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What Is a Thriller


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Powerpoint on concepts within a Thriller

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What Is a Thriller

  1. 1. A thriller is a genre which can be found in a novel , drama, or film. It creates tension throughout while engaging the viewer as Thriller’s are often confusing and complicated whilst being entertaining The suspense and fast-paced action makes the genre of Thriller very successfulSome Thriller’s are violent but not all Thrillers have to be. Popular choices of Thrillers are physiological, crime, mystery, political and paranoia based Thrillers. The main aim is to pull the viewer in and to wrap them in theparanormal world. Some story-line examples are based on medical situations, sociology and criminal offences
  2. 2. ISOLATED COLD Thrillers are often based around crimes. The protagonist is The criminal is often often reviewed by the audience represented in a as mad, mentally vulnerable light deranged or physically and is mainly the impaired. victim of the antagonist. The audience are The title of the placed in an genre usually ambiguous creates a tense position, as only the reception audience know the from the characters audience. fate, putting the audience in a “God- like” role.DARK FEAR
  3. 3. Death is often a major Themes of paranoia also The theme of vengeance is atheme in Thriller’s, as occur, as the protagonist popular feature, as it makesmost stories in the is often fearful of the the story more interesting asThriller genre lead up antagonist and cannot a debt needs to be repaidto a death or a based stop thinking abouton a death. specific or several characters who may DEATH VENGEANCE attack them IRRATIC BEHAVOUR PARANOIA RELIGION INSAINITY FEAR TORMENT ABUSE Religion runs SCIENCE throughout most The theme of insanity is a INTELLIGENCE Thriller movies. It common part of Thriller’s. It engages the viewer into creates questions the storyline and the and links scenes person who is affect by to events and to insanity biblical allusions
  4. 4. Inception is a Thriller based on thescientific technology of being able toinvade the human mind through adream. This contains themes ofscience, intelligence and paranoia. Thebringing together of an unrealistic The dark knight isworld engages the viewer and wishes a big success boxhope for the protagonist office hit, based on the rivalry between Batman and The Joker. This film contains a lot of action, death, viol ence and the fear factor, to make Aliens is a science fiction the audience thriller about a planet being jump colonized and all contact is lost. The support time tries to save the planet before its too late. This film contains themes of fear and death
  5. 5. Janet Leigh was anactor during the late Leonardo DiCaprio is a1950’s and early 1960’s. well-known ThrillerShe appeared in Little actor. He has been inWomen, The Harrison Ford appeared TheManchurian in Star Wars, The Departed, InceptionCandidate, Touch of Evil Empire Strikes Again and Shutter Island. Heand most and Raiders of the lost is one of the mostfamously, Psycho. Ark. His career span is famous Thriller actors from 1970-2010’s. in the current world