resort in physically the cinema as moms, dads, and as the main character wins a defending yourself. students watched the movie as a tournament against a group of TEAM and proudly displayed our “bullies” from another martial arts This is what sets our students apart school spirit, at Regal Royal Palm school. from the rest. Our students are Beach RESPECTFUL, COURTEOUS, AND The Karate Kid movie addressed KIND-HEARTED. Allstar Students, The movie was fantastic and very another important issue, as well (one you should give yourself a pat on the motivating! Seeing other people that all Allstar students can back. You continually do a great job performing martial arts, even if it is appreciate), which is: There are no in the dojang and outside of the in a movie, is a great motivator for bad students, only bad instructors. dojang. The respect and discipline martial arts students. Instructors who teach aggressive, you demonstrate, gets you every bit bullying behavior, only create of respect and discipline in return — students with those same behaviors. well deserved! Patterns are a series of rank specific movements placed together. The purpose of the pattern is to enable the student to go through many fundamental movements in a series, to develop sparring techniques, improve flexibility of movements, master body shifting, build muscles and breath control, develop fluid and smooth motions, and gain rhythmical movements. That’s a mouthful, right? In short, the pattern helps a student become proficient in their techniques, helps to keep their mind sharp through the memorization of the correct pattern movements, and helps them to Allstar Martial Arts Academy Students A large group watched The Karate Kid movie together at Regal Royal Palm Beach Cinemas on June 13, 2010. The Allstar Alert Page 5
  6. 6. Page 6 The Allstar Alert
  7. 7. Congratulations to All Students who Tested Recently, and Earned New Rank Congratulations, Allstar Students, on trying your Remember, you should save earning your new rank!!! Everyone best in each and every one of your proudly and confidently demonstrated taekwondo belts!!! Display them proudly their knowledge and techniques at the class! You are in a belt rack! We have a recent Testing Ceremonies. now one step great looking belt rack at the close to your studio that will keep all of BLACK BELT! your belts safe and on It is quite an accomplishment to earn Keep up the display. Check it out, on our a new rank in martial arts! This is GREAT work! display rack and let us know your reward for working hard and if you would like one. The Journey has Just Begun for these NEW BLACK BELTS! Earning a Black Belt in martial arts is as a martial artist. There are 9 These hard-working students have a HUGE accomplishment! It takes degrees (dans) that can be earned by earned their black belts and are on effort, perseverance, integrity and a Black Belt. Upon receiving your the road to training for their next indomitable spirit to get to the point Black Belt, you have earned your first degree, with pride and honor: where you are ready to prove yourself degree (dan). Perfection is key, as Julia Cesare, Brendan worthy of a BLACK BELT. you advance in black belt degrees. The patterns, self defense and Kasper, Shane Drayson and The Black Belt is just the beginning sparring become more difficult and Andrew Weinstein. of the journey to perfecting your technical, and you, as a Black Belt, CONGRATULATIONS!!! techniques and really proving yourself must rise to the challenge. The Allstar Alert Page 7
  8. 8. Allstar Summer Camp is FUN, FUN, FUN Allstar Martial Arts Academy Martial arts games, drills, and skills Summer Camp has begun! We have fill the day, and it flies by! two sessions left and a few spaces available in each one. Available Sessions: July 12-16 9:30-1:30pm August 9-13 9:30-1:30pm Session Fee—$120, Sibling fee awareness and self defense, $60. bag and pad skills (kicks and punches), weapons Each day a (nunchucks—foam padded), Anyone is welcome to attend our different board breaking, etc. camp, between the ages of 5 and 12. theme is During the camp, the campers take covered— Call, email, or stop by to part in non-stop martial arts action. bully register for camp! KIDS KORNER Have fun coloring in these taekwondo guys! Allstar Martial Arts Academy What color are their belts going to be? Taekwondo Word Search M R B E L T E W J D O Z N I X W K A Q L S X L I R C R R N T BELT Q S L N N Q S S Q A O X E S D BLOCK K I I E K C C T S O L B T T S BOARD DEFENSE R O F F G I G L A B S H T R U DISCIPLINE A E S R P W L A E N E E A U Y DOBOK D J G L E K W A S K C R P C M DOJANG INSTRUCTOR B K I N C R M F W D V E W T W KICK U N T I I F Q F F O X R Z O L PATTERN PUNCH E R K B W R B I V J U A O R B RANK K O B O D B R N W A H I I L K RESPECT SPARRING R E S P E C T A G N D C O H P STANCE T W P D U T B V P G B C N L X TAEKWONDO T V N R R W H V B S K L Q U B O D N O W K E A T X M E R J P The Allstar Alert Page 8