Evaluation Q2


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Evaluation Q2

  1. 1. For my ancillary task I had to create three products, the products being a music advertisement package, consisting of a music video, a digipak for the artists album and then a magazine advertisement promoting the release of the album. These three products had to have a clear link between them so that they all went together as a package. All three of my products have the link that they are all based on the singer Katy Perry and her album 'Prism', although both the digipak and the magazine advert don't link to the music video due to it being a narrative, where Katy Perry is not included. My didgipak cover and advert have the clearest link between my products due to them having the same image, colour scheme and font.
  2. 2. For the music video, we decided as a group to create a narrative based on the thought of all the cases of bullying that are left unnoticed in schools. By doing this we ended up creating a video that acted as an anti- bullying campaign. As well as giving a large insight to bullying throughout schools, this video also advertises Katy Perry in a good light, which would work extremely well in the real world of advertisement.
  3. 3. As the music video was created around Katy Perry’s song, we had to make sure that the digipak and the advertisement all looked like a product that represented Katy Perry’s style well. To do this I created a mood board of Katy Perry images so that I could get ides for the styling. I then organized a photo shoot, where I modeled for my group and myself. The mise en scene of the shoot was just a plain white wall so that I could edit it and create different backgrounds with out any complications. I also used professional lighting, which included lights and beauty dishes. I also brought in a lot of clothes so I could create different styles of photographs with different props, including jewelry and sweets. To add another link to Katy Perry so that it was clear what artist I was representing, I used Katy Perry’s latest perfume as a prop in some of the photographs, which acted as a form of convergence where both the perfume and the music were advertising each other, which I think would work well as a real marketing campaign.
  4. 4. After choosing what images to use for my digipak and then getting the final results, I then had to make an advertisement for a magazine that looked similar to the digipak, so that the link between them was clear to the audience. The magazine advert included a similar layout to my digipak so that the link was extremely clear, but changed it slightly by adding a boarder and the date of the album release. The only thing that I dislike about my magazine advert is how similar it is to my digipak, as I feel that it destroys the surprise factor of a brand new album cover, but I feel that it had to be done in order to create the clear link between the advert and digipak.
  5. 5. As a way of targeting the audience specifically, all of the photos that I have used in my ancillary tasks have me looking straight into the camera, as if looking into the eyes of the audience. With the photos where the perfume is included, I decided to address the audience by posing as if I was spraying the perfume into the camera, as if I was spraying the audience. All of the photos that I used were medium long shots, as I wanted the audience to be able to see where my eyes were looking. Another way of reaching my target audience was to advertise the music video on popular social networking sites that my audiences uses, such a s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, this is also a good way of getting feedback.
  6. 6. For my marketing strategy, we decided to advertise the whole album and not just the single that we made the music video on. I decided to do this as this is what happens in the real world of music marketing and this is where the biggest profit is. When it comes to our music video, 'Roar' is the main song on Katy Perry's album so the fact that we created an anti- bullying campaign for the main song works well for the whole marketing strategy.
  7. 7. If I could improve my marketing package, I would have definitely changed my magazine advert slightly so that it isn't as similar to the digipak. If I had had the time I would have liked to have created an advert that links to the digipak well but doesn't ruin the surprise of a new digipak cover. I would also make a clearer connection of Katy Perry to an anti-bullying charity so that the link between her and the music video would have been strengthened.