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Radio and magazine


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Published in: Design
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Radio and magazine

  1. 1. By Jodie O’Neill
  2. 2.  My magazine article will help my documentary appeal to a wider audience. Lots of different target audiences will be able to view to article, hopefully attracting more views.  My magazine article complements my radio advert as it explains the content of the Tumblr episode and the time and date of which the show airs.
  3. 3.  I decided to create a radio advert as it is one of the oldest, yet successful ways to advertise a product.  My radio advert contains snippets of the Tumblr episode, as well as narration from the documentarian.  My radio advert relates to my magazine article as they are traditional methods of advertisement, however, they are different as the documentarian drives the radio advert, where as the journalist dominates the magazine article in third person.